1. M

    Sold 4 x 235, 50 18 tyres

    For sale.. 4 x 235, 50 18 Falken Ziex ZE310 Ecorun tyres. Load Rated 101w These have done less than 50 miles. Changed my mind about what tyre sizes I wanted to put on some banded steels so these were on the van only a few days. Collection preferred from Exeter, Devon or can arrange postage...
  2. L

    Tyre pressure 235/50/18

    Cannot find this combo, apologies if I missed it. Dealer cannot be bothered to advise (they swapped them out for the Claytons), anyone know? Label in van has same pressure for these 2 235/55 R17 103H 255/45 R18 103 H at 36 unladen, 48 laden Mine are 235/50 101W Any offers - there seems to be...
  3. A


    So currently running 18 inch toluca alloys with 255/45/18 and lowered 40mm... getting around 10k miles on the fronts. Considering changing to 235/50/18 to see if that improves the life of the tyres and improves the ride.... anyone else swapped over..? Any issues with rubbing..? Cheers
  4. Paynewright

    Sold Bridgestone Weather Control A005 235/50R18 101

    Hi, I’m changing the tyres on the van as the fronts are shot. The rears have good tread and will be keeping one as a spare. Anyone want a good used tyre - collection in Leicester. Approx 5mm tread across full width. Made wk46 2018. V rated. Being changed Wednesday so if I hear nothing I’ll...
  5. johnmacster

    For Sale Nexen NFera 235/50/18 101W set of 4

    Set of 4 Nexen NFera 235/50/18 101W. Came off a set of Amarok steels I bought, seller advised me he had them for a few hundred miles only. The load rating is too low for my T32 so selling them on. Had a quick search and Camskill have these for £76, £304 for a set of 4. £160 seem fair...
  6. ehuplad

    18” Tyre recommendations

    Hi All, I am trying to spec up the types to go with a set of Zitto 935 18's. They are 8.5J wide. Custom Vanz and others are using 255 45 R18's is this the best spec, or should I consider something else? Also which brand-model do people recommend, I am inclined to go with the big brands but...
  7. LT2019

    235/50/18 vs 245/45/18 vs 255/45/18

    Hi Folks! Looking at new wheels/tires for T6 Highline. Sticker in the door only provides one size for 18inch wheels, which is: 255/45 R18 xl 103H 8jX18 What rims widths would you recommend for each of these? Which tire would provide the most comfort and less road noise? Current on 2015/65...
  8. R

    Genuine Sportline Alloys or Replicas

    I'm looking at changing my 16" wheels on my Kombi for are set of 18" and I quite like the look of the genuine Sportline wheels from the T5 model (I think, see photo). Are there any benefits from using genuine Volkswagen wheels over 3rd party wheels or would I be better off saving some money and...
  9. SkyMonster

    Recomended tyres for Sportline wheels

    Im going for a set of T6 Sportline wheels 18" 8J ET50 - is there any recommendation on tyres.