1. DeadRandom

    Sold 17’ Cascavel alloys+excellent tyres

    For sale are my mint condition 2019 Caravelle exec 17inch Cascavel alloys with the black and diamond turned surface. They have no chips or curbs and in stunning condition. These come with Bridgestone Turanza 235/55 r17 103v tyres with excellent tread. Locking wheel nuts included. £500 also on...
  2. J

    Camping advice T6 Caravelle

    Hi! This is my first van, always camped with a car/ folding camper combo before. Wondering if anyone has successfully camped in a T6 caravelle with children (4 of them.... 9,9, nearly 2, nearly 1) or if it’s a bit too ambitious First off there’s the 4 chunky car seats to move each night if...
  3. M

    Caravelle boot lights

    Hi all, anyone know how to change boot light bulbs on a T6 Caravelle, does the lens just pop off, thanks in advance
  4. Dom76

    Flip down tv on caravelle ceiling

    Hi All, I’m picking up my new caravelle on Friday and the shopping list is currently being compiled, we have a couple of trips planned post lockdown and to keep the kids entertained I would like to install a tv / DVD player on the ceiling between front seats, firstly do you guys know if the...
  5. ChrisR

    Comfort Gloss-Black Dash Air-Vents

    Hi all, I want to change the dash vents in my Kombi for those that come with the comfort dash so that I get the separate wheel to close the vents. It’s bloody annoying having to adjust the vents every time you happen to close and then open them. Does anyone know part numbers and where I can...
  6. Skyliner33

    Caravelle threshold cover Part No.

    I am trying to order a Caravelle tailgate trim piece. However my local VW centre can only find the Kombi one. For s0me reason on his system the Kombi seems to come up for the caravelle. He says he needs a Caravelle reg number to look up the part. I cant find anywhere that seems to be selling...
  7. N

    Tow car awards: Caravelle 199

    Just thought it was interesting that the Caravelle LWB 199 FWD won the large tow car award in the 2021 Tow car awards. No 4motion ? And discuss....
  8. RyanGerry

    Caravelle door card compatibility

    Just about to purchase these for my edition, I take it they are straight swap?
  9. D

    Excessive tyre wear

    I have a Caravelle 2019 executive 204bhp and it seems to wear out tyres very quickly, i now have winter tyres on the front and the FNS in is basically falling to bits with pieces dropping off it....any advice as new to the forum ??
  10. Timmsy72

    Caravelle interior lights (metal clips)

    Anyone have any idea where I can get these small metal clips that hold in the rear interior lights??
  11. nickpmoody

    Caravelle head liner light removal

    Hi, I’d like to fit some LED lights into the factory light fittings on my T6 Caravelle. I just want to add some additional bulbs into the diffusers then run a cable down the B Pillar to my Leisure battery under the seat. The original bulbs will stay in place so the lights work with car doors...
  12. GingerPig

    Sold Caravelle Executive spring and damper full set

    Morning All, Changed my whole suspension to H&R coilovers and springs so selling the following: Standard Caravelle Springs Standard Caravelle Dampers
  13. GingerPig

    For Sale Caravelle Executive Full Black Interior

    Morning All, I am currently in the process of converting my caravelle to a camper so have removed the whole Interior right down to the aircon pipes under the van if you need any of the following let me know: Triple bed seats black leather(see photos) Single swivel seats black leather (2 off)...
  14. N

    Caravelle door cards etc

    Hi all, Desperate to start upgrading the interior of my high line to be less commercial. Firstly those horrid door cards need to become leather and brushed aluminium. Soft feel. May as well upgrade the speakers while the cards are off too. Q: anyone want to sell anything or recommend anyone to...
  15. nickpmoody

    Caravelle bench seat panels

    Anyone know what the panels at the bottom of the triple seat bench are called? I’ve broken the middle one and my Google-Fu has failed me for finding what they are called
  16. GingerPig

    Caravelle curtain airbag removal

    Evening all, I've just recently purchased a 2016 T6 caravelle 150bhp bluemotion and new to the forum. I am currently in the process of converting it to a camper. Complete rear rip out including curtain airbags, rear HVAC system etc... basically its a van now B post reward My question is...
  17. D

    Caravelle rail fitting

    Hello everyone Recently purchased a caravelle rail set up and bench, wondering if there is anyone recommended who could fit them for me in th Warrington/Manchester area? Thanks
  18. C

    Recall Notice 91Z5

    Just had a recall notice delivered by post to day. was waiting for me when I got home. Any one any ideas what it’s for ? 91Z5 it’s a 2018 Caravelle 204 DSG Exec ? Thanks
  19. Woodman

    Useless Information for Caravelle owners

    Hi all, a message to the Caravelle owners based on my previous experience of having one. Several years ago I owned a gorgeous metalic blue Caravelle SE with the 174 dsg. It was only an SE but still a great van. We used to drive to our Holidays in it with the 3 kids in the back and with the...
  20. Sackmycook

    Sold Caravelle at Lloyds Landrover Ripon

    My son works at Lloyds Landrover in Ripon. They've just got this in as a PX and, no, he isnt on commission. Just a heads up for anyone looking for one. My lad reckons its mint...