1. LakesT6

    Caravelle Owners - Continental ContiEcoContact 235/55/r17 103 safety recall

    Spotted this on FB and thought it was worth sharing on here. Continental ContiEcoContact 5 tyres which were fitted to Aracaju wheels on Multivan and Caravelle models are being replaced FOC by Continental. If the tyres are OE then the replacements are being done through the VWCV dealer network...
  2. P

    Pop-Top - Shuttle roof liner fail :-(

    We have just had an new HiLo roof installed. We choose not to have the orignal roof linning replaced, as we saw no point in the additional expense (£900). When we collected the vehicle, it was pointed out that (see pic) 'this was the best finish available' as we had opted to not have roof trim...
  3. S

    New engine time - Caravelle 2016 77k

    Had the Caravelle (2016) 11 months, have done 7k in her but have been suffering from high oil consumption for 6 months. Taken it to Worthing VW commercial to look at and have been under an oil consumption test for the last two weeks. Fresh news in today (which I already knew was coming as did...
  4. LakesT6

    T6.1 Caravelle grille - chrome trim removal

    Morning all. I’m looking to buy a gloss black grille and the lower gloss black trims for a 6.1 Caravelle. I’m trying to work out if I can take the chrome pieces off the original Caravelle grille and fit them to a gloss black badged grille from THQ/Leighton, before I push the buy button. -Also...
  5. Andyman

    Front grille trim x4 (Caravelle) vendors

    Looking to buy some Blue grill trim Everywhere I look there is only 2 pieces available for the top grill and then the bottom grill Our grill has 4 pieces of chrome trim, 2 either side of the badge, anyone know where I can get all 4 pieces? As per attached image The obvious place like Vanstyle...
  6. S

    For Sale 2019 Caravelle 199PS DSG. £48k

    As title, sadly my t6 journey is coming to an end so before it gets traded in I wanted to offer it here first. Dec 2019 t6 caravelle executive swb 199ps dsg. I am the only owner 15300 miles Hpi free Extended factory warranty until Dec 2024 or 80,000 miles Deep pearl black Usual exec options...
  7. Andyman

    Dimming lights and switches

    Evening all Just noticed today in OH T6 Caravelle The dimming wheel next to the lights switch doesn’t seem to do anything Previously it would dim the lights in footwells and doorcards and the red lights on various switches Also noticed that the electric window door lock and electric mirror...
  8. M

    Caravelle - heated seat module location

    Hi good people anyone of you knows where is heated seats module ?
  9. Sackmycook

    Sold Exploria Caravelle/PV bed

    Advance to follow. Exploria 2 bed, one of the taller sizes, excellent condition with grey pvc cushions. Came from a Caravelle so has solid lower frame. Caravelle fittings removed but could be reinstated. I just use with tie down straps on the D rings. All excellent condition...
  10. Skyliner33

    Help needed measuring Caravelle and California rails.

    I need some help with measurements please. If you have a van with either LWB or SWB Caravelle rails or a California if you could take some measurements for me I would be very grateful For the Caravelle it it the outside rail, not the double centre rail. If you could measure the total length...
  11. Macmain12

    Are front grilles and Sportline splitter interchangeable between Caravelle and other versions?

    Hello all. I'm looking at changing the uper and lower front grills on my t6 caravelle. Also fitting the sportline lower bumper. Will these go straight onto a caravelle.. Thanks in advance..
  12. G

    Wanted Caravelle executive

    I’m looking for a caravelle executive or a high spec’d kombi is anyone thinking of Selling pm me. Thanks Gordon
  13. K

    Can I convert non swivel rear Caravelle seats to swivel?

    Hi, I have two single captain’s seats in my velle. One is swivel but the other isn’t. Is it possible to convert to a swivel and if so what parts would I need. Many Thanks
  14. Paynewright

    Seats - Caravelle / Shuttle hybrid?

    Anyone compared the Caravelle rear captains chairs and Shuttle single middle seat side by side? Just wondering if a caravelle seat will bolt to a shuttle seat base so you can get all the adjustability of a Caravelle seat to clip into the normal floor brackets? Could be an expensive folly...
  15. J

    Locking doors and switching alarm sensors off

    Hey all, Have a caravelle and struggling with the internal alarm sensors when we sleep in it. If I’m inside and lock the van using the key, the alarm goes off when I move. I can lock all the doors separately which doesn’t enable the alarm but then the tailgate is unlocked which I don’t want. I...
  16. J

    Rules on van sleeping in car-parks and lay-by’s…

    Hi… I have a caravelle which we are using to sleep in for occasional nights. It’s literally just a van, no table, cooker etc. I’ve noticed lots of signs say free overnight parking but no overnight parking for campervans and motor homes. Does that mean it’s ok to sleep there as I’ve not got a...
  17. Macmain12

    Caravelle Grilles - interchange between T5.1 and T6?

    Hi All, Hope someone can clear up a question i have , we now have our heart set on a Caravelle and are searching and waiting for the right one to turn up, in the mean time I'm doing a little research, can someone tell me if the lower long grill is able to be fitted into the lower short grill...
  18. pixelmix

    Wanted T6 Caravelle LH sliding door sunblind

    I am looking for the LH (passenger) roller sunblind for our T6 Caravelle. Ours is slightly damaged and I could do with tidying it up. I think it is part number 7H5861313B (all I'm not 100% sure as I am finding to find Caravelle specific parts diagrams). It may be the same part as the T5 and...
  19. B

    Bed options for using front seats in Caravelle

    Afternoon all, I have a Caravelle conversion in my T6.1. We prefer to have the single seats for our 2 grandkids in the back rather than the 3 seater bench seat. This allows us to be able to walk through from front to back accessing kettle/toilet in the back. Occasionally the missus and I would...
  20. Andyman

    Caravelle curtains still unavailable

    Surprised to discover today that yet still Nobody has designed a decent set of blackout curtains for a caravelle the usual van x and similar are absolutely no good whatsoever, the far rear windows have nothing above them to screw or drill into to hold up the curtain other than the roof lining...