1. G00seman

    Bridgestone a005 EVO All Weather 255/40/19 -

    I had to replace all of my tyres in december (255/40 r19) and after much research and deliberation I went with Bridgestone a005 EVO All weather. They are super grippy in wet cold weather (at least 8 months of the year in the UK) really noticeable difference in stopping distance. Also they have...
  2. A

    Bridgestone potenza

    Long story, but had bought Goodyear eagle asymmetric 5’s but apparently Halfords haven’t got any more. I’ve been offered Bridgestone potenza s007 instead. Have to say great price for 255/40/20 101. £160 e.a fitted. Anyone got any real world with these tyres? I’ve always had Goodyears. So...
  3. S

    Bridgestone Duravis All Season

    Anyone got these? Opinions? Look like a possible alternative to the Agilis CrossClimate.
  4. D

    Excessive tyre wear - 17” Bridgestone All-Weather Control

    I have a Caravelle 2019 executive 204bhp and it seems to wear out tyres very quickly, i now have winter tyres on the front and the FNS in is basically falling to bits with pieces dropping off it....any advice as new to the forum ??
  5. Ozcat

    Sold Devonport Alloys with Bridgestone Tyres £390

    Set of 4 Devenport alloy wheels with Bridgestone tyres, center caps and bolts. They were taken off my van having covered about 5k miles from new. There is about 5-6mm tread left on the tyres. The wheels and tyres are all in excellent condition with the exception of one small mark (see close up...
  6. R

    Sold 16 inch Bridgestone duvaris on steel wheels

    Hi there guy's I have these Bridgestone duvaris from a new t6.1 there load rated for all vans including the t32. looking for £200 for them . there over £100 each in this size and have decent reviews too. They are 205/65/16c and are 16 inch steel wheels.and 107/109 rated.they come with centre...
  7. Higgidav

    Sold Cascavel Wheels & Tyres £700

    I’ve now fitted my winter wheels and fancy a change next spring so my Cascavel’s are up for sale. 2 wheels fitted with nearly new Michelin Crossclimate SUV tyres both with approx 7mm tread remaining. 2 wheels fitted with Bridgestone Turanza ER300 tyres both with approx 6mm tread remaining...
  8. T

    Sold free 17 inch tyres now with pictures

    2x bridgestone Potenza 001 235/55/17 4/5mm one been repaired - 1x royal rain 235/55/17 - 4/5 mm - 2x goodyear cargo vector 4/5mm 215/60/17 all 103 or above load rated tyres pictured top to bottom in order as above
  9. R

    ‘Passenger’ car tyres but rated 103?

    Bit confused, I have a T6.1 campervan and want All Season tyres. I understand the load rating for my van is 103 and must be XL. I've seen the new Bridgestone All Weather Evo tyres and my size 255/45/R18s are rated 103Y XL - however they state they are Passenger car tyres. As these are rated 103...
  10. $immo

    Sold New 19" Bridgestone Dueler Tyres

    I've just purchased some 19" Amarok alloys that will eventually be going on my T6. They came as part of a tyre/wheel deal from a dealer looking to sell these after a customer upgrade. I'm changing the tyres to a lower profile (45's), so these tyres will be going on eBay once changed over. If...