1. S

    For Sale 2020 T6.1 199PS DSG Caravelle Exec SWB. £57,000

    It is with a heavy heart I have to announce my Caravelle is for sale. I really don't have to and I'm in no rush but, I'd like to make the switch to the dark side and buy a larger family motorhome. Having cash in the pocket will make that much easier. 2020 (70 plate) T6.1 Exec SWB 199ps with...
  2. LambethBoy

    Wanted Caravelle rear cups holders parts

    One of my rear Caravelle cupholders has broken. It’s just a little plastic part on the side that has popped out. But the plastic is bent and cracked. I’m wondering if any of you guys have replaced yours maybe still have the parts sitting around? Thank you.
  3. C

    Arch trim with Shuttle doors

    Hi, anyone fitted arch trims with a Shuttle or Caravelle? Just wondering if the door will rub on the trim as they appear to stick out slightly.
  4. J

    No communication, boost pressure warning

    Hi all, First post, sorry to start with a disaster. And sorry in advance if I get terminology wrong - not mechanically competent at all. Love my SWB Caravelle 2L DSG. 2016 reg, had some minor issues with DPF needing regen and a replacement EGR before. But nothing as big as now - might not be a...
  5. P

    Caravelle with OEM Multiflex

    Hi all, Seems to be hard to find images of a Caravelle / Multivan with the OEM Multiflex board set up for sleeping. As it stands (without the board) I know I can fold the triple bench flat and the captains chairs too and then put a SIM or similar on top. If I have the multiflex board, will...
  6. 3crispies

    Caravelle rails fitters and confusion

    Been reading all the different threads on rails and fitting but before I take the plunge and buy a set of rails how can I tell exactly where they fit, seen mentioned holes in chassis but others look like there are clamps around chassis. Is there a reason converters arnt interested in fitting...
  7. V


  8. S

    Carista Central Electronics error

    2017 VW Transporter T6 Error 01838 Rader Interior Monitoring Control Module 2 (G305) This issue is linked to the alarm interior movement sensor. I have tested this by locking the car with me inside and moving around. I would expect to set the alarm off but nothing happens. The alarm fails to go...
  9. S

    Doorcard retrim help

    Good afternoon guys. One of my first posts so go easy on me. I've acquired some shuttle doorcards similar to the caravelle ones but without the chrome trim down the center. I've decided I'm going to retrim them with faux black leather on the bottom and do the center panel aubergine, we're...
  10. M

    For Sale 2004 T5 2.5TDi 130BHP Caravelle - Modified Conversion (California Roof). £16,500

    O.I.R.O £16,500 - Volkswagen T5 Caravelle S - 2.5 TDi 130 BHp 2003 - WX53 YTW - RHD - Reflex Silver 
5 Cylinder Diesel / 6 Speed Manual, 188,000 Miles / SWB / 7 Seats / 5 Doors Recently serviced (April 2022). Six months left on MOT (next due January 2023) 07779 711353 /
  11. K

    Sold 2017 Caravelle Executive Euro 6 204PS BiTDI DSG SWB. £36k

    VW Caravelle, Autotrader Included in price would be the VW Thule 3 bike rack and VW Vango Magra Tent with many accessories. If these aren't required price is negotiable. Link to autotrader advert above with all the info and all the pics. Any questions, happy to answer them. All the best, Kev
  12. moodsterT6

    ARB Air Compressor install T6 Caravelle

    Installed an ARB air compressor into our Caravelle. For years we’ve used a portable 12V compressor which served us well but having an semi permanent mounted one is awesome. I have 2 X 6M hoses so can reach all the tyres on the van, my wife’s car, the Caravan without needing to move the van. Can...
  13. jacobk

    12v outputs for factory fitted aux battery

    I have a 2016 Multivan (TDI, 204, 4motion, DSG, Highline, Dynaudio) with a factory fitted battery under the driver seat. The car has a aux heater, electrical sliding doors (both sides), electrical driver seat. I'm trying to figure out if the 12V socket in the trunk and next to the backseat of...
  14. dominic4

    Has anyone converter a shuttle bench to fit Caravelles Rails?

    I am in the process of converting my Shuttle to Caravelle but wondered if I could find a way of adapting Shuttle bench to fitting the rails. Has anyone ever tried this? (I have a bench seat cover to match my front but not covers for the two single seats. Thanks Dominic
  15. exesoundtech

    Sold Rugs for Bugs Caravelle Back Rug - £10

    For Sale - Rugs for Bugs Caravelle Back Rug - Luxury Black with Blue Edging - £10 This is the black Rugs for Bugs rug custom shaped to fit around the Caravelle rail system. We had it in the back of ours for 2 years, so is only in "fair" condition. There is a small melted patch, and some blue...
  16. SNACK

    204 Caravelle: Remap + KONI Special ACTIVE

    Considering a remap for our 204 Caravelle, but I have concerns that the factory suspension isn't up to the task, especially considering our vehicle is often loaded with five kids. Handling feels quite sloppy to me and nose diving under breaking is really noticeable. I believe the Executives are...
  17. Hoonigan_31

    Sold Caravelle seats, table, Floor and rails

    It’s time to let the Caravelle set go. The van is due in for full conversion in a few weeks. Its full set of VW Transporter caravelle in black leather Alacantara with floor and all the rails… £800 (for the pair) -GENUINE VW CAPTAINS SEATS X2 THAT SWIVEL £200 -GENUINE VW MULTIFUNCTION TABLE...
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  19. Crazymind

    Broken coil…on the double

    Don’t know if it’s just a coincidence but… Sunday I was driving down the motorway and I felt something was off with the van…pulling left as never before… I thought something wasn’t right from the first day I picked it up the 21st of April. I thought it was the cheap cinese tyres and replaced...
  20. nikster

    Conversion recommendations - south-west.

    Hi all I think we’re in the market now to move on from our lovely Beryl T6 Velle and go all out camper, starting to look around but thought I’d reach out to you guys to get the thoughts on who’s top notch nowadays. Have seen a lot of ‘we will source the van for you and convert‘ which obviously...