1. Vanzilla

    Wooden floor Caravelle/Multivan

    Anyone tried replicating the wood look floor from the various special editions in their Caravelle/ Multivan? I love the look and the cleanabilty is attractive vs carpet. I’m thinking the best option is to buy a floor from breakers yard, remove carpet layer and replace with altro or vinyl tiles...
  2. R

    Caravelle on 18’s

    Hi all, does anyone have any pics of a Caravelle running 18’s but with standard suspension please? Also could anyone advise on the best tyre size.. thanks in advance.
  3. P

    Caravelle/beach rear speakers

    I want to upgrade the speakers in my beach, which has the 6 speaker Composition media. I was intending on fitting the Etons in the front. What size are the rear speakers so I could order some coaxials to fit?
  4. N

    How many batteries do i have .

    I have a 69 plate Caravelle Executive 150bhp,and after reading a couple of post regarding battery problems other members are having.Can someone tell me how many batteries i have on my van.I though I only have one, but after reading post and speaking to friends I'm not sure.
  5. T6Kombi-exec

    Insulation or Sound Deadening for Caravelle rear floor between seat rails?

    Has anyone used silentcoat or similar on the rear of their van whilst using or fitting caravelle seat rails. I've searched and searched the forum but it doesn't seem to have been covered previously. What does an original T6 Caravelle van floor look like ? is it insulated under the rails? or...
  6. G

    Caravelle 4motion build code 2MH?

    Good morning, we have a t6 caravele 4 motion and we would like to lower it from the build code we have 2MH does this mean its already lowered? looking at lowering 30mm many thanks
  7. Littleblackflash

    Door open warning

    I’ve just swapped my sliding door over to a newer one, but I’m getting a door open warning ever though the door is closed and fully aligned. what sensors this and can it be adjusted? I’m not sure if the is related, but the Caravelle door I’m using has some extra Bowden cables. Is the Caravelle...
  8. Shredder

    Caravelle A-Pillar Trims

    This : VW T6 Caravelle One pair A Pillar Trim + Dynaudio Tweeters Front L+R Set #733 | eBay .... seems an insane price and for Used as well (which I don't want). Can the trim panels or even better the speaker grills on these panels be bought from VW without the speakers?? I actually just...
  9. rio

    T6 Multivan Lowered Daily Campervan 2019

    Hi Mates My name is Maciek, from Poland. (Sorry for my english ;) ) Last year I bought a Vw T6 Multivan (Caravelle in UK) 2.0 TDI 150HP 4 motion It looked like this after the purchase: I made several modifications and conversion to daily campervan. - A box with drawers with a stove, sink...
  10. burnercan

    C-pillar cupholder removal

    Some bits and pieces of the kid's phone charger came apart and fell down through the 12v socket in the RH c-pillar cupholder. Does anyone know if that cupholder can be removed without removing the entire lower rear side panel? I've been searching around as well as pulling and cursing and so far...
  11. Martin Gibson

    Caravelle seat storage boxes

    Hello,i know this has been done before but i wondeted if anyone has any updated ideas on this. We recently fitted a Caravelle rear seat/bed and need some storage boxes to fit in the three underneath compartments. Vw ones are ridiculously priced and never seen second hand and also will never seen...
  12. simonnwt6

    Sliding door Side step options?

    Removed the standard sidestep yesterday after a full cleandown. Looking at options for after fitted new batons/insulation/ply9mm/rubber floor. Anyone know why this says wont fit anything but a Caravelle? Not 100% on the differences...
  13. P

    Door Card Light

    Does anyone know the part number for the ambient lighting behind the door handle lever??
  14. K

    Retrofit T6 Caravelle Interior In T5 Kombi Help !

    I’ve purchased a t6 caravelle highline interior, to fit in a t5 kombi,. I understand that the a pillars and tailgate won’t fit. I started with the headliners, then working my way from front to back with trim, I’m at a loss with the c pillars and what these are fitted to. There are no pre...
  15. K

    Side Loading Door Lock Caps/covers

    Hi, I’m after a pair of side loading door lock caps/covers, for a T6 caravelle, as per pic. Any idea where I can source these or the part numbers please ? Thank you
  16. M

    Caravelle Rail Floor Brackets.

    Hi all. Does anyone know the part number or where I can buy the underside brackets to fit caravelle rails. have all the bolts but missing the brackets. Many thanks Mike
  17. Martin Gibson

    Sold Caravelle Load Cover

    Hello, Genuine VW Caravelle load cover removed from new Caravelle. Think these are about £300 new from VW. £85 pick up from Carlisle
  18. Jordy

    T6 First Timer

    Hi all. Complete newbie here. Just placed an order for a T6.1 Caravelle Exec in Starlight Blue (stepping up from a Seat Alhambra now my kids are getting bigger). Already looking into pimping it up so any ideas, photos, do and don't advice, etc. gratefully received! Cheers!
  19. Italian Switzerland

    Italian Switzerland

  20. Littleblackflash

    Ambient Lighting Options

    Whist down my local scrappy I brought a load of LED footwell/puddle lights from a Golf R. I'm now going to wire them into my van but what options do I have? The van must come with different lighting circuits, does anyone one know what they all are and what triggers them to come on? For example...