1. Lord Mfwic

    Master Switch for Interior Lights.

    Hi all. Is there a switch to turn all the interior lights on. In my car you pull the headlight switch and that turns on the interiors. Can't find anything in my van that does this. Van is a Highline Kombi. I have done a search and can't find an answer. Thanks Edit. I know how to do it manually...
  2. Y

    VW Passat W8 overhead lighting module

    I've just bought one of these and the wiring loom. Before I fit it I would like to change the four bulbs to LEDs. Does anyone have any links to LED replacements for these bulbs? TIA
  3. C

    Can't find the hole in the dark

    Hi all. With the nights drawing in I've been in the van a fair bit in the dark. I've got a comfort dash in my kombi and it's got lots of cubby holes, cup holders etc in the centre. Only problem is, you can't see where they are in the dark. I've had previous cars that have a subtle spot light...
  4. T

    Ambient overhead lighting....

    Has anyone retro fitted this? I had it in my Golf.. a lovely soft red glow... would like to explore doing it in the van... I could do it fairly easily by drilling a couple of holes and fitting led s in them.... I'm hoping to be able to do something a bit more professional than that....