1. P

    Gland to fit Tailgate hinge hole.

    Hiya. I'm in the process of fitting a solar panel to my pop-top roof. Does anyone know an appropriate IP68 glad that will fit in the existing tailgate holes at the rear of the van? Thanks
  2. C

    Tailgate hinge bungs - part number?

    Hi where can i find 2 plugs to cap tail gate hinge holes for my T6 Kombi?
  3. S

    Driver seat floor bung

    Hi, Anyone if VW do a proper rubber bung to pass cables through the floor under the drivers seat and passenger seats on a T6 ? Thanks Stuart
  4. Ads_Essex

    Floor / Chassis Bungs - Cable-run.

    Am I making this up or would I be correct in saying you can run cable out of the bung where the sliding door isn’t (those with single-sliders - I’m talking about the space between the B and the C pillars) via one of these holes: I’ve had a look with one of those snake cameras...
  5. S

    Electric Hook Up (EHU) beside towbar?

    Iv just has my van converted and with to move the hook up connection. At moment it hangs below the sills mid side of van. This will cause probs with water when driving across country. Iv looked at various ideas and best I see is next to Toe Bar. Their is already hook up for trailer lights. Would...