wolfrace munich

  1. Dannyb6467

    For Sale Wolfrace 20" wheel...NOT ME SELLING

    Just seen this....May be useful to someone ??Log in to Facebook
  2. E

    Found VW Centre caps for Wolfrace Munich alloys

    Anyone got any for sale or can point me at a shop thanks
  3. W

    Wolfrace Munich centre cap sizes

    Hi All, I have some Gloss Black 20" Wolfrace Munich alloy wheels coming soon, does anybody know the centre cap size of these wheels as I would like to order some replacement VW ones to go in them. I would like to get them ordered in advance of the wheels arriving so I can get them straight on...
  4. DaveF

    Sold 18" Wolfrace Munich Rims plus Uniroyal Rainsport 5 Tyres

    Hi all , I'm just about to fit new wheels and I'll be selling my Wolfrace Munich 18" rims, which are running 244 45 Rainsport 5's Tyres were fitted last year (2 in March and 2 in November, so all pretty much brand new....as I've been nowhere!!) The rims were bought in August 2018 and are...
  5. F

    Sold 4 x 18inch Wolfrace Munich Alloys For sale

    If anybody is interested I have a set of Wolfrace Munich alloys for sale that have just come off my T6 Transporter. They are18inch Munich alloys with a new set of 255/45/zr18 103y tyres. Pictures attached.
  6. Dannyb6467

    Sold Reduced In Price Wolfrace Munich Alloys 18" Black

    Excellent condition but there is a slight mark on 1. Not curbed but marked by the tyre fitter when he dropped the wheel nut. I cant even point it out on the photos as it's so slight. Approximately 8 months old and 5000 miles covered. £350.00 ono OR...do you want the Generals AT3s leaving on...
  7. Keepad

    Any One Running Wolfrace Munich

    Hi all, Anyone here running on Wolfrace Munichs, I’m looking to pick up a 18” set and would like to know if they are a direct fit with out spacers to worry about.
  8. E

    What Make Are These Wheels!

    Sorry, just purchased a van from a dealer, but they didn't know the make of the wheel fitted... any ideas They are 19" if that helps :-)