1. BoroBoy

    DSG Gaiter Change.

    I am wanting to change out my DSG gaitor, and replace it with a blue stitched leather gaitor. Has anyone on here changed their gaiter? If so, is there a How to/ description, anywhere on the forum that I can use? Failing that, some removal tips would come in handy. TIA.
  2. LpeppsT6

    For Sale T32 Sportline Kombi twin slider/ AirRide / 20”/ ICE/ 14k

    Here for sale is my 2017 genuine T6 factory Sportline Kombi 6 seater DSG with one owner from new and only covered 14,000 miles total cost so far I've spent is £63,000 - it has accuair air ride and ABP struts/bags, H&R anti roll bars and power flex adjustable bushes, at the moment it has Bentley...
  3. S

    Vibration 1600/2000rpm 140PS DSG

    I have a T6. 2017 transporter LWB. I have had a vibration since new. Taken the van to dealer 7 times with no success. ( that’s normal they say). The vibration is between 1600/2000 rpm. Sitting on 100kph in 7 gear the van vibrates through the floor. Steering wheel and dashboard. You can’t feel...
  4. t6blo

    Sold 2016 Transporter T6 T30 Highline 140 DSG SWB Twin Slider with only 17k miles - yes SEVENTEEN / Air Con, Cruise, Heated Screen etc. £21k

    2016 Transporter T6 T30 140 DSG SWB Twin Slider with Barn Doors on a '16' plate Stunning Reflex Silver and in very, very good condition inside and out - you'll struggle to find a nicer one. This hasn't been a builders van and has led a pampered life. Low mileage of 17,000 miles (Edit - mileage...
  5. D

    Gearbox Reliablity and cost - Manual vs DSG.

    Hi, Looking to buy a T6 in the near future so I´m trying to get as educated as possible before I sign the dotted line. :) My question is regarding gearbox options. So i´m planning to buy a TDI, however here in Sweden the DSG gearbox has been absolutley butchered by the car magazines in regards...
  6. B

    Manual or DSG?

    Similar Kombi’s good spec, auto apx 2k more expensive. Worth it ?
  7. chriscroft

    DSG - Optimisation & Fault Fixing

    Since we got our Vel Exec in July 2016, probably the only issue we've had with it, to mean anything, has been the DSG gearbox when setting off in Reverse Up-hill. Sometimes, when either of us jumps in it, when we've parked it facing downhill, and had to reverse out of a tight parking spot; the...
  8. N

    For Sale 2019 T32 Shuttle SE LWB 150ps 2.0TDi 7sp DSG Silver 13250k miles. £28,950

    Hi, I have for sale my VW 2019 Transporter Shuttle T32 SE, LWB, 150ps 2.0 TDi, 7sp DSG gearbox. Price is £28950.00. It is in Reflex Silver, diesel and has 13350.00 miles on the clock. It is the LWB, 9 seat, 150ps 2.0TDi and has the DSG, 7sp gearbox and Euro 6BG. VW manufacturers warranty still...
  9. P

    T6.1 DSG throttle inertia mode

    Hola, tengo una t6.1 con cambio automático y tiene el modo inercia que haciendo un breve toque al pedal del acelerador se conecta, pero no siempre. Me gustaria saber que condiciones son las que usa para que no se active y también saber si se puede hacer algo para que se active de alguna otra...
  10. Berger

    Dsg gear knob

    Hi everyone does anyone know if the t6 dsg gear knob can be changed for the smaller golf style? I’m updating my interior and would like to upgrade the gear knob, thanks in advance Adam
  11. M

    Handbrake removal on dsg

    Afternoon all, I have a dsg I'm just converting, and it strikes me the handbrake isn't really necessary in a dsg? Can I not just leave it in 'P'? Had anyone got rid of their handbrake?
  12. L

    For Sale TSI DSG Kombi. £39k

    Hi I have decided to sell t6 68 plate Dec 2018 204TSI White DSG Original Factory Combi I paid for a every upgrade I could Cruise adaptive control comfort pack Xenons elec sides doors boot lock Heated seats media pack iPhone hookup Fog lights sat Nav stereo lowered mint condition except 20inch...
  13. Jimmi

    Sold SWB T32 Kombi Highline 204 DSG 4Motion. £35k

    Due to change of job I have to sell my much loved Kombi. This van has a huge spec, and is still under VW warranty. T32 SWB Kombi 204 DSG 4Motion Highline MY 2018 34000 miles approx Starlight Blue LED Headlights Diff Lock Air Con Cruise Control Voice Activation Bluetooth Brake Assist Heated...
  14. A

    T6.1 Replacement DSG Cost ??

    Whilst driving on the motorway in the early hours I hit some road debris - I think part of a lorry!! The end result was catastrophic DSG gearbox failure. According to VW whatever I hit punctured the gearbox. It emptied the DSG oil in a matter or seconds, Blackpool illumination on the dash and...
  15. huw169

    DSG reset procedure for different drivers.

    Had a search but couldn’t find anything. Also, a few procedures on a Google search, but they contradict each other. Anyone know the definitive procedure? 2019 van. Thanks
  16. Tourershine

    TVS DSG mapping at Bognor.

    This is an interesting one. How do you improve on what most describe as perfection? No, not my vehicle styling, that's already at the peak... I'm referring to the formidable Volkswagen DSG box. The slick, reliable, fun, lazy drivers answer to a manual, but without the actual effort of moving...
  17. Kips

    T6.1 gear knob

    Hi. Quick question, definitely need to sort the gear knob out on the new van. Does anybody know if a black gloss with chrome surround cap T5/T6 will straight swap for what I have? Many thanks
  18. huw169

    150 DSG or 199 DSG???

    Hi All I had my head set on a 150 DSG as the best option for me due to servicing costs, fuel costs and power needed. BUT..... A 199 DSG has come up locally to me that ticks a lot of boxes. I've heard all the issues of the previous gen 180 BHP engine have been resolved, but what about the...
  19. F

    Sportline towing

    Hi there everyone, I am new to the site and was looking for some information if possible. I am looking at buying a 2018 sportline van 204 Dsg, and it will be used to carry gardening equipment, but also I tow some commercial mowers with a twin wheel for Williams plant trailer and a John Deere...
  20. T

    DSG clutch wear - Please could someone tell me? :) - West wilts

    DSG clutch wear - Please could someone tell me? Plus make things work like needle sweep etc... :) Im just morbidly curious to know how worn out my Clutch is... Any other quick easy things/nerdy bits of info about the vehicle.. beer tokens etc offered Cheers T