Fitting Fog Lights

Discussion in 'Interiors, Seating, Lining' started by tony fraser, 12 Jun 2018.

  1. tony fraser

    tony fraser New Member

    i own a 2016 t6 vw multyvan in australia
    i want to fit fog lights
    i understand that i need
    2 fog lights
    2 lower bumper grills
    wiring loom to connect fog lights
    head light switch with fog light function
    wear dose the mini loom plug in
    and is this all needed ?
  2. Pauly

    Pauly Senior Member VCDS User Admin Moderator

    There are two ways to do it, you can fit generic wiring that incorporates a relay and just needs a 12 volt feed onto the loom and this will give you manual control of the fog lights, the other option is to use vehicle specific cabling that wires into fusebox/BCM and will replicate factory fit foglights and give you cornering lights etc
    Prices are similar but doing the factory way is a little more involved as you need to remove some dash trims to get to fusebox/BCM to connect everything up and will require coding once complete

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