1. D

    Dented door- fix, replace or cover?

    Hi all! Just bought a VW T6.1 2020 SWB and we’re starting the conversion now. The van came with some pretty significant damage to the door (and a good discount for it!) but I’m trying to figure out if I’d like to do anything make it less noticeable. Pictures are below- by opinions on if I...
  2. teamfly

    Dent removal ? Paint damaged

    Looking for advice on dent removal please . Cutting grass yesterday & mower picked up a rock & hurled it into side of van . About a 1cm diameter dent , paint is through to metal ( like a rock scrape rather than crack ) . Local dent guys I tried said no can do as paint broken . I could live with...
  3. Tourershine

    Dent Meet On The 14th

    Myself and @T6180 have my dent man coming to do some work at my house on the 14th if anyone else wants to join us and have any annoying carpark dents removed. These guys can be a nightmare to get out to do small jobs like a single carpark dent, but he's booked to come to mine anyway, so might...
  4. J

    Bodyshop recommendation - Dorset

    Hi Some low life bumped into my van yesterday evening while I was sleeping in the van They left before I even had time to get out ( so no idea what car/reg it was!...) At first couldn't see any damage, then saw this bump or rear right door at bottom + scratch on bumper i check the door open and...