1. W

    Cracked 22” alloy wheels

    Hi Everyone Please help !! I've recently joined the T6 brotherhood and bought a converted Caravelle T6 which ticked all the boxes to transport family and dog. I have however had a couple of problems, the main one is finding that 3 of my my 22" alloy wheels have cracks in them !! Initially I...
  2. JOR4S

    21" or 22” Wheels

    Hi, Anyone fitted 21" to their beloved? Thinking of 21's but could do with knowing pro's and con's from people with experience. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

    Show Us Your Expensive Wheels!

    So many different wheels to choose from, I have a black van, and I am looking at these at the moment ... Would love to see everyone’s wheels ON the vans! Post away!
  4. MattPoss

    Range Rover Wheel Load Rating......

    Does anyone have any idea of the Load Ratings on Range Rover wheels? There are a few different styles I like (from the Sport, Evoque etc) but i’ve got a T32 and im not sure any of them will be suitable Matt