1. P

    T6.1 message Leave the vehicle only with the selector lever in P. Go to the workshop

    METROe sale este mensaje, en otros modelos de grupo vag se refiere a un microruptor de la palanca del cambio automatico. Venden un kit de reparacion que se pone un microruptur nuevo encima. alguien tiene la referencia para una t6.1??? METROe comes out this message, in other models of...
  2. D

    Clicking noise when turning engine off DSG

    Hi all, Does anyone who had a T6/T6.1 DSG get this noise when turning the engine off? I called Vw road side assistance out as sounds loud to me like something is loose. He agreed and told me to book it in with VW but I’m expecting the “It’s completely fine, that’s normal”response from them as...

    For Sale 2017 T32 150PS DSG Highline Campervan (Kombi conv) - £43,750

    Testing the water on my 2017 T6 kombi (now camper) highline 2.0tdi dsg with 54700 miles serviced every year. Service till March 2024 alot will know my camper from the forum. I've been part of it for 5 years now. It’s been a fun journey, but unfortunately due to circumstances out of my control I...
  4. G

    For Sale Kombi Sportline 60 DSG SWB 2015/65 180PS | Twin-slider | One owner | White/Black roof | 72,300 miles. £20k +VAT

    My new T6.1 Sportline Kombi is due in a few days, so my owned from new T5.1 Sportline 60 Kombi SWB DSG is up for sale. One owner from new (01.09.2015), candy white with gloss black roof, genuine 72,300 miles Factory fitted options; (approx. list price at the time for all these options was...
  5. Keri7280

    Wanted T6 2016 - 2020 (Euro 6)…. Highline SWB DSG wanted. Cash ready

    Hi Everyone. I'm looking fora euro 6 2016 - 202…. Any colour apart from white or red. Ideally the Highline, comfy dash, DSG under 65000 miles 140bhp (when standard) as a minimum. We won't totally rule out a manual, but it must be the 6-speed box for us to consider. Images of the style we are...
  6. J

    DSG drive issue

    I have a T6 T32 Dsg and it’s load to the max. When it’s changing down gears after acceleration or changing from forward to reverse it has quite a violet bump. I’m guessing that it maybe the drive shaft splines worn out but hope someone may be able to confirm this. Thanks
  7. S

    For Sale 2022 T30 DSG Kombi Highline, Vantrim Camper Conversion in Ravenna Blue. £55k.

    I purchased this Sep ‘22 VW T6.1 Kombi T30 DSG Highline brand new from VW Marshalls in Sunderland and then had it converted by Vantrim in Otley. My wife has decided that she doesn’t like camping (after 3 trips) hence the sale! Mileage 8652. All the usual highline spec. including folding...
  8. R

    DSG - remove key when not in PARK

    Recently I have noticed I can remove the key in my T6 when it is not in PARK. It definatley hasn't always done this. Has anyone fixed this themselves? Or know where to look for the potential fault? I still have to press the brake to get out of PARK when the van is running. Thanks
  9. ben3042

    204 DSG intermittent momentary power loss

    Hi all, Desperately looking for some assistance! I have a 2018 204 DSG high line. Had it from 8k miles, now has 82k on the clock. I’ve done all of the servicing and maintenance on it as I’m very mechanically minded and my business is automotive electrical design. However, I have a fault that I...
  10. 5n0wb0mb3r

    Sounds like a helicopter

    Evening all. Among other irritating sounds coming from the dsg and cv boot. Above 60 mph when I accelerate I am getting a noise almost like there's a helicopter or chinook over head. I'm also, getting a clicking / clunking occasionally when I pull away. Its booked to go in the garage next week...
  11. D

    Sold 2023 T6.1 Kombi Highline 204 DSG 4 Motion, diff lock, captains, twin-slider, 611 miles. £66k

    For sale 2023 - 611 miles T32 204 bhp High line SWB DSG 4 Motion with diff lock Twin sliding doors Led headlights Dash cam Solid tailgate Power fold mirrors Heated mirrors Heated front screen A/C Wireless apple car play Adaptive cruise control Comfort dash Twin captains with factory...
  12. T

    DSG gearbox excess freeplay?

    Hi, just asking for a bit of advice and thoughts on this excess play in my T5.1s 7 speed DSG gearbox. There is a clunk on acceleration and deceleration which sounds like it comes from the front left, but nothing when actually changing or going through the gears. I originally thought it could be...
  13. Golgappas

    For Sale 2021 T6.1 T28 150PS DSG Highline camper 15.5k miles £49950 with upgrades and extras

    Unfortunately , need to sell on my campervan fairly quickly due to unforeseen circumstances . Don't really want to be at the mercy of the dealers. Converted by Denby campers June 2021, FSH, VW warranty 29/04/2024, Indium grey, Highline DSG auto,15500 miles. More photos on request Camper: 6ltr...
  14. Drifterman

    Accelerator Pedal Kickdown Removal

    The only thing I didn't like about my T6.1 was the annoying 'kickdown' resistance in the accelerator pedal. There's no good reason to have it fitted on a vehicle with a manual gearbox, so I thought I'd work out what causes the resistance and get rid of it. I didn't want to risk breaking my...
  15. wickedcamper

    Defective Auto/DSG knob

    Hello VW transporter enthusiasts, I recently purchased a new second hand VW Transporter T6.1 SWB Edition from 2021 with 11400 km on it. However, I recently discovered a hidden defect with the auto/DSG knob during my first ride, and I'm seeking advice from the community on how to address it...
  16. Dazza W

    Sold New price - 2019 T30 LWB 150bhp DSG Highline Camper Van (8Ball conversion) 14,000 miles

    2019 T30 LWB Highline in starlight blue, on VW Devonport alloys, 2 litre 150bhp turbo diesel, 7 speed DSG automatic. Has only done 14000 miles and is currently on a private plate. Usual Highline spec, aircon, folding mirrors, heated screen etc. Van was lowered by 40mm (mainly to get it...
  17. T

    Sold 2016 T32 180PS Kombi DSG 4Motion Highline Camper

    We're selling our much loved T6 Kombi to fund a new van. We've had some amazing adventures in this van, both in summer and winter and all over the UK and Europe. It has a partial camper conversion, but we wanted something that could easily revert back to a van to carry bikes etc. We bought the...
  18. R

    T6.1 150 dsg steam from engine

    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed a Similar thing with their vans or if I’m just being paranoid. I and others have noticed that regularly when the van has stopped and parked up after reaching full temperature quite a lot of steam comes from the front of the vehicle. There are no other...
  19. Bensiliano

    For Sale 2017 T6 2.0 BiTDi T32 Highline Original Kombi DSG SWB (204 ps) Euro 6, Huge Spec, low miles £35k NO VAT

    Here we have my lovely T6 in Candy White which has been a great vehicle but sadly it's time for it to go. It's wanted for nothing and is in excellent condition. I haven't seen many at this spec: As this is my daily, the mileage will increase, currently 40k miles. Recent work has included new...
  20. rewer

    Problem Gearbox dsg

    Good morning, in my vw t6 dsg 150hp I have a problem, when the van is cold or it has been nota running for hours, the first times it engages gears 2 and 3 it malfunctions as if it had a motor switch. After the so the gearbox is perfect. Thanks.