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  1. IestynD

    T5.1 Kombi- Marshall Volkswagen Van Centre Bridgwater - Bad Bad Bad

    Hi all, New member to the forum... We are new to the VW world. Currently having a nightmare with our experiance, and wanted to share it with people, my next post will be to document the progress of our conversion and detail the plans we have. I'm going to name and shame the dealership that...
  2. Lukavell

    Assure me about VW Caravelle Used Assured please!

    I've got my eye on a used assured Volkswagen Caravelle Executive 2.0 TDI 150PS SWB with DSG. I really like the looks of it and the only things it doesn't have which I'd like are Sunroof & Toluca Alloys, both of which I can live without. It's got LED headlights, Discovery Media, Parking sensors...