1. 5n0wb0mb3r

    For Sale 2017 T32 LWB DSG 204PS Twin-Slider Kombi on Air. £36,500

    Hi guys, Back up for sale my T32 LWB DSG Kombi. Comes with 12 months warranty. 245bhp, Leather, Electric Sliding Doors, Heated Seats, Heated Screen. Solow Air Ride with 3H mangement. Polished Navis GP7 V3 LED lights T6.1 Rear lights Link to autotrader...
  2. Marty G

    For Sale 2019 T30 150PS DSG Startline Camper conversion, 30,000 miles. £45k ONO

    Hi all, Sadly lost my dog so selling up on the pride and joy (van) as not getting used. Selling van and all the extras as one. 2019 T6 starlight blue all seasons lesuire conversion with only 30,000 miles. FSH with full years MOT 20 Navis unknown alloys - tyres all v good Koni adjustable...
  3. vintage_racing

    Sold 2021 T32 SWB 204PS DSG 4Motion Pure-Grey Kombi conversion. £42,500 +VAT

    VW TRANSPORTER 6.1 T32 SWB 204ps 4motion DSG Pure Grey £49,500+VAT £44,950+VAT £42,500+VAT Registered October 2021 34,500 miles Factory panel van, with Kombi conversion Twin sliding side doors, power latching Heated windscreen and rear window Captains swivel seats, heated Heated...
  4. Pau1GTI

    DSG 2nd to 1st slight Jerk

    Hi Guys, I'm sure it's just me being paranoid but I feel a very slight jump,jerk feeling as my DSG changes fron 2nd to 1st when coming to a stop. This is my 2nd van with this gearbox and I can't recall this on my last van. It is very slight and doesn't do it every time I must say. Going up the...
  5. A

    For Sale 2021 T32 SWB 199PS DSG 4Motion Kombi Highline. £65k

    Follow this link for more pictures please. Epic Swamper Build If that doesn't work try the Van Cave epic swamper build Hello all, Due to family getting older and wanting to experience things on their own more, holidays with mum and dad are getting far less attractive. Mum’s also not so keen...
  6. A

    Sold 2018 T32 SWB 150PS DSG Kombi. £25k

    Due to a major change in personal circumstances I need to sell my T6 Kombi: 76,000 miles, Chestnut Brown, full service history, timing belt, water pump changed. 20” alloys, 40mm lowering springs, sound deadening and carpet-lining in the rear. If I get offered or close to the asking...
  7. WilstonJ

    Review: AutoTech Tuning (ECU & DSG remap, EGR blank and Cambelt change)

    I've owned my 2018 VW T6 since new and a couple of years ago I had it converted into a Camper by SurfBus in Clevedon who did a good job. However I wanted to share my recent experience with Fred at AutoTech Tuning. My van has relatively low mileage and has always been serviced by VW (which hasn't...
  8. L

    Sold 2017 T32 SWB 204PS DSG Kombi Twin-Slider. £30,000 ono

    For sale is my stunning Transporter Kombi BiTDi DSG in Deep Black. It has covered 61,200 miles currently. A versatile head turner, this has had many thousands of pounds spent in additional enhancements and also comes with some cracking factory extras, including LED headlights, twin sliding...
  9. Paul22470

    For Sale 2020 T28 SWB 150PS DSG Campervan; Mint, low miles. £54K

    2020 VW Transporter T6.1, Highline Camper Van, DSG, Tailgate version with FULL VW HISTORY Start 2024 with our much loved 2020 (20 reg) VW Transporter T6.1, Highline in candy white with orange trim. This is the engine 150BHP DSG and has only covered 12,500 miles from new. It has had 2...
  10. AutotechVagspecialist

    Autotech Tuning LTD... Who we are and what we have done in the past.

    Autotech Tuning are well established vehicle tuning experts in Weston-Super-Mare, covering the South West. We specialise in ECU Remapping and DSG Tuning, ECU Remapping means improving the performance and efficiency in modern vehicles by carefully modifying the precise map files stored in your...
  11. Mianch

    Bring back DSG S mode in 2023 - T6.1?

    Hi all, I was wondering whether it would be possible to bring back s-mode on my 2023 California Ocean. Here's a picture of a version with S-mode. (Not pull-back but separate S position) I think this is an older version. Here is a picture of my cali. What happens if I just remove the...
  12. P

    Dsg selector wire ?

    I’ve picked up a fault from dsg gearbox not seening. E313 dsg selector ( anyone know how to test the wire. Runs from dsg to bcm but is the wire carry voltage ? To bcm / not sure how I can test it via multimeter
  13. Sturge

    Sold 2017 T32 SWB 204PS DSG 4Motion 7 seater Highline Day-Van, high spec. £29k

    ** Price reduced to £29k ** I have finally come to the sad decision to sell my van. I bought it new in December 2017, and so it is one owner from new. I ticked nearly every box when I ordered it, so it is very high spec. Still under extended warranty with VW for another 12 months (service...
  14. IrishT6

    DSG grinding noise

    2017 150bhp 7 speed DSG Hi all, hopefully someone can shed some light with a small issue I’m having. Ok only sometimes I can hear a “grinding “ noise when I come to a full stop, noise seems to vanish as soon as clutch engages and while driving everything is perfect, no noises smooth gear...
  15. allybooth86

    Sold 2017 T32 SWB 150PS Highline Kombi. £27,750

    Hello folks, for sale is my 2017 T6 T32 Kombi Highline DSG 150ps, Euro 6 Transporter. I only bought this in June 2023 but an unplanned opportunity to get an ID Buzz through my work forces sale. I have hopefully managed to list as much info as possible below, but if anyone has any questions fire...
  16. P

    T5.1 DSG connector wiring diagram

    Managed to pull some pins out don’t won’t to risk shoving them in. Does anyone have a DSG connector wiring diagram?
  17. Pipe1978

    For Sale 2019 T30 150PS DSG Highline Camper, 12,750 miles. £51k

    Due to the kids growing up and now hate camping :(, I'm selling my pride and joy... This is a real head turner and i get people making comments all the time. 2019 VW Transporter T30 High Line TDI 150 DSG Auto, 12,750 miles from new, full-service history (just done) and 12 months MOT. Please see...
  18. E

    Dsg stuck in park.

    I’ve just bought a T6, 2016, 7 speed Dsg. Went away on holiday and when I got home i started it up, which was a bit sluggish. I can not get the automatic gearbox to move out of park, it’s stuck solid. Battery is low but starts. Can anyone help?? Foot on brake and rear brake lights working.
  19. C

    Sold 2021 T32 199PS LWB Kombi Highline Day-Van. £34k +VAT

    Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 Kombi T32 LWB 2.0BiTDI 199 DPFR StopStart EU6 Highline Crew Van DSG A7 Date registered: 31 Mar 2021 1 owner since new VW Warranty until March 2024 VW Service Plan with 2 Free Services remaining at any VW Dealership (covers the van from new for 8 years/80,000 Miles...
  20. D

    T6.1 steering wheel with paddles

    i know this question has been asked regarding the T6, but is there a direct replacement wheel featuring the DSG paddles and retain the T6.1 airbag. From what I understand the airbag won’t fit on many other VW wheels. many thanks