battery drain

  1. Jimmi

    Battery draining on T5

    My friend has an 04 T5 she bought while renovating her house to move stuff about and still has it 5 years later. Apparently it keeps draining batteries, a local guy told her it’s the interior light causing the problem and “fixed it” but the fault has returned. Any ideas what this could be? I...
  2. Ann3x

    Starter Battery Wiring - VW Disagreement

    Interesting one. I've had a few problems with my starter battery discharging (its a Varta, not a Moll so thats not the issue!). Basically my battery goes flat after around 5-7d inactivity. Thats pretty short imo. This was an issue before lockdown and is not just due to the extended hiatus. I've...
  3. HHO

    Parasitic Battery Drain

    Hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Has anyone had a parasitic battery drain on their van? Just had a new battery on mine and it’s draining after standing for 3 days. Are there any known troublesome components to target before starting to pull individual fuses ? My original battery (Varta)...
  4. D

    Solar Panel

    Hi all, noticed that because my van, t6, 2017, is parked on the drive most of the time, especially the last month, for obvious reasons, after about a week the battery goes flat and won't start the engine! I have given it a good discharge and recharge with my ctec, this defo helped keep the...
  5. Timr

    Starter Battery-upgrade?

    Has anyone fit a larger starter battery or can they be upgraded to say agm instead of the efb. I'm already on my second VW battery. It has the varta after the moll was changed. I seem to get 9 months and they die due to it been a low use camper. Van's great except these batterys.
  6. Josh Corps

    Battery Fault

    Hi all, I've been having trouble with my battery discharging if the vehicle is not being used. Takes about to weeks to go flat. I've taken it in as it's covered under warranty and they have come back and said that because it's a new type of van the alternator doesn't charge that battery anymore...
  7. Vinci

    Moll Battery Woes Continue

    Update Yesterday , having driven couple of dozen or so miles, I stopped or some milk, and bleh, nothing. Gave Heritage a bollocking, although not their fault as they have to play VW’s game, regarding replacing the battery. So, nice recovery guy came out an hour after calling VWAssist, and...
  8. K

    Faulty Battery Farce

    Ever since the weather turned cooler my July '17 Transporter has struggled starting and during December the battery went flat twice after the van stood unused for 2 days. This progressed to it failing to start outside a customer's house after standing for 8 hours. My nearest Vw dealer is 8...
  9. Johnod17

    Flat Battery

    Just had the VW assist out as we have been away for one week and the battery on my van was dead as a dodo . Tried to jump of another two batteries in parallel but would not even crank,also put on my other van and the same. The battery fitted is a Varta not a Moll,VW assist engineer says that...
  10. Vinci

    Odd Battery Behaviour

    I had driven the van from Wells 20 or so miles to my elderly dad’s house, another couple to the local town for his shopping, and parked up. On his return, bleh, battery. Dead. VW assist were great, and the AA were on their way. Did try it again over the next half hour, nothing. Five...
  11. S

    Breakdown, Flat Battery?

    Currently sat in a cold van waiting for VW to send someone to help me. It appears the battery has gone flat and now the van won’t start. I was sitting in the van (engine off but ignition turned so radio playing) waiting for a friend for about 30 mins (40 max) and got a message saying ‘12v...
  12. Keaney

    Parasitic Draw Of Battery

    looks like I have a parasitic draw in my battery of 0.05amps it sounds like a acceptable amount is 0.02amps. Does anyone know if that’s right? Anyway started looking at the fuses and found if I remove the SC47 turn and brake light fuse it drops down to 0.02amps. Anyone know if this is right...
  13. Captain Backfire

    Leisure Battery - Dead

    Just come back from 10days holiday and it seems that everything connected to my leisure battery isn’t working. I have extra lighting in the back x8, USBs x4, 12v sockets x2 and a dash cam thinkware F800 Pro (front and rear) all connected. All bar the dash cam were off. The camera is connected to...
  14. J

    Battery And Internal Lights / Dash Panel

    Had my van for a few months now and noticed it I don't drive it for a few weeks the battery does lose charge (barely started last week). Anyway, though the van is on the drive I am often in and out of it. I noticed the internal lights and dashboard display light up whenever I open a door (and...
  15. Stripy

    Flat battery

    Hi peeps I haven't used the t6 for a month except for moving it on the drive a fortnight ago to wash it, jumped in it today and the battery was flat only showing 10.6v. It's a full camper with a solar panel, the leisure battery had 12.9 v, I take it the split charge only works one way? Do you...
  16. mhill

    Battery Regulator

    Anyone able to shine any light on this? Address 61: Battery Regul. Labels: 1K0-907-534.clb Control Module Part Number: 7E0 907 534 HW: 7E0 937 090 Component and/or Version: Batt.regelung H80 0736 Software Coding: 330B1A73 Work Shop Code: WSC 02739 790 00000...