1. Ricardo T

    Sold BFG All Terrain Tyres 245/65/17 x4, like new (wheels NOT included) £300

    4 X BF Goodrich AT tyres...never used them myself but came on some wheels I bought off the forum and now getting around to doing something with the wheels, so wheels are NOT included. 245 X 65/17..all in as new condition, probably done about the 1000 miles as the tread is around 9mm, TBC with...
  2. S

    Sold Selling Black Rhino Arsenal 17" wheels, with BFG's, all bolts inc lockers and spigot rings. £1295

    All 4 wheels like new, no scrapes, tyres done about 1.5K miles. Come with all bolts and lockers etc inc spigot rings so ready to go straight on. Reason for selling due to buying the vehicle spec that ticked all my particular boxes apart from the style of wheel, now bought Leightons and lowered...
  3. S

    T6.1 Speedo Adjustment for larger wheels

    I am about to buy a set of Fuel Zephyrs for my T6.1 Shuttle running on 235/65/17 and as far as I am aware no one is yet able to tweak the calibration on the 6.1 software to correct the speedo, so was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this...
  4. A

    Swamper Suspension suggestions for 245/65/17

    I have just bought a set of Swamper wheels, with Goodrich tyres size 245*65*17. I am considering changing the suspension, and am hoping some of you could offer some advice as to what would suit best. I don't want to lower the van, I simply want to achieve a comfier ride. any advice would be...
  5. JordanGT

    Swamper setup with coil overs and 245/65/17?

    I am currently running 20inch alloys with 275/40 tyres. t The suspension is coil overs set to the highest level to give clearance. I like the swamper look and wandered if I will have any issues with current suspension set up fitting a set of swamper alloys and off load tyres.
  6. bullracing

    245/65/17 A/T Tyres Fitted

    A quick thread so those searching the tyre size can see what they look like These are BFG KO2's Wheels are VW with ET55. Van is a Shuttle T32 Spacers will be added once they arrive.
  7. bullracing

    Big At Tyres, 17" Wheels. Add Spacers?

    So I have some 7" wide 17" VW wheels with ET55, These are just in being powder coated ready for some big ole tyres. I have gone for 245/65/17 BFG KO2 tyres. I am thinking about adding some 25mm spacers front and rear. Would I be daft in doing this or is this something I should 100% be doing?
  8. R

    Black Rhino Warlords (17”) and BFGs fitted

    20” wheels off and original VW suspension back on. Black Rhino Warlords (17”) and BFGs. Great ride quality and very pleased with how it looks. Elite Wheels and Tyres - super company, great service and good wheel selection.