UK Speed Camera Warnings - All Cameras, No Mobile Cameras August 2017

Audible & Visual Warning Of UK Speed Cameras

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    Discover Media Infotainment Systems - Speed Camera Warnings

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    The contents of this downloadable file contain a POI database for all UK speed cameras of the stated type. Once installed when approaching the specified type of camera the navigation system will give audible alert and if the navigation is currently displaying on the screen it will show the relevant speed camera icon on the map in the relevant position. The system will provide an audible alert as long as the headunit is powered on, it does not need to be in 'navigation' mode or have a route/destination programmed.

    The speed camera warnings can be installed and removed very easily and if necessary replaced with an alternative.

    To use this file simply download, extract the contents of the zip file onto the root directly of an SD card (one folder called "PersonalPOI" & a text file called "metainfo2.txt") place directly into any Discover Media navigation unit and you can load the content by entering Navigation>Setup>Manage Memory>Update My POIs
    Its worth noting that by default you will not see the speed camera icon on the nav map unless you go to the list of POIs to show and tick the speed cameras which are normally at the very bottom of the list.

    There are currently three variations of UK speed camera files available
    UK_Gatso - Only fixed static roadside gatso cameras
    UK_All - Gatso Cameras, Red Light Cameras, Specs Average Speed Cameras & Mobile Cameras/Van Hotspots
    UK_All-No-Mobile - Gatso Cameras, Red Light Cameras, Specs Average Speed Cameras

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  1. August 2017 Update

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  1. Baloo
    Version: August 2017
    Worked exactly as described. many thanks. For the record you can use a second SD card, not the one containing your Maps.
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