dual usb

  1. Keefff

    USB HUB/Splitter Box for Comfort Console

    Just completed a Comfort Centre Console fit and ended up zip tie-ing the dash USB inside the dash and feeding a usb and aux cable through to the cubby hole on centre console. Does anyone know if there’s a kit or part no’s for parts to split the usb feed to a secondary socket see pic of what I...
  2. powerbungalow

    Twin USB socket (no LED)

    Hi guys Does anyone know of a twin USB socket that does not have any lights on it. I want to charge my phone when asleep in the camper and hence do not desire LEDs shining in my face. Ideally something this size would do. Thanks
  3. G

    2 Usb Interface Option With Aux In

    Has anyone chosen this option and if so what does it add? Will it work with a Comfort Dash?
  4. Diesel9a1

    Discover Media Navigation system - Alternatives?

    1. Is there a better alternative to the VW Discover Media Navigation system? 2. What are the negatives to the Discover Media Navigation system? 3. I'm looking for a Dual USB, CD, DVD, MP3, Reversing Camera, Bluetooth phone connection, full VW MFSW support, Reversing & Front sensor display...