dimmer switch

  1. Pete C

    Awning Lights

    One thing we are missing from our current setup are some decent awning lights. What we are looking for is something flexible that: Can plug into the 12v outlet I have installed near the sliding door. Can be attached to a full Vango awning or our sunshade. Is bright enough to read by in the...
  2. andy greenwood

    Interior Led Spotlights Are Way Too Bright

    Hi everyone The 6 LED spotlights in our camper are way too bright and not relaxing at all. I would like to be able to dim them. How do i know if they are dimmable ? if they can be dimmed, I presume I need to fit a dimmable led driver ? would i need a certain type of dimmer switch or would any...
  3. Wills

    Cbe Dimmer Switch

    Has anyone managed to wire a CBE dimmer switch into a 2 way switching arrangement?
  4. N

    My camper project

    Been around the forum for a bit but not really posted much. I've been researching mainly for my camper/Day van project so thought I'd start a project thread. The plan is get the roof fitted then do the rest myself. I'm waiting for date for that so thought I'd make a start stripping her out...