1. Simon228

    Staggered 20’s..?

    Wheels are ordered trying to decide on tyre size ? What are you all running ? 20” 8.5 front 10 rear ? All sorted now sorry for the wasted post 255/35 front and 275/35 rear Cheers
  2. Wills

    Sold 4 X Yokohama Advan Sport 255 45 20 105w Xl

    I have a set of 4 Yoko 255 45 20 tyres 105W XL VR for sale. The tyres have covered very little miles. All tyres have a tread depth of approximately 6.5 / 7mm. They have no damage / repairs. Open to offers..
  3. Pawter

    Advice Please - Will It Rub?

    Hi all, I convinced myself I could figure this out for myself however it is doing my nut looking through feeds. I’m looking to buy some Fox Racing MS007. 20” 9J ET38 The tyres I want to fit are 255 45 20 My T6 is going on to have Bilsteins fitted in June. Will I get any rubbing - for the...