car net

  1. Dundrummin

    Car Net Renew, Worth It?

    I have got Car-Net connected (hotspot to my phone) and registered etc but being a 2nd hand van the contract has expired and it's asking for 70 quid to renew, my question is simply, is it worth it?
  2. F

    We Connect App - Purpose?

    I looked at the VW we connect app, and unless I'm missing something it only allows you to send navigation routes to the car.. Also Meant to be a health monitoring report which I can't get to work. What else is it meant to do?
  3. LambethBoy

  4. Dilbert

    Car-net: Anyone Actually Find It Useful?

    I setup my Car-Net account when the van was new but have not really found any great value in it. Mainly because it does not appear to work properly most of the time! :thumbsdown: The Vehicle health report only gets updated randomly even though I request an update and I know the head unit has...
  5. Mojo

    Mobile WiFi Recommendations

    Just wondering if the more technically minded of you might know if there is an advantage to using something like the VW car stick as opposed to the usual gadget that just plugs into your 12v power as supplied by all the big service providers (based on HUAWEI Balong B720). As the car stick plugs...
  6. Pauly

    SSP 562 - The T6 Infotainment & Car-Net 2016

    VW Self Study Programme, Document 562 - Infotainment and Car-Net in T6 2016 With the market launch of the Caddy 2016 and Transporter T6, the "Commercial Vehicles" brand is also entering the generation of the modular infotainment system (MIB). This means the customer will have the opportunity to...