1. Montecha

    Sold Used Bilstein B14 Kit for T32

    Back up For Sale, as sadly the deal fell through last minute. As my van‘s become more of a Camper, I’ve found I need a higher ride height, so I’ve just taken the Bilstein B14 kit off. The kit is for a T32, it’s 3 years old, probably about 25k miles - not much of that in the last 18 months. My...
  2. Montecha

    Sold Used Bilstein B14 T32 Kit

    As my van‘s become more of a Camper, I’ve found I need a higher ride height, so I’ve just taken the Bilstein B14 kit off. The kit is for a T32, it’s 3 years old, probably about 25k miles - not much of that in the last 18 months. My van was a Kombi daily driver, so not carried load at all. The...

    Sold Bilstein B14 - T32

    Hi all, looking to sell my b14s as I move to a set of solows. they've covered around 25k miles! currently still on the van, and I plan on swapping the suspension out on 21st of august, and I will be down south west when it happens travelling back to Lincolnshire that weekend. im looking for...
  4. Stu1974

    Sold Bilstein B14’s full set late 2020 T32. £700.

  5. W

    Another Bilstein B14 rattle

    Hi everyone, So I’ve had a really annoying rattling coming from the rear of my T6 since the day I got it, already fitted with a B14 kit. Having a bit of a read through the similar threads on here I fitted some oem shocks to see if the rattle stopped, which it did. I also noticed the shocks have...
  6. LambethBoy

    Swapping out B14s?

    Has anyone swapped out there B14s for something else and seen an improvement? My T32 has been on B14s for nearly 3 years. H&R arbs, 20” rims 265/40 tyres but it can sound a bit crashy at times and I’m not sure if that’s down to the weight of the van and the caravelle set up in the back...
  7. Jon

    Sold Bilstein B14's for T32

    I have reluctantly taken off my B14's as my use of the van has changed. Nothing wrong with them at all they have done 25k miles and are 3 years old. They have not done much work as my van rarely carries any weight. Everything is there to bolt straight on. They were wax oiled when installed, I...
  8. kn0bby

    B14’s better ride when loaded

    So need to get my van riding better.. I have B14s as low as they will go. I was on 20’s, now on banded 18’s 255/45. Was told it would ride better but it’s almost worse. When loaded at the rear 100-200kgs above the rear axles it rides so much better. Before I go raising the suspension a bit...
  9. Ned Kelly

    Sold T32 Bilstein B14's For Sale REDUCED to Shift £450

    Fitten by Bognor Motors March 2019 removed them for Air Jan 2021 Milage under 14,000 £450 collection NW London or Post +£30
  10. F2JON

    Sold Bilstein b14’s t30

    Removed yesterday due to having solow coil overs, they were fitted in October 2018 and only covered 5,000 miles if that, all the adjusters have been freed, as you can see from the photo’s I had to buy a new rear spring(£85) as when they were removed one was snapped. Collection or arrange your...
  11. JimVee

    Sold Bilstein B14’s front and rear shocks

    Taken the B14’s off my 2016 Gen 6 Caravelle prior to selling the bus. all the bits in the pics, no leaks but usual wear and tear. the sensors are the Dynamic Chassis Control cancel kit and fool the vehicle into thinking the DCC is still fitted (thanks Oli) came off when Bognor Motors removed...
  12. M

    Sold B14 T30 for sale - 1 year old £500

    Hardly used due to lock down, pick up Southampton area or postage at buyers expensive
  13. Dave F

    FREE B14 spacers

    Had these made from high grade SS to lift the B14 I had fitted as it was sitting to low. I decided to change the hole system to koni/ HR so have these sitting around. P&P cost only spacers only
  14. Tickz

    Bilstein B14 rear springs snapped.....Again!!

    Hi All i have a t6 t30 150 dsg highline kombi that i use for work. i had it lowered a using b14 kit, all professionally installed back in early 2018. In jan 2019 it was noticed that the rear springs had 'snapped'- lowest coil on the rears had snapped. I heard a big clunk after going over one of...
  15. L

    Sold Bilstein B14’s T28/30

    Bilstein B14 Coilovers. Used but great condition, only fitted for around 1year / 3k miles. All adjuster rings move freely Good working order and great condition. Adjusting ‘C’ spanner’s included £650 Collection Only please. Derby area.
  16. T6 dork

    Sold Bilstein B14 Brand New never used T30 £850

    as above £850 cost me £1100 brand new never fitted in box pm for pics or phone number cheers
  17. DaveF

    B14's - rear shocks need replacing....what can I use?

    Hi all, My rear B14's have decided to part company with their bushes and they'll need to be replaced. I believe you can't buy just the rear shocks for these so I'd have to buy a full new set!!! Has anyone else managed to solve this with use different rear coilovers? MOT due in 2 weeks!!!
  18. P

    Found B14s t32

    Hi does anyone want or have b14s for sale for t32 Thanks
  19. 5teve

    Sold Bilstein B14 T28/30

    1 year old/about 12000 miles use. Good condition - can take pictures if required. Based in Kent £550
  20. The Ham

    B14 but which?

    T30 or T32?