double din

  1. T

    Problems fitting alpine halo 9 in T5.1 dash infill

    Hi im just fitting a halo 9 into my t5.1. I bought the fitting kit below but i cant seem to work out how they intended the head unit to sit in the cut outs as there too big? if i used the metal mounting brackets that where fitted to my other head unit the plastic facia then clashes and cant be...
  2. J

    Non ‘Halo’ double din replacement

    Most recommendations for head unit replacement are for the Alpine Halo units. Which double din, non ‘floating screen’ will still allow full functionality, access from the steering wheel controls to all the submenus on a T6.1 and is reckoned to be the best on the market? I’m happy to look at a...
  3. D

    Which Double-DIN surround do I need for the t6?

    Looking to replace head unit for a Android unit. Seen a few double din versions with the larger screens. Which surround do I need for the t6? Anyone got any pics of theirs?
  4. Diesel9a1

    Discover Media Navigation system - Alternatives?

    1. Is there a better alternative to the VW Discover Media Navigation system? 2. What are the negatives to the Discover Media Navigation system? 3. I'm looking for a Dual USB, CD, DVD, MP3, Reversing Camera, Bluetooth phone connection, full VW MFSW support, Reversing & Front sensor display...