1. Winter138

    DRL LED Causing DAB Interference

    Has anyone had any issues with DRL lights effecting DAB signal. Was fine until I installed bumper DRL inserts.
  2. L

    Led Fogs Causing Dab Fault

    As title, has anyone fitted the Travelin-lite LED fog lights and had any issues with the DAB reception on their radio? Every time I slow down for a corner and the cornering assist comes on, I lose all DAB reception until I speed up again. Wondering if there's a quick fix anyone knows about. Cheers
  3. Dellmassive

    Led Fog Light Upgrade (dual Colour) - How I Did It -

    LED Fog Light upgrade (Dual colour) - How i Did it - Following on from @3shotdave original post about "New Led Fog Light Bulbs" i though i would give it a go. original post: New Led Fog Light Bulbs original credit: @3shotdave...