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  1. AJCConversions

    For Sale AJC Conversions Furniture kits SWB.

    We have finally after months and months of testing finished up our flat pack furniture kit to a fit we're really happy with! Meaning we can now offer these to the public and trade! The units exclude any appliances and the worktop will be cutout to suit a SMEV 9222 with Left handed sink. The...
  2. AJCConversions

    Sold AJC Conversions SWB T6.1 Ascot Grey Camper!

    2022 "72" VW T6.1 SWB Campervan 2022 "72" VW T6.1 SWB Campervan £59,995 A brand new conversion just finished at AJC Conversions in Glossop of the highest spec. a vehicle ready for years of adventure and ready to drive away the same day! The van is based on a SWB 110PS Manual in Ascot Grey...
  3. JimDiesel

    Storm poptop

    Hi All, Looking to get a pop top fitted to my bus, was looking at the usual suspects, skyline, Austops, reimo, then came across the Storm pop top, looks like a great combination of all of the existing brands. Anyone come across them before or have experience of them??? Or other Recommendations...
  4. AJCConversions

    AJC Conversions, Derbyshire

    Hi all, Brandon from AJC Conversions, i thought we better get involved with the T6 forum and show off some of the things we have been producing in the workshop on the quiet. We used to be very active on T4forum, forgive me if that's a swear word on here lol. All of our furniture is hand made...
  5. LT2019

    Conversion companies - Midlands?

    Anyone recommend any decent companies in Birmingham and surrounding areas? Would love to use new wave in wales but they stacked out till next year and too much hassle with the travel. Probably looking at day van style conversion. Anyone had experience with “new ultimate transporters”?
  6. S

    AJC Conversions

    hi there. We are currently saving for our own wee Veedub. We know the spec we want and we have been chatting with andy from ajc conversions regarding what we would like. I am trying to do as much research as possible as it is quite a big expenditure for us (two and a half years of hard...
  7. JasonW

    Camper Conversion Company - North West

    Hi It's clearly a minefield out there for those looking at getting a T6 converted to a full camper.... I'm looking for a company that specialises in conversions to the customers spec... Rather than the few they show you in a brochure... As I want it converted mainly with off grid touring in...
  8. moomin-j

    My T6 Journey...

    The story starts like this... From being a little lad, nearly 40 years ago whose Dad had a succession of air cooled T2's and T3's dropside double cab pick up trucks, whilst being a self employeed welder / fabricator that could be heard driving up the street before being seen driving up the...