1. N

    Front facing camera on a aftermarket head unit

    Hi there We would like to fit a front facing camera to our 2016 T6 Startline camper conversion. Currently we have a reversing camera, which I installed, connected to our Sony CarPlay head unit which we want to keep. The head unit has a Canbus module to provide power and the camera power feed...
  2. Howzat

    James Bond style reversing camera.

    So I'm having a mooch on the interweb for bits to stick on my van and I come across this. In action = YouTube OK, so not for a transporter and probably not doable but yeah, I still want one. :inlove:
  3. Mikeylar

    Front Parking Camera.... Aftermarket Retrofit

    Hi. Does anyone have any experience of retrofitting a front parking Camera and feeding it to the existing head unit that the factory fitted rear camera goes to? I'm asking whether this is a feasible option rather than about the actual practicality of doing it as I'm OK with that sort of thing...
  4. C

    Retrofit Oem Reversing Camera - East Midlands

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a company or person within the East Midlands / Nottingham area who can retro fit the VW reversing camera in my T6. Thank you in advance for your help!
  5. Gareth1

    Reverse Camera Mount

    Hi Does anybody have any photos of their reverse camera installed on their T6? I have a T6 and would rather not cut the vehicle to install. Looking for a decent number plate light mounted one. Any pics / specs appreciated
  6. Alan Croft

    Front Facing Camera

    Hi all, I’ve got the rear parking sensors and rear camera fitted on mine as standard (sadly the dealer didn’t put the extra option for the fronts on when they spec’d it). Wondered if anyone has ever fitted a forward facing camera in the front grille area rather than the sensors? Ta