1. M

    No way to access MFD modes?

    Hey all, I just bought a used T6, but I only just noticed there are no switches on the end of the wiper stalk to flip through the display options (range, avg consumption etc). The steering wheel doesn’t have buttons either. Could it be that either one or both of these were replaced? It seems...
  2. B

    Volt display in ceiling cubby-hole

    Hi guys, Can anyone help me, I’m looking into fitting a voltage display in my t6.1 up in the headlining where the blanking plate is . I’m sure I saw a post about something similar but can’t find it, has anyone else done this? If so what volt display setup did you use? would be nice to see what...
  3. T6Jay

    Renogy DCC50S Display

    There is currently no display available for this renogy B2B. So if anyone is interested, I've made one........... The RS485 port is Modbus RTU and Renogy gave me a datasheet showing where all the data lives Arduino boards have serial comms built in, and just need a RS485 module adding and then a...