carpet panels

  1. Skyliner33

    Which cap/clip do I need

    I know its been mentioned on the forum before, but I need help locating the part that goes into this hole on the sliding door trim. I wasnt going to bother, as last time the ply panel didnt have that slot, but this time they arrived with it cut out so I will need the cover that isnt there.
  2. MikeMc88

    Best Order Of Build?

    Is it best to do the electrics before I carpet and lay the altro flooring? I was hoping to do the carpeting first but I was just speaking to a local converter and he said to do the electrics either before or at the same time. My original plan was to put down the 12mm floor then lay the altro...
  3. D

    Mounting Carpeted Panels With Velcro Hook And Loop Or Adhesive ?

    I hope everyone is well. I have a t6 tailgate van with no rear window but a plain metal panel. I have sound deadened and insulated this metal panel. I have the 4mm ply template carpeted and ready to mount. It is not possible to use screws or fixings as this metal is a single layer. As such, I...
  4. Absolut5

    AbsoluT5 carpet lining

    New T6 in this week for the following- Dynamat Xtreme the rear Closed cell foam Insulation 2 tone carpet lining Cabin matching ceiling Mood lighting 110 AGM leisure battery installed to factory spec for the bluemotion technology Led lighting CBE sockets 2 privacy windows Red vinyl panels to...