1. G

    Wanted Caravelle executive

    I’m looking for a caravelle executive or a high spec’d kombi is anyone thinking of Selling pm me. Thanks Gordon
  2. K

    Can I convert non swivel rear Caravelle seats to swivel?

    Hi, I have two single captain’s seats in my velle. One is swivel but the other isn’t. Is it possible to convert to a swivel and if so what parts would I need. Many Thanks
  3. Paynewright

    Seats - Caravelle / Shuttle hybrid?

    Anyone compared the Caravelle rear captains chairs and Shuttle single middle seat side by side? Just wondering if a caravelle seat will bolt to a shuttle seat base so you can get all the adjustability of a Caravelle seat to clip into the normal floor brackets? Could be an expensive folly...
  4. J

    Locking doors and switching alarm sensors off

    Hey all, Have a caravelle and struggling with the internal alarm sensors when we sleep in it. If I’m inside and lock the van using the key, the alarm goes off when I move. I can lock all the doors separately which doesn’t enable the alarm but then the tailgate is unlocked which I don’t want. I...
  5. J

    Rules on van sleeping in car-parks and lay-by’s…

    Hi… I have a caravelle which we are using to sleep in for occasional nights. It’s literally just a van, no table, cooker etc. I’ve noticed lots of signs say free overnight parking but no overnight parking for campervans and motor homes. Does that mean it’s ok to sleep there as I’ve not got a...
  6. Macmain12

    Caravelle Grilles

    Hi All, Hope someone can clear up a question i have , we now have our heart set on a Caravelle and are searching and waiting for the right one to turn up, in the mean time I'm doing a little research, can someone tell me if the lower long grill is able to be fitted into the lower short grill...
  7. pixelmix

    Wanted T6 Caravelle LH sliding door sunblind

    I am looking for the LH (passenger) roller sunblind for our T6 Caravelle. Ours is slightly damaged and I could do with tidying it up. I think it is part number 7H5861313B (all I'm not 100% sure as I am finding to find Caravelle specific parts diagrams). It may be the same part as the T5 and...
  8. B

    Bed options for using front seats in Caravelle

    Afternoon all, I have a Caravelle conversion in my T6.1. We prefer to have the single seats for our 2 grandkids in the back rather than the 3 seater bench seat. This allows us to be able to walk through from front to back accessing kettle/toilet in the back. Occasionally the missus and I would...
  9. Andyman

    Caravelle curtains still unavailable

    Surprised to discover today that yet still Nobody has designed a decent set of blackout curtains for a caravelle the usual van x and similar are absolutely no good whatsoever, the far rear windows have nothing above them to screw or drill into to hold up the curtain other than the roof lining...
  10. B

    Fuel gauge and engine defective after refill

    Hi everyone, hope you can help please. I have a 2016 t6 caravelle and filled her up with diesel this evening along with 8 litres of ad blue as the dash was telling me to fill up a max of 9.5ltr of ad blue. Put the diesel in where the diesel is to go and also the ad blue where the ad blue is to...
  11. Andyman

    Sold MY2020 T6.1 Caravelle £48k

    Sadly reached the end of my tether with his whole new system, and heading back to a T6 So my girl is, Deep black Pearl, DSG 70 plate executive with the digital dash and big (horrible) infotainment system, Opening windows on electric side doors, and has done just shy of 15k miles, I bought her...
  12. Keredewor

    For Sale For Sale - Caravelle Executive Suspension - Brand New

    This suspension was removed from a brandnew Caravelle Executive this week by Bognor Motors. Front and rear complete, T30 variant, brand new, lowers a standard van by 30mm Collection only from HG5 area. 200.00 for the lot
  13. TheKeymeister

    My T5.1 Caravelle Project

    I thought I should probably document my journey somewhere...and this is the forum I come to the most for information, so why not... It's a 2012 T5.1 Caravelle, bought in December to replace my 2011 T5.1 panel van, expanding family, needed more seats and all that. Learnt from a year ish of...
  14. K

    Caravelle bed

    I’m looking at fitting one on the rail system in my next van. Question is, are they comfortable? Was thinking the factory VW one second hand full width. Any pros/cons or other brands you’d recommend? Definitely needs to be on a rail. Thanks !
  15. Gav s

    For Sale 2015 Caravelle Suspension

    Following the fitting of coil overs I now have my previous caravelle suspension for sale. It has done 30k miles when removed and is all in working order. Includes shocks and springs. Located in Sheffield. Pick up. open to offers, not looking for much and just want them to go to use.
  16. B

    Caravelle Heated Seats Problem

    Hi All, Just bought my first VW T6, a Caravelle 67 plate. I seem to have a problem where the passenger heated seat seems to be on HIGH regardless of setting. So setting 1, 2 and 3 seems to switch on full heat. I would say that it is almost hotter that the driver seat on full power...
  17. J

    awning rails... magnetic or fixed?

    Opinions please! Going camping in a week... left everything to last minute as usual. Have the kador which came with the awning but no way to attach it. Need a way to attach the awning for camping a few times a year. Have no roof bars as garage let me down but I've read that a magnetic...
  18. moodsterT6

    Caravelle Seating Options

    Anyone have thoughts or experience with removing the either the 2nd row captains single chairs or the 3 seater bench in a Caravelle? We need to increase storage, there is only 3 of us so we could remove the 3 seater bench which takes up alot of room or remove the 2 x single seats, slide the seat...
  19. T

    T6 2019 Caravelle auxiliary battery *♂️

    Hi, can anybody help me? Does a T6 2019 Caravelle an auxiliary battery, thanks
  20. F

    Factory leisure battery - powers what ?

    I have a multivan , caravelle in UK with the factory fit leisure battery. I looked in owners manual but must be blind as can't see what runs off the leisure battery apart from the parking heater. I had a search here without much success. I would assume the various lighter sockets?? I have...