1. C

    Sportline 677 springs with Koni or b14 dampers

    Does anyone have any experience good or bad? LWB T30 for what it’s worth.
  2. W

    B14 Komfort - Low version

    Anyone running these on their lowest and can share some pics? Had some great input from @Tron6.1 who is running these on the front and it would great to see how other vans sit before taking the plunge. I'm anticipating the drop would be similar to the Solow NSLs?
  3. Lensey

    Broken B14 Rear spring help

    I had a rear spring snap on me back in April stupidly I didn't get both replaced, van went in for its MOT on Friday and the other one has snapped!! It appears everyone is out of stock! Does anyone know of anywhere I could get hold of one? Alternatively, is there another make I could get to...
  4. T6DSGChris

    10mm front bilstein spacer?

    Hiya hoping someone knows.. I’ve had a chat with Bilstein themselves … im running 20’s , B14’s… fronts are as high as it will go…it sits lower as its t32… bilstein say theres a spacer for front strut top you can pop in or change springs… i’ve run like this a while and my wheel offsets are spot...
  5. roooms

    Sold T6 T32 Bilstein B14 coil over kit (used) - £300

    Bilstein B14 kit just removed from my T6 T32 by Bognor Motors. Kit has covered approx 20k miles and is in great working order. I changed them for the BMVS Bilsteins as I wanted a different ride style. Looking for £400 based on similar forum posts but happy to discuss. Included pic of my van...
  6. M

    Bilstein B14 fitting instructions thread.

    Hi all. Does anyone know a link to a B14 fitting instructions thread please ? I have removed my old OEM shock - transfered the top cap assembly and refitted the new B14. Both top nuts seem to bottom out on the top of the shock piston when tightening - both the top cap assembly holder nut...
  7. Deaky

    For Sale Bilstein B14's for T32 with CRS uprated rear springs

    As title. Full set removed by CRS recently. Rear springs were replaced around a year ago with uprated ones by CRS. Collection only from Shropshire/ West Mids cause they weigh a ton :cry: I'll post some photo's when I get home £300
  8. DaveF

    B14 Rear Springs - anyone got any they don't need?

    Hi all, 2 weeks before my MOT and one of the rear springs decides to snap! Before I get into ebay, does anyone have a rear B14 spring they don't need? Looking to change the full Bilstein set-up next year, but just need to get through the MOT at the mo...... Many thanks
  9. ma77y

    Sold B14 Rear spring adjusters

    I have a set of rear spring adjusters that I bought in the hope of using them with my H&R rear springs but they didn't fit, also turned out that the van sits nice and level on the new springs. Shims are a bit worn (one has a split) but I imagine could still be used. Collection from M41 area...
  10. Zave

    For Sale Bilstein B14 full kit minus rear springs £100

    Bilstein B14 full kit minus rear springs £200 collected M25/J8 Reigate. 80,000 miles. Both rear springs are broken. 1 rear shock has delamination so the garage tells me
  11. LambethBoy

    Found T32 rear Bilstein springs

    Looking for a replacement one of these. As you can see mine has snapped off and is nicely sat inside of itself. Part no. was E4.FD1.Y196 B00 Now E4.FD1.Y196 B01 Thanks in advance.:thumbsup:
  12. Eli

    Who’s got what suspension

    You may have something that isn’t listed so let me know and I will add it to the list
  13. W

    Loose strut top mount

    Recently fitted front B14 coilovers and the top mount is fully tight but the strut still seems loose, is this correct ? They have been on for about 6 weeks and have had a knocking noise from the top mount. Any thoughts ? Taking them back out and going to use the lock nut supplied with the...
  14. A Bridge Too Far

    Sold Bilstein B14 Kit (T26/28/30) £…

    Hi All, I have swapped by Bilstein kit for the H&R / Koni set up from CRS. The kit is on Ebay - Vw T6 Bilstein B14 Suspension. | eBay Was fitted by the previous owner but I bought the van at 2 years old with 23k miles and it only has 30k miles now. think it likely has done 3 years on the...
  15. _GB_

    Chasing lows B14 to Solows ??

    I've had B14's on for 4 and half years and been more than happy with them . After one of my front springs broke I decided I'd try a few things to get a little lower .First was machined top mounts with h&r anti roll bars . The van ended up looking a bit nose heavy so I went for the rear adjuster...
  16. JimbobT6

    B14 shock bump stop & dust cover?

    Hi all, Newbie to the T6 forum. I think I know what the consensus will be but I thought I’d ask opinion anyway…. I just had a dedicated Transporter / custom garage fit some B14 coilovers up front (I managed to do the rear on the drive, but I gave up on the front after swearing for approx...
  17. S

    For Sale Used Bilstein B14 Kit for T26/T28/T30

    Hi all I have the following for sale, unsure what they are worth but know they are not for T32! Only got what is in the images. I am in Stockport and would be expensive to post but collection or delivery arrangements could be considered. Offers please.
  18. R

    Sold Bilstein B14 coilovers ( No springs) Off a T30

    These have just been replaced on my van after a front spring snapped. While replacing the garage told me that a rear spring had snapped at some point in the past. So if you do want springs I have one good front and one good back ! Make me an offer - collection chepstow, South Wales.
  19. G

    Sold B14 Adjuster Spanner

    Set of brand new b14 spanners £20 delivered?
  20. DCC

    Leaky b14 ?

    Just popped out to the van to grab something and noticed a small wet patch under the van, on closer inspection there is oil everywhere in the arch liner and other areas as you can see in the pics. IT looks to me like the shock is leaking ?? Shocks are b14 with approximately 40k on them, but...