battery drain

  1. Iany1954

    Permanent battery charger leading to Quiescent Current error code

    Several days ago I fitted a permanent battery charger connection to the starter battery (directly across the terminals). I now have a CTEK MXS5.0 connected permanently while parked up at home. This keeps the starter battery fully charged and as it’s ’intelligent’ should not cause battery...
  2. revdecal

    Advice - charging battery when not in use.

    Looking at buying a 2nd vehicle so my T6 will not necessarily be my daily driver. I will probably keep it at work but it won't be near a power supply to keep the battery topped up. Any ideas on the best way to keep it charged or isolate the battery so it won't de charge when not in use? cheers
  3. D

    Leisure battery expected drain

    Evening all, hope those that can are taking advantage of the fine camper weather ☀️ I've just installed 2 x 120ah AGM Advance leisure batteries in my camper. I also bought a quicklynks BM2 monitor to help keep an eye on their health. When I first installed the batteries they were showing a...
  4. Y

    Start Battery Drain - Sorry yet Another Thread.

    Having read many threads on here, none seem to replicate my current issue. Having checked the drain on the battery with the multi-meter I am seeing a 1.2amp reading. If I remove the radio 30amp fuse this drops to 0.17amps. To further complicate the matter, I have recently noticed that if I...
  5. nikster

    Battery drain

    Our 2017 204 T6 Caravelle has battery drain issues, it’s been in the garage for a week with various tests and components removed/replaced to find the source but they have given up and said I need to find an electrician that specialises in such things. They thought they had slowed the drain by...
  6. C

    Parasitic draw from AdBlue heater

    Hi everyone, I have a parasitic draw on my T6 battery. Now found the fuse causing the draw c43 looking to be the ad blue heater? Can anyone help with this? Since I unplugged this fuse the draw on the battery has completely gone down. Any advice would be great please. Thank you
  7. D

    Battery drain (sorry, another thread)

    Hello I have browsed through other threads on the same theme, but looking for help with battery drain. When I picked the van up 1 month ago, the battery was flat. Jump started and it has been 'fine' since (although I was driving along one dat and noticed the red battery light on the dash). Last...
  8. Glennpea123

    Flat Vehicle battery [Resolved]

    Transporter T6 Hi all, my battery has gone flat again. It was new a few weeks ago because old one was old and kept going flat, now this new one has. Put on charge this morning and alarm came on and i couldn't turn it off..eventually stopped. Am i doing something wrong with how I leave the PMS...
  9. D

    Leisure battery issue

    Hi, brand new to this forum and also a brand new owner of a 2020 T6, converted by Leighton Vans. I bought this van for work purposes, a couple of weeks ago I lived out of my van for 7 days straight with no issues at all, I did not plug into mains as I have a solar panel and that seemed to be all...
  10. K

    Van Battery Issue

    Hello, My T6.1 starter battery shows as low (with a warning to drive the vehicle) after being at a campsite for ~4 nights. However, I can leave it parked outside the house for a few weeks & have no battery issue. I’ve checked that there are no internal lights on in the cab (doors etc), but...
  11. D

    Battery voltage 12.02 after 2 days of standing (ok its been cold)

    Hello i have noticed that intermittently that my van seems like it is struggling to turn over. This morning i opened the victron app and it stated the current going into my dc dc charger for the leisure battery was at 12.02v which is low. initially the van would not start while only just turning...
  12. Pidsley

    Which Battery health monitor and drain monitor

    Could any one recommend a starter battery monitor that also checks the real life drain on the battery. (assuming this exists in a single peice of kit I'm trying to isolator a parasitic drain off my starter battery. TIA
  13. D

    T6.1 Battery Drain

    HI, I have a problem with battery drain on my T6.1 that the VW garage says is normal. I have a dashcam which is constantly powered and it seems to be draining the battery after around 2-3 days of being unused. I had the same dashcam in my Audi previously and it was never an issue so why should...
  14. S

    Battery drain issue [Resolved]

    I seem to have a battery drain on my 2016 T6 150 highline as it struggles or fails to start after about 6-7 of not being used. Firstly I believed it to be the battery, so had a brand new AGM battery installed and coded to the van but again after 6-7 days I’m getting the same issue. It appears to...
  15. N

    Battery Drain - how to find it?

    Hi all - looking for some help please. 2018 2.0 TDCI T6 - Leave the van for a few days and the battery is duff. VW have already changed the battery under warranty so its not a dead battery. Something is causing a drain. What is the best way to see what is causing the problem? Can you speed it...
  16. Tsixty

    OEM interior light locations

    Does anyone have a picture of the inside roof panel of a factory LWB Kombi that shows exactly where the two original interior lights are in the roof? My van had LED spotlights installed when I purchased it that aren't connected in any way to the standard interior lighting circuit. I cannot find...
  17. K

    Starter battery draining and dead after a few days [Resolved]

    Hi, I'm at a loss, I've had a new starter and leisure battery installed in the past year and have a B2B Victron Smart Charger, which should be set-up correctly, but I've left my van for a week to find that the starter battery is down to 5 volts. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what I...
  18. D

    Battery Drain - help!

    I have a factory fitted AGM battery on my T6.1 and I've noticed recently that the volts are dropping by up to 0.2V per day. My set up is a 75 amp AGM leisure battery with Redarc DC-DC (to bypass the smart alternator) and PU 170w solar panel, a feed for my Sergent with isolation switch, direct...
  19. K

    T6 low battery after only a couple of days

    Hi, I've been having various problems with my starter battery over the past year and am not sure what to do next. The 2016 van was converted and a VSR was installed by the chap who did the conversion, which I've come to realise isn't suitable for a van with a Euro 6 engine. I replaced the...
  20. R

    Battery(ies) flatten after adding 12volt socket direct to leisure batt

    Hi, I have a 2017 T6 with a factory fit leisure battery under the passenger seat and I recently wired up a combined USB, 12V socket and volt meter with a switch to the rear cabin area. I connected this directly to the leisure battery with an inline fuse (both positive and negative were direct...