1. B

    Cantera Centre caps question

    Does anyone have the part number for the centre caps you need for canteras pls, and any suggestions of aftermarket ones that fit well? Ideally I want some satin ones that match my wheels. Some on Amazon but not sure how well they would fit? Also on van style it says wheels have to be removed to...
  2. RedDragonAus

    Amarok Wheels on a T6

    Anyone else with Amarok wheels? I put a set of Amarok 18" wheels on my multivan with 255/45/18 Bridgestone RE003 which are 103 load rated. IMG_6539 by RedDragonAus posted 22 Dec 2017 at 09:33
  3. Rossco2608

    19" Amarok Cantera Wheels

    After much thought about sport line reps / painting existing Devonports etc finally decided and bought a set of Amarok 19's (well will be paying for this week on delivery) brand new which i plan to paint in BMW ferric Grey which should look good with the Bamboo Garden Green hopefully! They...