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  1. C

    For Sale Amarok Cantera + 255/45/19. £765ono

    Hi, looking to advertise these on as different wheels will be coming next month. Genuine Cantera 19in wheels, I've run them for about 2000miles with no issues. They would benefit from a refurb, one wheel is like new but the others have some scrapes and marks. The tyres are 255/45/19 104 rated...
  2. M

    Wanted Vw 19" amarok cantera alloys

    After a complete set (ideally with transporter spec tryes) will consider without as well Close to stoke on Trent ideally but willing to travel or willing to post at a cost
  3. Jollyvan

    Found Amarok 19" Cantera Alloy

    Wanted 19" Cantera Alloy for Amarok. This is to replace stolen spare .
  4. Benh76

    Sold Cantera alloys with 98Y tyres. £900 ONO

    For Sale x4 Amarok Cantera 19" alloy wheels in silver, refurbished last year and ceramic coated. No horrible kerbs or damage. Fitted with Accelera 245/40/19 98Y tyres which have alot of tread and only fitted last year and completed approximately 2k miles (tyres manufactured 2022). Fully...
  5. Peatey

    Sold Bronze Cantera shod with 245/45/19 102Y

    Just gauging if there's any interest in these? I had these at the back of the garage and could only dig the one out when I was after my seat frame (that's for sale in another thread) so will dig the other 3 out later I had these sprayed bronze and had them fitted to my van for Camper Jam then...
  6. B

    Sold Cantera wheels (x5 or x4) + Michelin cross climate tyres

    Due to change to 20s I’m selling my Cantera 19” wheels. They were refurbed in satin ferrite grey around a year ago. I had 5 refurbed and one has not been used since. The 4 that were fitted have Michelin cross climate 255/45 r19 tyres, which work out at about 250 a corner. 3 are 104 load rated...
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  9. 1

    For Sale Cantera wheel swap?

    Potentially looking for a wheel swap can add cash for rite wheels . Tyres size is 255 45 19 to suit Transporters. Set of 4 genuine VW Cantera alloys 2 with Michelin pilot sport SUV, almost new tyres. 2 with Nexen Nfera su1 tyres very good tread Wheels are in very good condition Ideally...
  10. A

    Sold Single Cantera Alloy Wheel

    I have a single Cantera alloy wheel to sell thats been sat in my garage for a couple of years. I got a bit trigger happy on eBay and bought 5 !! It's in good condition with a few light marks that I've tried to show on the photos. £100 plus shipping or you can collect from HU14 post code...
  11. Benh76

    Found Cantera

    Hi, after a set of 19” Amarok Cantera alloys, interested in anyone who has some for sale. PM me. Thanks Ben
  12. teamfly

    Sold Cantera 19" set wheels

    I'm looking to sell a set of my 19" canteras . Need to raise funds to pay for daughters next race bike . They're silver original condition, pretty mint and been ceramic coated from new . £750 I'm in Inverness, north of Scotland, but could deliver as far as knockhill ( & maybe a bit further)...
  13. G

    Found 19” Cantera alloys

    Hi All, I looking to buy a set of cantera’s, not fussed about Color of condition (as long as they’re not bent) I also have a set of 20” Leighton LV1’s that I’d do a deal on for a set SOLD Thank you
  14. Dave Lawson

    Found Canteras/Navis Twin

    In silver, good condition, no refurb needed. Thanks
  15. Veedubd

    Cantera - Dynamic Centre Caps?

    Hi all, i have bagged myself a set of Canterras which are currently getting powdercoated in satin black, i also have a set of the VW dynamic centre caps but they are too small to clip into the wheel, has anybody come up with a solution to this? im thinking a small 3D printed reducer maybe pushed...
  16. B

    Spacer kit for Cantera wheels

    Can anyone point me in the direction of the spacer kit I would need for cantera wheels? Looking at others I think I will just be looking at bringing the rear out by 15mm. Assume I will need new bolts as well? I think it might be this one...
  17. t6blo

    Found WANTED - 19" Amarok Cantera Genuine VW Alloy Wheels

    Ideally in mint condition - not needing to be refurbed but will consider if they do have minor kerbing Not fussed about tyres - will consider with or without tyres Ideally Essex so I can come and collect them - will consider shipping Ta
  18. B

    Cantera Centre caps question

    Does anyone have the part number for the centre caps you need for canteras pls, and any suggestions of aftermarket ones that fit well? Ideally I want some satin ones that match my wheels. Some on Amazon but not sure how well they would fit? Also on van style it says wheels have to be removed to...
  19. B

    Found Cantera wheels

    I’m after a set of Canteras. Not a problem if a bit tatty as I’m going to get them redone in a non standard colour and would prefer to get cheaper ones than pay top dollar for mint and then have to pay to refurb anyway. Tyres not important either. I’m based in solihull so ideally somewhere...
  20. moomin-j

    Sold Canteras 245/45/19 - Facebook

    Nothing to do with me, but just seen these on Facebook Come with the correct sized tyres for a...