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We are new to the VW world. Currently having a nightmare with our experiance, and wanted to share it with people, my next post will be to document the progress of our conversion and detail the plans we have.

I'm going to name and shame the dealership that sold me our VAN - I don't this is breaking any forums rules as its all 100% true with documented evidence if needed. .
Its a black, twin slider, tailgate Kombi. T32, highline. Its got 53,000 miles on it - Price not disclosed at this point - but not cheap!
We bought it from
Marshall Volkswagen Van Centre Bridgwater
as an approved used VW. Oh what a dissapointment that experiance was. :cry::mad:. I asked to see the pre delivery inspection sheet, and was told it would all be included with the paperwork.

I collected the van on December 30th 2019. Upon colection the van had a flat battery. I was reasured this was becouse it had been parked on the forecourt for some time with little use and it would charge up on my 3 hour journey home. After jump starting the van I set off. A little while down the road (after I finished tunning the radio) I noticed the airbag warning light was on - No problem I thought it will clear itself and was probably as a result of the jump start, but I wasn't going to risk stopping, so soon after getting going.
120miles later, I got home to Oxford. Turned the van off and went to start it again to take the family for that all excited "new car spin"... van wouldn't start. I used my booster pack to start it and away she went, air bag light still on!
After several visits from the AA and VW assist my van got taken into my local Marshall Volkswagen Oxford for them to look at - Keep in mind I'd had the van less than 8 days and done less than 200 miles in it.

Marshall Volkswagen Oxford sent me a report on the overall health of my van. They actually advised I didn't drive the van until the remedial work to the brakes had been completed as they deemed them unsafe! In total I was told I would need to pay £2,500 for the repairs:sick::cry::

  • Top up oil level
  • New brakes (discs and pads) front as 90% worn
  • New brakes (discs and pads) rear as 99% worn
  • Reset airbag warning light
  • Fix faulty front parking sensors

When I advised I'd only just bought the van, the lady in the service centre actually said to me, thats why you should always buy a VW approved used!! When I said it was, she was stunned!

After speaking with the sales manager at bridgewater, it was suggested perhaps Oxford Van centre were exagerating the work required, due to them being "quiet". When I asked him to confirm he was accusing Oxford of breaking the trade descriptions act, he back tracked, and assured me one mans interpretation of a report is different to anothers! Oh how wrong he was!

It turns out, Marshall Volkswagen Bridgewater knew of these faults/issues and had decided to maximise profit to forgo the necassary repairs! I advised I would be returning the vehicle for a full refund, if they did not carry out the repair work and complete another PDI/Multi point check. This was reluctantly agreed to.

After 2 weeks without the VAN, I now have the van back. Its somewhat spoiled what should have been an exciting experiance. I've incurred numerous expenses trying to ressolve these issues, not to mention time I should have been working, all of which Marshall VW Van centre have declined to re-imburse me for. They haven't even so much as appologised for the shoddy sales process that was clearly in breach of the VW approved used standards!

My van is going to VanWorx to get some work done to it. I just hope thats a better experiance!

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I've never heard a good thing about Vanworx, I hope they turn out to be better than VW van centre Bridgewater.

Good luck.


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I’ve just had a bit of a shocker with an approved used van from Heritage. Like you I was dealing with the sales manager. My feeling is that these people are employed to be as unhelpful as possible in dealing with any sales problems. I’ve also lost time at work, been bloody stressed and frustrated. I’ve got some results but annoyingling it could have been sorted so easily and quickly if the sales manager could have been bothered. But he wasn’t...

its worth going through Vw customer care. They’re helpful to a degree, but at least it gets logged with VAG. Lots of these then the dealership gets looked at


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Customer care is now driven by accountants, the main reason I'm no longer working in the trade. The best advice I can give is to be persistent with your complaints and don't be worried about escalating your complaint. The dealer principal will often never hear about your complaint or many others, he won't be happy when you start giving him grief, he will dish grief out to those down the ladder, most culpable is the salesman and the sales manager, they should have ensured the vehicle was ready for you to use but then, doing the required work would eat into their profits!!! Hmmmm shoddy indeed! Complaining via social media these days can also reap good results provided you don't say anything defamatory. You have my sympathy...