1. Gstar

    Tyre Pressure 275/40/19

    Hi all, I’m currently running 275/40/19 tyres and looking for a sweet spot in pressure! Any advice welcome, first van and only managed 750 miles in the past 12 months so a novice with this stuff! Cheers
  2. T6Enduro

    Tyres for staggered 19” on a T32 4Mo

    Hi All, Am really hoping someone can advise on the best option for tyre sizes For my 2017 T6 Four-Motion (T32). I am confused… I have just bought a set of 19” Navis Holeys which are a staggered fitment. Fronts are 19x8.5 et35 and rears are 19x10 et40. If I fit 275/45/19 on the rear (108 load...
  3. T6 dork

    Sold 275/40/19 XL 105Y Acellera Brand New set of 4

    as above £220 collected , possible delivery for fuel costs
  4. T6 dork

    For Sale Amarok Aragonite 19 inch wheels/tyres 275/40/19 105Y..VGC

    just taken these off my caravelle to fit my winters these very rarely come up for sale and are not cheap from VW £975 inc tyres 275/40/19 XL 105Y the wheels are original factory finish and are so easy to clean in very good condition good for T32
  5. T6 dork

    Sold 275/40R19 ACCELERA PHI-2 105Y XL

    brand new set of 4 still got labels on £220
  6. madforitbaz

    VanStyle advising against 275/40/19

    Van Style advising against 275/40/19. They say "unfortunately due to the rolling radius we would not recommend fitting that tyre size to those wheels as it may cause your speedo to read incorrect." Now unless I am calculating it wrong it actually has a lower Radius than the 255/45/19 they are...
  7. T6 dork

    Sold Amarok Manaus 19 inch alloys with 275/40/19 XL 105Y tyres

    These are currently on my T5.1 Caravelle the wheels are in very good condition 2 of them were brand new from VW 2 years ago perfect load rating for T32 275-40-19 XL 105Y tyres loads of tread rare wheels these more pics by whatsapp no probs £750
  8. T6 dork

    Sold 275 40 19 Accelera Tyres 105y Xl

    brand new never used suit T32 and all other models Accelera PH1-2 275 40 19 105Y XL £240 for set of 4
  9. S

    19” Tyre Recommendations

    Will these be ok on a T30 - 275/40/19 - 9 offset?
  10. T6 dork

    Sold NEW Cantera alloys-only £450.

    as above £450
  11. T6 dork

    Sold 275/40r19 Accelera Phi-2 105y Xl 4off Brand New

    due to a change in size these brand new tyres are surplus to requirments 275/40R19 ACCELERA PHI-2 105Y XL i was going to use these on my Audi A8 but going for 20's i also had a set of these on my caravelle great load rating ideal for T32 too still got labels on bought last month £220 for all 4...
  12. T6 dork

    Sold 275-40-19 105y Xl Accelera Tyres Set Of 4

    Brand new still got labels on £230 for the 4 tyres
  13. T6Paul

    19’s rated for T32

    Just wondering if anyone is running 275/40/19 (105) tyres on a T32? The wheels are 9 inch wide front and rear but I'm looking for a slightly narrower side wall than the current 255/45/19's Discuss... Thanks Paul
  14. RedDragonAus

    Amarok Wheels on a T6

    Anyone else with Amarok wheels? I put a set of Amarok 18" wheels on my multivan with 255/45/18 Bridgestone RE003 which are 103 load rated. IMG_6539 by RedDragonAus posted 22 Dec 2017 at 09:33