1. Ozcat

    Sold Devonport Alloys with Bridgestone Tyres £390

    Set of 4 Devenport alloy wheels with Bridgestone tyres, center caps and bolts. They were taken off my van having covered about 5k miles from new. There is about 5-6mm tread left on the tyres. The wheels and tyres are all in excellent condition with the exception of one small mark (see close up...
  2. R

    For Sale 16 inch Bridgestone duvaris on steel wheels

    Hi there guy's I have these Bridgestone duvaris from a new t6.1 there load rated for all vans including the t32. looking for £200 for them . there over £100 each in this size and have decent reviews too. They are 205/65/16c and are 16 inch steel wheels.and 107/109 rated.they come with centre...
  3. Higgidav

    Sold Cascavel Wheels & Tyres £700

    I’ve now fitted my winter wheels and fancy a change next spring so my Cascavel’s are up for sale. 2 wheels fitted with nearly new Michelin Crossclimate SUV tyres both with approx 7mm tread remaining. 2 wheels fitted with Bridgestone Turanza ER300 tyres both with approx 6mm tread remaining...
  4. T

    Sold free 17 inch tyres now with pictures

    2x bridgestone Potenza 001 235/55/17 4/5mm one been repaired - 1x royal rain 235/55/17 - 4/5 mm - 2x goodyear cargo vector 4/5mm 215/60/17 all 103 or above load rated tyres pictured top to bottom in order as above
  5. R

    ‘Passenger’ car tyres but rated 103?

    Bit confused, I have a T6.1 campervan and want All Season tyres. I understand the load rating for my van is 103 and must be XL. I've seen the new Bridgestone All Weather Evo tyres and my size 255/45/R18s are rated 103Y XL - however they state they are Passenger car tyres. As these are rated 103...
  6. $immo

    Sold New 19" Bridgestone Dueler Tyres

    I've just purchased some 19" Amarok alloys that will eventually be going on my T6. They came as part of a tyre/wheel deal from a dealer looking to sell these after a customer upgrade. I'm changing the tyres to a lower profile (45's), so these tyres will be going on eBay once changed over. If...