1. Nigel W

    Sold 2016 DSG LWB Bilbo’s Celex Camper. £45k

    I am selling my June 2016 Bilbo’s Celex camper LWB, DSG with the 150 engine. it was built on a top spec chassis with every option box ticked so it has virtually everything and much too long to list here. Bilbo’s also added a Fiamma awning, diesel heating, swing out table and extra sockets. I...
  2. M

    Worst Fear Witnessed On The Motorway Today...

    ... Always check your straps folks! :cry: I've added zip ties to mine to prevent the same. Roof flew open at 60mph. Ripped to pieces. I would of stopped to help but I was in a rush picking my daughter up from school.
  3. maxdefrost

    Bilbo’s Celex 150 TSI petrol tour report

    Recently our existing Bilbo’s conversion headed back to the factory for an additional awning rail (It has double sliding doors) to divert the rain drops from creeping in when you open the door. Due to some rather unfortunate luck with Bilbo’s incoming electrical power supply our poor van (and...