1. Pidsley

    Cover or not to cover:

    I have a 2021 LWB T6.1 van which is parked outside under a tree. It is used regularly but not a day vehicle. Does anyone cover their van with a bespoke fabric or plastic cover? If so, what are good makes, do they rub and cause damage (its very windy here)? Thanks,
  2. Carl1974

    Full van cover now on

    Decided to park the van up and cover it, as I’m back using my cycle for to and from work it’s easier and less stone chips.
  3. Lorksalordy

    Van Weather Cover

    Hiya. I park my van outside and in the week it gets covered in tree sap and bird cack. I have an SWB with a factory bike rack, and thought I might get a t6 LWB weatherproof cover ('bout 99 quid on ebay) to protect it + rack from the elements. Anyone recommend a cover, manufacturer, or have the...
  4. Pedros85

    Found Van cover

    Hi, I need a cover for my lwb t6 that has a Fiamma awning on the side. Found a place online that ‘make them to measure’ but can’t when they have an awning! Yeah. I know. Anyone know a good place to get one?
  5. Ayjay

    Cover for bikes mounted on Tow Bar Rack

    Am I mad even thinking about using one of these to cover the bikes on long journeys? (if we ever get to do them again): On the one hand, I want to...