1. Dave F

    FREE B14 spacers

    Had these made from high grade SS to lift the B14 I had fitted as it was sitting to low. I decided to change the hole system to koni/ HR so have these sitting around. P&P cost only spacers only
  2. Tickz

    Bilstein B14 rear springs snapped.....Again!!

    Hi All i have a t6 t30 150 dsg highline kombi that i use for work. i had it lowered a using b14 kit, all professionally installed back in early 2018. In jan 2019 it was noticed that the rear springs had 'snapped'- lowest coil on the rears had snapped. I heard a big clunk after going over one of...
  3. L

    Sold Bilstein B14’s T28/30

    Bilstein B14 Coilovers. Used but great condition, only fitted for around 1year / 3k miles. All adjuster rings move freely Good working order and great condition. Adjusting ‘C’ spanner’s included £650 Collection Only please. Derby area.
  4. T6 dork

    For Sale Bilstein B14 Brand New never used T30 £900

    as above £900 cost me £1100 brand new never fitted in box pm for pics or phone number cheers
  5. DaveF

    B14's - rear shocks need replacing....what can I use?

    Hi all, My rear B14's have decided to part company with their bushes and they'll need to be replaced. I believe you can't buy just the rear shocks for these so I'd have to buy a full new set!!! Has anyone else managed to solve this with use different rear coilovers? MOT due in 2 weeks!!!
  6. P

    Wanted B14s t32

    Hi does anyone want or have b14s for sale for t32 Thanks
  7. 5teve

    For Sale Bilstein B14 T28/30

    1 year old/about 12000 miles use. Good condition - can take pictures if required. Based in Kent £550
  8. The Ham

    B14 but which?

    T30 or T32?
  9. D

    Sold Bilstein B14

    Hi Guys I am putting up for Sale my 8 Month old Bilstein B14,s. I had them fitted by Vanstyles to my 67 T6 T28 camper conversion back in Feb/March at a cost of £1200. I have probably covered about 700miles with them as my van is not a Daily driver and due to Covid restrictions we haven't really...
  10. The Ham

    Sold B14's new T30/T28

    Brand new B14's for sale, bought about 8 months ago and never fitted, still in packaging. Suit T30 and T28 I think. not T32. looking for £850. don't really wanna post and am based in Hastings,East Sussex
  11. D

    Softer ride than my current B14’s

    Hi, Had the bilstein B14,s fitted to my T6 T28 SWB back in Feb, was reasonably happy with them, then the misses decided she wanted to be included on the insurance, and to start driving it. First thing she mentioned is she thought the ride was harsh and uncomfortable, which i must admit, so did...
  12. Dave F

    Changing B14’s for H&R

    I am going to Chang my 2 year old B14s for the H&R set up that CRS Performance are using. Like I say my set up is 2 year old but the rear springs are only 3 months old as are the adjusters. The only reasons I am changing is due to needing a heavier spring for the rear. I thought it would be best...
  13. Dave F

    Sold BILSTEIN B14 T30 full kit 2 year old £600

    I am looking sell my B14s full kit front and back as I’m changing my full set up due to towing a large caravan and going to T32. The kit was purchased in December 2018. I snapped a rear springa A couple of months ago So I got 2 new springs and 1 adjusters (thanks to Bognor motors ) but I’m still...
  14. ChrisR

    The Pursuit of Suspension Happiness

    Yep, it's another suspension thread and it's a fairly long winded one, but...... It's time to move on from my B14s. It's important that I choose well this time, mainly because it's fairly expensive, but also because whatever I end up choosing will form part of the catalogue of upgrades I'll be...
  15. Bobbych

    T6.1 - B14s just fitted.

    Just picked up My 6.1 having had B14s fitted and lowered. I'm very happy with the look and the service from Corten Miller performance tuning in South Lincs.
  16. S

    T6.1 - Bilstein B14 Coilovers and ACC

    When lowering a T6.1 on coilovers, do you need to get the adaptive cruise control adjusted? In addition who is doing the best deal on Bilstein B14's?
  17. M

    B14 Komfort

    Having my new van delivered today! Going straight to garage for wheels and the new Komfort Bilsteins. My garage say they haven’t fitted these yet and are excited to see the difference over standard Bils. I’ll post pic and a verdict next week.
  18. J

    B14 bottoming out

    Hi I’m really hoping someone can help Just had B14s fitted to t6 and the garage has put them on there highest setting but there still too low, I only need them to come up a little bit more I don’t want to lower the front any more, so I just want it too sit level now, I carry a fair bit of...
  19. Ollyphd

    Front springs twangs!

    Hi all I’ve just bought a new van, 67 plate 10k miles, brand new Stance ultras fitted. Problem is I seem to get a lot of spring noise at low speed, pulling of drive etc. Is this normal or is there a problem?? Thanks
  20. rio

    T6 Multivan Lowered Daily Campervan 2019

    Hi Mates My name is Maciek, from Poland. (Sorry for my english ;) ) Last year I bought a Vw T6 Multivan (Caravelle in UK) 2.0 TDI 150HP 4 motion It looked like this after the purchase: I made several modifications and conversion to daily campervan. - A box with drawers with a stove, sink...