wheels and tyres

  1. The Van Cave

    For Sale Devonport Alloy wheels and Tyres - £200

    Set of 4 Devonport Alloy Wheels and Tyres. Not bad condition, but by no means perfect, have a look at the photos below to see the condition. £200 for the set including tyres. Centre caps also included and I can throw in some genuine VW wheel bolts if you need them. Tyres as follows: 3 x Avon...
  2. Strange Al

    For Sale 19" Wolfrace Wolfsburg + near new Tyres T32-Rated

    Hi there everyone. Selling a set of 19" Wolfrace Alloys that unfortunately were just that little bit too big to work with my SoLow Suspension. Fitted to my van for maybe 5 months before I downsized to 18"s in exactly the same style, they have done maybe about 5k miles and as can be seen from...
  3. Lee540

    For Sale 16" Clayton and Legal Tyres

    Surplus to requirements having just fit larger wheels. Set of 4. In good condition all with legal tyres. £100 - Collection Cornwall.
  4. T

    For Sale 16" steel wheels and tyres. £100

    As per title I have a set of 16" steel wheels and tyres for sale. 3 of the 4 tyres are good condition, the 4th is looking a bit perished. Michelin Agilis size 205/65/16. Be good for a winter set. Have centre caps and bolts if needed. Looking for £100, collection from West Yorkshire, close to...
  5. T4goneby

    For Sale Axe Ex30 20” wheels

    Selling my 20” Axe EX30 wheels (850kg rated) Staggered set so 8.5” front and 10” rear - no clearance issues with arches or sliding door (my van was down around 70/80mm) Gloss black and 3 are unmarked and as new, the passenger rear has very minimal surface scratches in a couple of places that...
  6. D

    Sold Devonport’s - almost new only used for 1k miles. £550

    Originally supplied on my T6.1 these are as the description and include the TPMS sensors and wheelbolts with locking wheelnuts. Tyres are Goodyear Ultra Grip Cargo. Pickup Near Aylesbury or Guildford £550 ONO
  7. D

    Sold AXE EX40 20" Alloys and Eagle F1 tyres - 8.5J ET40 275/40/20 tyres - Wheels and Tyres

    Originally fitted to my T6.1 these wheels are in excellent condition with no kerb damage. Original paint. Includes AXE centre caps and TPMS valves. Average measurements across the 4 tyre measurement points are 3.9 / 3.2 / 2.7 / 2.2 for the 4 tyres. All 4 wheels are the same size 8.5J, ET 40, 20...
  8. Y

    For Sale 18” Wolfrace Genesis with 255/45/18. £180

    Set of 4 18x8.5 Wolfrace Genesis alloy wheels, load rated to 960kg with spigot rings fitted and 4 good tyres, all with between 4-6mm tread left. Front 2 in need of refurbishment as have curb damage (my wife’s daily driver) and the usual issue with polished wheels of the lacquer peeling, but I...
  9. Gàirnealair

    For Sale 20” SuperMetal Fin, black, with tyres

    Collection from Cockermouth, Lake District. £1,000 Fitted to 2021, T28, T6.1 by original converter (Hillside Leisure). Done 7,500 miles. Excellent condition except for mark on one wheel, clearly shown in photos. Tyres: Front - Bridgestone Turanza Z75 / 40 R20 106Y One tyre has done...
  10. hunta

    For Sale Set of 4 x Clayton wheels and tyres £125

    Set of 4 Clayton wheels and Hankook tyres 205/65 x R16. Wheels in good condition but not perfect - see detailed pictures. Tyres have some life in them yet. £125. Located South Bucks.
  11. J

    For Sale 20" Rivera RV130 wheels and tyres. £750

    Hi there I'm selling a set of 20" Rivieras, 275/35z/20R 102y extra load. The wheels were all refurbished before I bought the van and all new tyres which have done approx 200miles. There are a couple of minor scuffs on 2 of the wheels, in pics, but other than that they are all good. I'm looking...
  12. T

    Sold 18" Genuine T5 Sportline alloys with Michelin PS4 255/45/18 tyres

  13. GaryB1980

    For Sale Calibre CC-U 20” Bronze alloys with tyres. £695

    As per title these wheels are 850 miles / 4 weeks old and as new and with wheel bolts. Came on my new conversion but I have gone to Devonports. £800 collection from Sutton, Surrey. Thanks.
  14. GaryB1980

    Found Devonports with good tyres

    Hi Im looking for a set of factory 16” Devonport wheels and tyres and am open to what’s available. The 20s my conversion came with are too bone shaking for a daily driver! Thanks in advance. Gary
  15. B

    For Sale 18” Springfield Alloys VGC

    As per photos, no curb rash. See updates below.
  16. K

    For Sale 4 x 17" Steel Transporter Wheels - now with pictures!

    EDIT - Tyres left on as bonus, I would replace them! Can be collected from today. Hi all Got 4 x steelies for sale as need to free up space. Generally good condition - few scuffs and some very minimal wear. Good for winter wheels / spares. There'll be tyres left on them - however a couple...
  17. G

    For Sale 20” alloy wheels and tyres for sale

    Great condition with 2 tyres being 500miles old (£220 each) and the other 2 having loads of tread left. 275/40/20 One scuff on the lip of one alloy Currently fitted to my T6 transporter Ready for sale next weekend (19/8/23) Collection only from Swindon £640
  18. M

    For Sale 20" Inovit Speed Wheels for sale

    Set of 20" staggered Inovit Speed for sale. Load rated for T32's and fitted with Kumho Ecsta tyres Bought from Chris @ the Van Cave in March 2021 I've recently had them refurbished in Matt Anthracite / Gun Metal - there are no marks (tape indicates which side they came off) Front: 8.5 x 20"...
  19. D

    For Sale Supermetal Trident 20x9J Wheels and Tyres Black

    4x Supermetal Trident 20x9J ET45 black wheels with tyres. T32 compatible (they’ve come off a T32). One pair with evergreen dynacontrol es880 275/40r20 106Y extra load tyres, approximately 4/5mm tread remaining. One pair with Davanti DX640 275/40r20 106Y extra load, almost brand new, 7/8mm...
  20. C

    For Sale 19in Tuff Torque steels + tyres

    Bought these recently but been offered some nice banded Amaroks so will be selling on. They were new about 3 weeks ago as were tyres. They came gloss black but I sprayed them silver. 1200kg rated and tyres are 255/45/19 104 so they are good for T32. Wheel and tyres have done 400miles so very...