day van

  1. Sharpe

    EVO Design Extra Low units

    Has anybody fitted one of these? I’m debating wether to fit a 150cm RIB bed, or 112cm and have a bit of storage to the side. It is going to be a day van, no pop top or kitchen. Be interested to see any real life photos of them in a van.
  2. RedUn

    DayVan: Night Heater or Not?

    Currently about 75% through my day van build and I'm completely undecided on whether to install a diesel heater or not... Figured I'd put it to the forum to get some opinions... The setup is a fortywinks bed in the van and awning. We have a little one so mostly camping spring to autumn, no...
  3. Jonnydub

    Show us your day van conversions!

    Looking for inspiration and ingenious ideas to make a great day van. Own a shuttle so particularly interested in any shuttle ideas but keen to see all vans and how you’ve made them your own. Will upload some pics with how I’m getting on
  4. Jonnydub

    Wiring shuttle lights and 12v sockets to leisure battery

    Hi all, on the road down converting my shuttle to day van and was looking for some lighting advice. Was thinking about running my rear lights and sockets off the leisure battery (under the drivers with diesel heater) and replacing the bulbs to LEDs. With there being so many lights and sockets...
  5. fax001

    Day Van layout

    We bought a 2016 panel van a few months ago with a view to using it as a day van and for occasional camping trips for the wife and I, along with our daughter. We have had side windows fitted and the rear is now "de-vanned" and fully insulated and carpet lined. Having used it as much as we were...
  6. mommabear

    For Sale T6 For sale! - Coming soon!

    Hi everyone. If you are in the market for a Camper/Day van have a read. We are currently putting the finishing touches to a beautiful little van that we have been working on which will be a nice little find for someone. Its a T6 start line - Tailgate model - 80,000 good clean miles -...
  7. O

    my day-van shuttle conversion

    Any advice from those that have done similar would be great! Probably a relatively common one, I'm the proud new owner of a t5.1 2014 LWB DSG shuttle which I'll be putting a simple conversion in. I need 6 seats and want to keep it van-able for bikes, carrying loads etc... Thinking some kind of...
  8. L

    Two Tone 4motion Daily

    Purchased back in 2018, what started life as a simple panel van has quite literally become my pride and joy, Everything that’s been done so far (apart from the rear cushions) has been done in house with just me and my dad Hopefully it will be finished by this summer so it can make it to a few...
  9. RedUn

    Kombi Day Van Ideas

    Evening! So after fiddling a lot with the van this year its time to start prepping properly for day van usage :thumbsup: I'm still reading a lot at the moment to work out my plans of what to do and what to avoid but while I do that I thought I'd put something on here... So my question is...
  10. goldeneye243

    My Acapulco Blue Day Van :)

    Picked up from the converter yesterday - Very happy with the finish! Might add a kitchen pod at some point...
  11. R

    Custom Storage - Single Rear Cupboard?

    I'm in the process of planning my panel van to day van conversion and have been looking at a few storage options. One thing I am considering is a single storage cupboard over one of the wheel arches in the rear. Something like this Has anyone gone down this route?
  12. S

    DayVan Storage Space Condundrum

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying this T6 day van. It's a great van but not much available space due to the full width RIB bed. Was thinking of a small kitchen pod housing a fridge and burner (no sink). Any suggestions or bright ideas?
  13. Jimmi

    What’s Your Kombi/panel Van (non Camper) Sleeping Arrangements?

    When camping I put a fold up fishing bed in mine. It’s really comfortable but takes up loads of room. I end up with all my stuff all over the place. I can’t build anything permanent as I need to be able to empty the van at a moments notice. So was wondering what other non camper van owners do.
  14. mackmaya

    Day Van Insurance.

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows how insurance companies will class a day van, basically everything a normal camper has apart from a sink and Hob and no water tank or gas?? Thanks again.
  15. Yetibeard

    Day Van Seat Ideas. Help!

    Hi all, I’m after some help/guidance/experiences with choosing the seats for my day van conversion. I’m about to be the owner of a T6 SWB highline panel van which I’m going have converted into a day van. I want the most flexibility out of the seats so o can have the benefits of a day van...
  16. dennismo

    Another 'kombi To Day Van' Thread...

    Exciting times... I'm finally pushing on with the process of getting my Kombi ready for using as a 'day van' in the summer... It's already insulated and lined (by Leighton Vans) but I'm yet to do other bits. The next step is heading down to 'Forty Winks' tomorrow, to have a Kombi Bed fitted...
  17. N

    My camper project

    Been around the forum for a bit but not really posted much. I've been researching mainly for my camper/Day van project so thought I'd start a project thread. The plan is get the roof fitted then do the rest myself. I'm waiting for date for that so thought I'd make a start stripping her out...
  18. Chrisfraser05

    Day van interiors pics thread

    I see lots of pics of the inside of full on campers but not of day vans etc Let's get some pics shared to inspire eachother.
  19. mhill

    My Bed Conversion

    I have a 180 DSG T32 4motion panel van which has been converted to a Kombi with the adtion of x3 seats from Cotrim and a tool chest with 4 draws installed in the rear. I wanted something like the Xplora Kombi bed so I could sleep over in the van and still use the seats and the tool chest...