camper conversion

  1. mommabear

    Bulkhead Left In?

    Anyone got a camper with the bulkhead left in? Id be interested to see what you've done with it/how you've done it. Im interested in doing a conversion with it in and although I've got an idea, be cool to see others. thanks dudes
  2. Keaney

    Warranty claims after camper conversion

    just wondering if anyone has had any issues with Vw if claiming under warranty, e.g on the engine or running gear after they have had a custom camper conversion? Are Vw ok with it or does making the conversion make the warranty exempt
  3. V

    T6 TSI Petrol am I mad?

    Hi, new to the vwdub world and about to take the plunge intoT6 ownership and will be going for a camper conversion. Im actually meant to be picking a 2019 TSI up next week.... question is, am I mad going for petrol? Everyone seems to want diesel. The T6 will be out main driver. However, I...
  4. M

    Do I need an inverter?

    I'm in the process of spec'ing camper conversion and I need a bit of advice please. I have a T6 Kombi that I plan on fully converting in 2 stages: Stage 1 is roof, insulated, carpeted, electrics (2 x 12v sockets, 2 x USB points, 2 x 240v sockets, 4 x LED spot, 2 x led reading lights, dimmer...
  5. TimC66

    Ride Comfort

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is a suspension issue or wheel/tyre issue. I find the ride quite hard in my camper, feel every bump in the road and every surface change. The rear feels like a pogo stick and after having a friend follow behind he confirmed that is what it looks like too. The camper...
  6. Thepropertyguy

    Best Insurer for a Camper

    Hey everyone, brand new to this forum and also a complete newbie in the campervan world. Was very lucky to have just won a VW T6 camper van and looking for some advice on insuring it. I already have a vehicle insured so was wondering the best way and if anybody knows any decent companies to use?
  7. E

    Where to Start

    Hi Newbie here so bear with me. managed to get my hands on a 6.1 panel van that I’ll have in a week or two intend to do a fair bit myself but will leave cutting to the professionals. So question is logically seems poptop and windows will be right place to start. Unless someone can tell me I’m...
  8. S

    Shuttle camper conversion?

    Hi guys, I’m looking at popping my VW Transporter cherry and have been trawling the net and eBay to find my perfect one. Ideally I want a lwb with tailgate and mfsw, which at sometime in the future I’ll be converting into a camper. I think I’ve now found the right one, but it’s a shuttle and...
  9. RobT6

    My T6 galley-layout conversion

    Hi all. Been lurking a while, but thought maybe time to actually post. I have a 2017 T6 SWB, 4 motion DSG, 204ps, with sliding doors both sides, and had it converted early this year by Three Bridge conversions in MK, quite pricey but did a really good job. It's a rear kitchen layout with the...
  10. R

    hello! Newbie looking for van conversion guides

    Hi Folks, what you having at the Virtual bar ?? Could you point me in the direction of any guides on what order i should convert the van in please ? Pop top first ? then ? thanks
  11. R

    Factory Drivers Swivel Seat & Camper Conversion

    Hi Finally pressing the button on a t6.1 today. Dealer was pretty good and went through my chosen spec. Originally I’d gone for the double passenger seat, but he suggested most camper speccers opt for a single passenger swivel seat and a swivelling driver seat. I’ve researched that now and...
  12. L

    For Sale TSI DSG Kombi

    Hi I have decided to sell t6 68 plate Dec 2018 204TSI White DSG Original Factory Combi I paid for a every upgrade I could Cruise adaptive control comfort pack Xenons elec sides doors boot lock Heated seats media pack iPhone hookup Fog lights sat Nav stereo lowered mint condition except 20inch...
  13. S

    Gas Bottle Location

    HI All I've nearly completed my T6 conversion. one question i have is the battery, fuse box, and charger are located in the rear of the van in a cupboard only accessible from the rear doors and then pushed as far into the cupboard so is near the rear middle of the van. the only location i can...
  14. N

    2019 Shuttle conversion to campervan

    I am a newbie to the conversion process. I have a 2019 LWB DSG shuttle and I will be converting it over the next 6-9 months. I have arranged and booked a Pop top fitting but any advice on the best order to complete things, will be very much welcomed.I would like to know what I can be doing...
  15. D

    Converting my Shuttle to a Camper

    Hi guys I'm new here I have just bought a t6 shuttle my plan is to turn it into a camper first I want to up my spec as my van is a SE I would like some advice on buying and fitting a reverse camera and sensors and multifunction steering please ?
  16. True Romance

    Fiat Ducato motorhome crash test video, scary!

    not sure if this has been posted before but pretty scary how the inside fell apart.
  17. Vinci

    Van ride awful. Will swamping help?

    Admittedly the quality of roads in North East Somerset is shocking, and my van is a van with original van tyres, but the noisy ride and rattling SCA roof means that sometimes people can’t hear me on the hands free phone. Will swamping it with new shocks, smaller wheels and big doughnut tyres transfo
  18. boxer750

    Screwing down the furniture

    I've looked at the few vids that I can find about fixing furniture into the van I've seen right angle brackets and those plastic things that lock together and get bolted. I am about to embark on this if I decide not to do the Kombi thing with some kind of slidepods, and assemble every night...
  19. Andyr12

    Should I wait - lower now or once converted?

    Hi guys as always a little bit of advice please. I want to lower around 40/50mm although comfort is a priority rather than out and out performance as long term I intend to convert to a camper. As funds and time are short at the minute my dilemma is if I get the optimum set up and appearance...
  20. Superowls

    Kombi camper conversion

    Hi all, I have bought my 1st Transporter this week & am intending to convert it to a part camper It's a 2017 T6 Highline 150 T32 I spent quite a while trying to find one in the right spec as a good base for conversion and eventually found one with the engine & gearbox that I wanted, tailgate...