external screen cover

  1. A Bridge Too Far

    Sold Rainbow Screens Windscreen and Pop Top cover

    Sadly we are saying goodbye to our camperking this week as we’ve upgraded to a motorhome to better suit our family currently. We are therefore selling our rainbow screens windshield and pop top cover. These have been invaluable for keeping cool in summer and warm in winter. They are still in...
  2. RDT

    Sold T6 Screen Wrap Deluxe - Grey £20.00

    Fuel Lagoon black out screen wrap / cover in grey. Fully blacks out and fits no problem. Comes with storage bag. Link to manufacturers info available here. £20.00 Not the best pic sorry, but here it is on my van:
  3. C

    External Thermal black-out screen cover - recommendations?

    I'm looking at getting a external thermal windscreen wrap for my VW T6 with pop top roof. Currently in the running are : Fuel Lagoon : VW T6 Screen Cover NEW POP TOP VERSION deluxe tailored black out camping cover = £49.99 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125180504993 and POLAR™ SILVER Thermal Screen...
  4. RedUn

    Sold Blackout Screen Wrap/Cover in Black

    Bought this last year, used it once before going for a rainbow cover. It's in black, fully blacks out no messing, fits decent enough! Link to original manufacturers... https://www.ukcustomcovers.com/camper/vw/screen-wrap-118-t6 Happy to sell for 20 quid. Cheers :thumbsup:
  5. A

    T6.1 windscreen v T6 windscreen

    Does anyone know if the T6.1 windscreen is the same as the T6. I'm looking to buy a silver screen, but can't see any advertised for T6.1 - only T6.
  6. W

    Side thermal blinds for sliding doors

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can point me in the direction of a producer for outer thermal blinds for my transporters twin sliding doors. I have the excellent 'Exploria' thermal blinds for the windscreen and two front windows, but have failed to identify a similar product for my sliding doors. Any...
  7. J8mes

    Exterior Insulated Screens

    Hi, Looking for some help and advice. Need to get an Insulated screen for the T6, primarily to stop condensation. After reading lots of posts seem to have narrowed it down to the following: SILVER SCREENS MINSTER RAINBOW Minster seem cheapest and they all seem to get excellent reviews. Do any...
  8. K

    External Thermal Screen And Paintwork

    I'm looking at getting an external thermal screen (either rainbow or silverscreen) and wondered if they leave marks on the paintwork from rubbing against it or if they fitted tightly enough to not not move about in the wind
  9. N

    Hello From The East Coast!

    Collected our camper yesterday and busy planning and sourcing screen covers ect.. Any recommendations for good fitting external screen covers ??? Thanks
  10. R

    Internal or External Front Screen Cover - Insulated Or Not

    Decisions, decisions! What is the consensus here?
  11. Andyf

    Screen Cover recommendations?

    As above, can any body reccomend one Cheers Andy
  12. 8balladdict

    Blinds, Shades, Curtains..

    Hi all, I really need to get some curtains or blinds sorted for my van, then I can practically consider using it as a camper. Before I pull the trigger on either van-x or veedub (not decided yet but think I'd prefer the black out option), is there any other options with considering? Initially...
  13. NYorksT6

    Thermal Screens... advice for newbie

    Hi all, Just about to get our T6 back after a full conversion by Northshore in Stanley. We have are currently shopping for our essentials list and one of the things we are a bit unsure of is thermal screens. We now we need them but are a little unsure of the differences between the internal and...
  14. C

    Thermal screens for Kombi

    Has anyone recommendations for thermal screens for a Kombi. I have seen some on Campervanparts Thermal Silver Window Screens – Product Categories – Campervan Parts UK but would be interested in others that anyone has found worth buying.