1. F

    Sportline towing

    Hi there everyone, I am new to the site and was looking for some information if possible. I am looking at buying a 2018 sportline van 204 Dsg, and it will be used to carry gardening equipment, but also I tow some commercial mowers with a twin wheel for Williams plant trailer and a John Deere...
  2. Daneeyre

    DSG gear box problems

    So I've just purchased a caravelle 199 dsg ,picked it up yesterday. 10 months old 1900 miles on the clock. Bought from listers. After doing a few miles today I've noticed what seems to be gear slippage. Also on uphill starts gears don't engage until giving it quite a bit on the accelerator so...
  3. V

    Warranty worries over 20” and DSG

    Has anyone had issues with warranty running bigger alloys? Also would 20,S cause problems with my DSG gearbox
  4. Q

    DSG remap

    Hi everyone has anyone had their DSG gear box remapped if so how does it drive and how much did it cost ?
  5. Q

    DSG flywheel

    Morning everyone has anyone had their flywheel on a t6 DSG Replaced lately I have a problem with mine. Need to know how much it’s going to cost me. Thanks
  6. A

    Drive shaft t6 4motion dsg 204

    Hi all hope you are all safe and well. This is my first ever post in a forum despite owning tractors, excavators, dumpers , track motorbikes and off road motorbikes. I have had a "wobble" under drive been through various discussions and complaints with VW directly as the franchise could...
  7. S

    In an ideal world

    If you had the choice to buy a new van for a complete conversion would you go for: Long or Short wheel base, DSG or Manual. Pros and cons please can't make up my mind. Also T32 or T30. Does it make a difference, T32 suspension is meant to be too hard but with the extra weight of the cabinets and...
  8. T

    DSG query - Electrical implications and warranty - Help.. I hate asking for help. haha

    Hi, Hope alls swell(tering) for everyone :) (MY17 150TDBMT Exec Velle) I have been spending time at educating myself as to how a dsg works. Something i find a little vague in other parts of the WWW is to do with how the electrical system may impact the working of the gear slector/mechatronic...
  9. BognorMotors

    More upgrades

    We have done plenty of work from new on this T6 204 DSG Kombi, which includes; 8 seat conversion Extra windows Full interior upgrade; Leather, interior LEDs, Carpeting and Sound system B14s ARBs Sportline kit Revo remap It was already a stunning van Yesterday he came back for more upgrades...
  10. Wc04los

    T6 Constant Select Park

    OK so for some reason my dsg is constantly beeping to select Park. I recently experienced an issue with my reverse sensors so disconnected the module under the steering wheel to look for anything obvious. Could this be the cause of why its doing it? Also disconnected the connections in the...
  11. Thegee6

    Dsg Rolling Forward In Reverse

    I did do a search on this and found a couple of comments regarding this issue but that’s all. My van has not even done 500 miles yet. Yet I’ve noticed when my van is pointing downhill and I put it in reverse, the gearbox isn’t holding it and the van rolls forward. It then takes quite a few revs...
  12. J

    Dmf Replacement Cost T5 Dsg

    Hi I have a 150,000 mile T5 in lovely condition but its rattling badly and I know from hearing the sound online its the Dual Mass Flywheel, Does anybody have a rough idea of cost to replace being a non warranty job . Im based nr Preston Lancs.
  13. Bobbych

    Finally. Here She Is.

    My long awaited T6.1 PV is finally in my possession. Let the conversion begin. T30 Highline 150 DSG.
  14. Stigofthedub

    Interesting Fault

    Hi Guys, This isn't a T6 problem, but there may be some similarities between the T6 DSG operation and my wife's 2018 golf diesel DSG. I just wonder if anyone has experienced this. We have a 1.6 diesel golf DSG 2018 that we have had a year. We noticed the problem first when in cornwall when going...
  15. D

    T6.1 Dsg Sports Mode

    Hi, I’m getting a 199ps 4motion dsg in 4 months time hopefully. I’ve test driven one and looked at pics of the gear leaver. Has the sports mode been removed? I’ve seen previous threads on the 204ps that has a sports mode.
  16. C

    How To Retrofit MFSW And Cruise Control To T6 Eu6 2019 Startline - Also Hacking DSG Paddles For CCS

    Disclaimer - use this information at your own peril - I may have got things wrong. I am hoping this "how to" will be a one stop place for all the information, owners of poverty spec, 2019, EU6, T6's need, to fit a multi function steering wheel (MFSW) and to enable the cruise control system...
  17. BognorMotors

    BMVS = TVS Engineering Dealer

    We have some very exciting news for all you DSG Transporter drivers. We have signed up to be a TVS Engineering dealer. We are taking on the franchise for their gearbox software. Primarily the main software offering for the Transporter is the drivability upgrade, which helps with the following...
  18. Jordan250

    Highline Mfsw Swap For Dsg

    Hi I have a 2017 highline dsg with the standard MFSW a would like to change to a dsg paddle MFSW from professional retofits. Am i right in thinking that this would be a direct swap with no coding/ cruise control issues as the buttons remain the same? I've had a search but no luck. Many thanks
  19. BognorMotors

    Custom Steering Wheels Dsg

    Hello all We have five of these wheels being made for us presently. £500+vat on an exchange basis for you present wheel. Can be done in a combination of leather, perforated leather and alcantara with a stitch colour of your choice. Straight fit and the paddles work with no coding. Let me...
  20. Morg

    Mpg Swapping From Manual To Dsg

    Hi, anyone gone from a 150/204 manual to DSG 150/204 or vice versa & found any noticeable difference in mpg? Nothing to do with what’s on the mfd vs real mpg...just a simple comparison if you have driven both comparable vehicles for any amount of time. My mate is experiencing 25% extra fuel...