1. B

    Sold Genuine vw t32 sportline lowering springs

    Genuine vw t32 sportline lowering springs These were fitted when I bought the van new by vw Done 20k miles Good condition £170.00 Location Sheffield
  2. R

    Are These Sportline Springs

    Morning all I was just wondering if someone could tell me if these are Sportline lowering springs. I ordered a set of Eibach springs from a friend of a friend and I received in a plain box a set of genuine VW T5 Caravelle Lowering springs, part no. ZGB 7H0 071 677 also stamped on the springs is...
  3. C

    Eibach Springs Part No.?

    Hi all, I have a T30 150ps DSG and going to lower 30mm on the Eibach springs all refer to. There is alot of talk of Caravelle and 4Motion lowering and part no. ZGB 7H0 071677A, but could anyone tell me if this is the number suitable for mine please? Also is there a heavy or a soft version...
  4. Merv555

    4Motion Sportline lowering springs.

    I called my dealer for a price to fit 30mm lowering springs to my T32 Kombi 4Motion and was told that they can't do it to 4Motions, I asked if the standard springs were different and he said that the part numbers are different for a normal T32 and the 4Motion T32. Has anyone got their 4Motion...
  5. Colinlp

    Eibach 30mm drop Springs and ACC

    I've got ACC on my van and have read on another thread that there is a problem with lowering with this. I don't wont a drastic lowering, nor can I afford it even if I did. If I did fit the Eibach 30mm drop springs would I need to get the ACC recalibrated?