1. S

    Where does the feed for the C-pillar cigarette lighter in my T6 caravelle come from? (Not working yet others are)

    Hi all, I’m after some help! I’ve searched and looked through lots of the downloads but can’t find the answer. There is a 12v cigarette lighter socket just behind the sliding door on the drivers side and it’s not worked since I’ve had the van. The front socket and the one by the tailgate work...
  2. T

    Sleep/goodnight packs & aftermarket solutions/opinions (Caravelle)

    Has anyone got the mentioned above genuine things/similar bit (like mattress and multifelxboard), with picture in situ and opinion on said products? I want to use my velle for short weekends on route to a final destination (where I have a joy for sleeping in a tent. No idea why. Just love it)...
  3. M

    mounting points in caravelle ceiling

    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me what these fixing points in the ceiling are called along with the type of corresponding bracket that goes into them? I’d like to get a rail that joins the two fixing points just inside the tailgate so I can fashion a cargo net onto it. Does anyone know if such an...
  4. B

    Caravelle rear AC

    I've just bought a T6 Caravelle SE 2017 plate and am in the process of changing the floor for a vinyl finish ( kids, dogs and sand don't mix well with the present carpet) have also removed most of the panels to add in some extra sound proofing and thought as I was this far I could look at...
  5. nikster

    Caravelle exec pop top conversion

    Hi all, looking to hear from any T6 owners that have a Velle exec pop top conversion. The climate control system seems to be the challenge and understand a couple of owners have reported its been done in the past but haven't been able to find a lot of detail. We've ummed and arrred about...
  6. Wafu

    Caravelle Cup holder cassette replaced.

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been done before but I thought i'd show how I changed my Table drink's cassette. I removed the whole table from the van. Extend the table to full height. I then looked underneath and then removed the bright steel screws and the half 'shell' plastic that then...
  7. Wafu

    T6 Caravelle tailgate reversing camera retrofit.

    Hi all, apologies that this has been done before, but they seem a few years old. I have a 2019, 68 plate Caravelle that I want to install a rear camera or have someone do it. My questions are, can I just plug and play with my current head unit, it’s the one with a dual card reader? Do I have to...
  8. F

    204 caravelle registered as T30 instead of T32??

    Ho all on the Facebook t6 forum group a guy was asking if anyone has a t30 204 caravelle as apparently his has been registered as a T30 but he says it's a T32 as he has the big brakes and suspension mounting is different. I thought the brake size didn't define T30 or T32.... is there a...
  9. Duggers83

    For Sale Shuttle seats for sale

    Hi, I have six seats that I would like to sell. They’re made up of one rear three seat bench and three individual seats which form the middle row of a 2017 Caravelle. The seats are in great condition and work perfectly. Any questions just ask. Open to offers. cheers Ben
  10. T6Paul

    B Pillar trims

    I’m currently trying to find the part numbers to replace my grey (beige) lower B pillar trims for Black, it’s for a T6 Kombi with twin sliding doors. Current part numbers are: Drivers: 7E0 867 292 K (92W) Passenger: 7E0 867 291 D (92W) Apparently VW say there isn’t a black equivalent... has...
  11. Vanzilla

    Wooden floor Caravelle/Multivan

    Anyone tried replicating the wood look floor from the various special editions in their Caravelle/ Multivan? I love the look and the cleanabilty is attractive vs carpet. I’m thinking the best option is to buy a floor from breakers yard, remove carpet layer and replace with altro or vinyl tiles...
  12. R

    Caravelle on 18’s

    Hi all, does anyone have any pics of a Caravelle running 18’s but with standard suspension please? Also could anyone advise on the best tyre size.. thanks in advance.
  13. P

    Caravelle/beach rear speakers

    I want to upgrade the speakers in my beach, which has the 6 speaker Composition media. I was intending on fitting the Etons in the front. What size are the rear speakers so I could order some coaxials to fit?
  14. N

    How many batteries do i have .

    I have a 69 plate Caravelle Executive 150bhp,and after reading a couple of post regarding battery problems other members are having.Can someone tell me how many batteries i have on my van.I though I only have one, but after reading post and speaking to friends I'm not sure.
  15. T6Kombi-exec

    Kombi Edition conversion upgrade and learning curve.

    After admiring so many and saying one day for a couple of decades I decided now was the right time. I needed to buy a vehicle that was TAX efficient. Although my ideal, Caravelles were out as they could not be classed as commercial, at least for my purpose. I knew it was only weeks before the...
  16. T6Kombi-exec

    Insulation or Sound Deadening for Caravelle rear floor between seat rails?

    Has anyone used silentcoat or similar on the rear of their van whilst using or fitting caravelle seat rails. I've searched and searched the forum but it doesn't seem to have been covered previously. What does an original T6 Caravelle van floor look like ? is it insulated under the rails? or...
  17. G

    Caravelle 4motion build code 2MH?

    Good morning, we have a t6 caravele 4 motion and we would like to lower it from the build code we have 2MH does this mean its already lowered? looking at lowering 30mm many thanks
  18. Littleblackflash

    Door open warning

    I’ve just swapped my sliding door over to a newer one, but I’m getting a door open warning ever though the door is closed and fully aligned. what sensors this and can it be adjusted? I’m not sure if the is related, but the Caravelle door I’m using has some extra Bowden cables. Is the Caravelle...
  19. Shredder

    Caravelle A-Pillar Trims

    This : VW T6 Caravelle One pair A Pillar Trim + Dynaudio Tweeters Front L+R Set #733 | eBay .... seems an insane price and for Used as well (which I don't want). Can the trim panels or even better the speaker grills on these panels be bought from VW without the speakers?? I actually just...
  20. rio

    T6 Multivan Lowered Daily Campervan 2019

    Hi Mates My name is Maciek, from Poland. (Sorry for my english ;) ) Last year I bought a Vw T6 Multivan (Caravelle in UK) 2.0 TDI 150HP 4 motion It looked like this after the purchase: I made several modifications and conversion to daily campervan. - A box with drawers with a stove, sink...