1. GingerPig

    For Sale Caravelle Executive spring and damper full set

    Morning All, Changed my whole suspension to H&R coilovers and springs so selling the following: Standard Caravelle Springs Standard Caravelle Dampers
  2. GingerPig

    For Sale Caravelle Executive Full Black Interior

    Morning All, I am currently in the process of converting my caravelle to a camper so have removed the whole Interior right down to the aircon pipes under the van if you need any of the following let me know: Triple bed seats black leather(see photos) Single swivel seats black leather (2 off)...
  3. N

    Caravelle door cards etc

    Hi all, Desperate to start upgrading the interior of my high line to be less commercial. Firstly those horrid door cards need to become leather and brushed aluminium. Soft feel. May as well upgrade the speakers while the cards are off too. Q: anyone want to sell anything or recommend anyone to...
  4. nickpmoody

    Caravelle bench seat panels

    Anyone know what the panels at the bottom of the triple seat bench are called? I’ve broken the middle one and my Google-Fu has failed me for finding what they are called
  5. GingerPig

    Caravelle curtain airbag removal

    Evening all, I've just recently purchased a 2016 T6 caravelle 150bhp bluemotion and new to the forum. I am currently in the process of converting it to a camper. Complete rear rip out including curtain airbags, rear HVAC system etc... basically its a van now B post reward My question is...
  6. D

    Caravelle rail fitting

    Hello everyone Recently purchased a caravelle rail set up and bench, wondering if there is anyone recommended who could fit them for me in th Warrington/Manchester area? Thanks
  7. C

    Recall Notice 91Z5

    Just had a recall notice delivered by post to day. was waiting for me when I got home. Any one any ideas what it’s for ? 91Z5 it’s a 2018 Caravelle 204 DSG Exec ? Thanks
  8. Woodman

    Useless Information for Caravelle owners

    Hi all, a message to the Caravelle owners based on my previous experience of having one. Several years ago I owned a gorgeous metalic blue Caravelle SE with the 174 dsg. It was only an SE but still a great van. We used to drive to our Holidays in it with the 3 kids in the back and with the...
  9. Sackmycook

    Sold Caravelle at Lloyds Landrover Ripon

    My son works at Lloyds Landrover in Ripon. They've just got this in as a PX and, no, he isnt on commission. Just a heads up for anyone looking for one. My lad reckons its mint...
  10. Skyliner33

    For Sale Caravelle Table for Rails - price reduced.

    Used, but in excellent condition. £375 £335 ono. More photos if needed.
  11. Vanborghini

    Door Card Separation for relining

    Hi Guys, I need to separate some Caravelle Door cards that i have purchased as i want to recover them in Alcantara. From the bottom picture does anyone know if both the red and yellow marks need to be ground away to separate?
  12. B

    Looking to buy Caravelle to transport my mobility scooter

    New member from Devon looking to buy Caravelle T6.1 to transport my mobility scooter. I wondered if anyone knows the accurate internal dimensions of the Caravelle T6.1 width and length, plus how much of the space there is to the side of a single middle-row captains-chair.
  13. R

    Staggered 20s and Cali / Caravelle sliding-door trims..

    I’ve just been reading an old post regarding 20” staggered alloys rubbing the door cards on a caravelle? Does anyone know if this is down to the wheel/tyre combo or will this happen with any set up? I’m looking to go down the staggered route with either LV-1 or the Judd 311’s TIA
  14. C

    Kombi threshold for panel van - to match floor height.

    Read a few threads on this but would like to hear from anyone who has swapped the standard side step to a kombi one. I've got non slip phenolic plywood for my floor which will sit on a mixture of 9mm spacers and the metal ribs of the floor. Will the kombi step work with 12mm ply only? No top...
  15. P

    Caravelle table conversion

    Hi all. I'm a seasoned Air cooled owner and have just bought a T6 Caravelle exec. I'm wanting to convert the little slidey around table unit onto some kind of infotainment console. TV, games machine, ports & sockets, some kind of wireless router. I presume I'll need to install a leisure...
  16. Captain Rick

    Solar Panel selection

    I want to fix a solar panel to the roof of my 2016 Caravelle to complement the 120aH AGM leisure battery which is connected to a Ctek D250SE. Ctek say the max power can be 200watts with no more than 23VOC. I would like a permanent installation and thought that a 200watt semi-flexible panel...
  17. M

    Bed in SWB Caravelle Executive too long

    I’ve just bought a SWB Caravelle Executive and the rock ‘n roll bed is 6’8”. This leaves no room to stand at the end of the bed when extended. Is this normal or have I been given a bed which should have been in a LWB?
  18. K

    T5 electrics for retrofit T6 caravelle headliner - Hampshire

    Hi, I have retrofitted a t6 caravelle interior into a t5.1 kombi, with both front and rear headliners. In terms of electrical work is it possible to upgrade the wiring for the interior lighting/aircon/12v port, if so any recommendations on who can carry out the work in the hampshire area. Thanks
  19. N

    Raised floor height advice needed

    I've done all the dodo flooring insulation and put my 12 mm ply flooring down. So I've added a fair bit of height to the floor. But the higher side step that I bought is not quite right. I've tried modding it and cutting bits out but it doesn't seem right. Does anyone have any advice on what...
  20. J

    Thinking about taking the Caravelle plunge

    Hi everyone. I have been thinking about swapping in our 7 seater car for a Caravelle on and off for a couple of years. We love camping but would mainly use it as our daily drive so can't really look at a California. I know the back seats fold flat but do they work well as a bed? Trying to...