edge automotive

  1. Martin Gibson

    T5 Cotswold Parts And Edge Automotive Interiors

    Hi,went down to see these guys today,Polish i think and built like the proverbial brick outhouses! Really decent set up with a huge amount of high end Caravelle etc parts,dozens of seats etc and all appeared to be in really decent nick. I asked them a few days ago if they had a pair of Caravelle...
  2. Nick Kerin

    Lower-Dash colour change

    I have just bought a T6 and the lower dash is a beige (Hanging!). VW say there is nothing they can do with it. Problem is the rest of the cab is black/dark grey/light grey. Beige does not belong. Does a Caravelle lower dash fit? I am having it converted to a camper so I want it right. Does...