cascade conversions

  1. CJW

    Ex-Fleet LWB T32 to Camper Conversion

    Wanted to share progress on our family project. Bought an ex-fleet 2016 LWB T32 in December and been converting it over the winter. Judging from the tiny shards of vehicle wrap left on the body work, I think this was a British Gas van in its past life. This is our second home-spun camper...
  2. Ethan Andrews

    SCA / Reimo fitted abroad

    I wondered if anyone has taken their van across the continent to perhaps France, Belgium, or Germany to have a roof fitted. The fitting cost in the UK is quite significant once you factor in shipping costs. It seems a no brainier and nice idea for a road trip to take it over. Pre COVID I priced...
  3. James1000

    Cascade Conversions - Review 5*

    Cacsade Conversions – Camper Van Conversions I have no connection to this company but I am their latest conversion collection - I don't need to say anything but let the pictures do the talking. However, they have been a pleasure to deal with offering the exact layout I wanted, very friendly...
  4. czmate1999

    Converter Reviews

    Thought it might be useful to build up some detail on the more established campervan conversion companies to both help me and potentially others. Firstly I will be upfront and say while I have ordered my van (T32 LWB) I have not yet established which converter or converters I want to use...
  5. M

    Cable Routing (media Unit -> Rear)

    I would like to retrofit rear speakers to a T6 conversion done by Cascade (big mistake not to have gone for the speakers originally as the kids can't hear their music in the back without turning up the volume a lot). As it's post conversion, cable routing will be a bit more difficult. I think...