camper conversion

  1. Marty1872

    Clueless with Campervan!

    Finally took the plunge... waited for the right one as advised... and we are really pleased. Only problem is... we have no idea what we are doing!! Does anyone have any links for first time buyer videos to help show us how everything works? We have sussed the roof and the beds etc but don't...
  2. M

    Weight - -

    See all the folk saying ye don't need a T32 and that a T28 is perfectly fine, even with a conversion! We put ours onto a weighbridge yesterday on our way home from a week away. Gross weight came in at 3,180! We've got a LWB with a full conversion by Exploria (Reimo roof and VW Cali bed), and...
  3. True Romance

    Twin axle vw for sale OMG!

    well can't say I've seen anything like this? Its certainly different.
  4. Roberts

    T6 LWB Indium Grey - MTB Camper Build Thread

    Long time lurker but I have finally taken the plunge and got myself a T6 LWB from Salop Vans. They were great, very flexible and worked with me on what I wanted. I could not recommend them enough. Van is now a perfect base for what I want. Externally complete and internally very clean ready for...
  5. Oldrat

    Oldrat’s Crafter Camper has finally landed

    We bought this Crafter LWB superhigh Roof panel Van from VW as a demonstrator last November, well CV19 and a cancer operation meant that it took a lot longer to complete. It was converted by Richard of Rhales conversions, Oundle, Peterborough to our own design. It should soon also have new...
  6. dejansuc

    T6.1 4motion camper conversion

    Work in progress... Some pictures and thoughts about converting a brand new T6.1 furgon into campervan.
  7. Andyf

    Coilover recommendation for campervan.

    Hi all, I have a 102BHP T28 camper conversion It has had some cheap and not so nice coil overs fitted about two years ago So I’m looking to upgrade so to speak What can you recommend, cheaper end or dear end Looking for a bit of comfort but a lot less body roll if possible Looked at the...
  8. Dickieboy3

    My ‘bought just before lockdown’ van

    How's it look?
  9. Mark72

    SOLVED: Rear light problem

    Help My rear right indicator and the lower two bulbs for the rear light have stopped working all others are ok I have replaced the bulbs
  10. Barley53

    Power latching retrofit kit

    Hi, I'd like to get one of these kits for the side door from Pauly, has anyone installed this onto a fully converted t6 campervan? I'd like to know just how much dismantling is needed - I'm ok with removing trim and feeding wires etc, but if possible, I would prefer to avoid tearing up existing...
  11. czmate1999

    My T6 To Camper Thread...

    My VW Transporter and Conversion to Campervan Journey. Around six(ish) years ago I was camping with a friend at our usual campsite near Bodiam Castle. We go there several times every year in the summer to camp. On this particular occasion a family rolled up in a VW California – an amazing...
  12. IestynD

    My T5.1 Kombi - build thread.

    I thought it was time I updated this thread, I'll reference this thread in a number of other forum sections, for example the recommend a business one and maybe later the suspension one. So, if you have stumbled upon this from another a link... welcome, wherever I’ve put a link I’ve started that...
  13. G


    Totally thrilled with the full conversion with a side kitchen Slidepods have completed on my T6. Looks great, is well designed and totally practical. I highly recommend these guys. Jonny and the team are professional, friendly and have a great eye for detail. They advised on the best products...
  14. mommabear

    Vw T6 Camper By Momma Bears Adventure Company.

    LUNA £34,995. WE CAN NOW OFFER FINANCE. LUNA is brand new for 2020 - and she’s a beauty. Our customers know that we are a very small independent converter, who only produce a few vans per year and Luna is really special...
  15. K

    Campervan Conversions And Dvla ... Again

    Converting a vehicle into a motor caravan (motor home) QUOTE The body type does not affect the insurance category of the vehicle, or have any effect on speed limits or other legislative requirements. It is only used for establishing vehicle appearance and identification. It is important to...
  16. mommabear

    This Is Jayne - Satin Black

    Hi everyone - really really really small conversion company here so I though id say hello and show you my baby 'Jayne'. She's my own van and I'm really proud of the work I've done on her.
  17. MickW

    Insurance For A Camper Registered To A Limited Company

    Hi I have a 16 reg Converted T6 each year I struggle to get it insured other than Brentacre others are competitive until I state that the van is in our Ltd co name (just two director me and wifey) I’m retired and wifey heading that way but for vat reasons we ideally want to leave the van in the...
  18. K

    Rear Sag...(again)

    I have a converted T32 now running on 40mm cobra springs all round and it suffers from rear end sag. Without going straight to the B14 route has anyone tried just refitting the original springs back onto the rear to try and level things up again?
  19. M

    Project Wynona

    How did we get here??? We decided some years back when planning a family that we would not holiday abroad when the kids are young, with that in mind we made the decision to buy a 8 man tent and go camping in the summer months which we did with all the baby gear two cars etc, never even used an...
  20. M

    New To Forum

    Hello all, been trolling through the forum for over a year now, found it very useful when we decided to purchase a t6 to convert into a camper, so I thought nows the time to say hello and post a few pics of “Wynona” our self build van. Conversion took 7 months to finish and we...