1. S

    It's Raining! What's The Wading Depth A Standard T6?

    Quite a bit of rain in West Yorkshire today, and I nearly came a cropper in a very big "puddle". Fortunately I knew the road, and the camber meant it was deeper on one side and not the other, but it got me thinking what's the safe wading depth of a standard T6? I know the key is the position of...
  2. Dicko24

    Surfers / Watersports Enthusiasts - How Do You Store Equipment In The Rear?!

    Looking for examples of how people are storing boards and equipment in the rear, and still having space for other items. I have a Kombi for reference. Seen on another thread some people using these: Kombi Beds for Camper Vans But at £900, I'd rather make my own. Any pictures or ideas most...