1. D

    Mystery blob

    Hi all, New to the t6 forum but got myself a t6.1 that I'm converting. When taking the panel off behind the drivers seat in the cargo area noticed this streak of stuff then this mysterious blob at the end behind the b pillar. Anyone know what it is? Expanding foam maybe? Many thanks
  2. L

    Whats this on a new kombi ?

    Got my new kombi noticed this stuff in side door area ?
  3. Milarepa

    New Paintwork

    Evening all. Lovely old Redline Campers, have told me they would like to take our van back to repaint some panels that they thought, just before delivery, could have been better painted, (they offered to keep the van until this was rectified but we needed to collect the van ). I would like to...
  4. GONA66

    How Can I Tell if it’s been Ceramic Coated?

    Having recently acquired a T6 which is just over 2 yrs old , how do I tell if the vehicle has ever or recently been subjected to a ceramic coating ? Apart from the obvious lack of swirl marks in the paint ,are there any other tell tale signs or checks I can perform ? Really keen to find out ...
  5. C

    The New 'best' Thing - Turtlewax Hybrid Wax

    I've now moved from Meguiars and even P&S Beadmaker which was a stunning product, this new 'discovery' is also even better than Soft 99 Fusso at least to my eyes. Turtlewax Hybrid Hydrophobic Sealant Wax Hybrid Sealant Hydrophobic Wax | Safe For All Exterior Surfaces Amazing shine, the...
  6. Dellmassive

    Wash & Wax Time . . . . . . But Which One And How?

    Wash & Wax time . . . . . . but which one and how? So kinda as the title implies it time to wash the van... (getting tree sap on paintwork from that poxy tree) took to the local american hand car wash was yesterday for the external wash . . £10 later all nice and shiny but they never do a...