1. Lukavell

    Magnetic Seat Base Trim From Evo Design

    Pic for clarity. Anyone used them? How strong is the magnet? I don't want them falling off under normal use! I think I'll be able to get the Erberspacher outlet to look nicer than i can using the OEM plastic jobby.
  2. Brennanpj

    Van Cover

    Any one using a cover over their van while not in use . My van only comes out to play at weekends so it’s sat on the drive all week getting a nice coat of dust on it . Being black it’s a pain in the backside. As I will often wash it after a weekends use, then it’s filthy before I use it again ...
  3. Lorksalordy

    Anyone Got/bought/recommend A Weatherproof Van Cover For T6?

    Hiya. I park my van outside and in the week it gets covered in tree sap and bird cack. I have an SWB with a factory bike rack, and thought I might get a t6 LWB weatherproof cover ('bout 99 quid on ebay) to protect it + rack from the elements. Anyone recommend a cover, manufacturer, or have the...