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  1. HellaYella

    Removing my ABT bumper?

    Just bought this van and thinking of going the Swamper route, so may sell the ABT bumper - what’s it worth and where do I get a replacement one more suited to a Swamper ? Totally new to VW’s so please educate me. can the bumper above be removed and replaced with a standard one or is there an...
  2. S

    I’ve Just Bought A T6 Caravelle

    I’ve been a member for a while, whilst contemplating if I should buy a Caravelle or not. It wasn’t a difficult decision, but making my mind up on what I should spend was. And today I paid a deposit on a 2016 Executive 204 indium grey with LED’s and VW dynamic suspension. It has an ABT body kit...
  3. D

    New Skyline Aurora Roof

    Fitted two weeks ago and we finally got chance to put the roof up today.....Skyline fitted at the main workshop in Weston super mare and our roof was the third one fitted since it was introduced a month ago. We have completed about 500 miles now and have not noticed any rattles or noises that...
  4. 4E8E90B5-328F-4B0A-B8ED-756283B11F6E


    ABT 2019 2
  5. Jon Birkett

    ABT Rear Spoiler and Tailgate Bike Rack

    Hi I have read a load of posts about you simply can't have a door mounted bike rack with a rear spoiler which makes sense for all the spoilers that mount across the top of the rear door. However the ABT rear spoiler may not be very subtle but it does not run along the top as per conventional...