1. S

    Electric problems after driving through water

    Hi all, I’ve just joined the forum as tonight I’ve driven my T6.1 combi through water and lost my power steering and hill, headlight, front assist and sign display! I’m happy to pay for premium but is the T6.1 fuse board list available as I’ve found a T6 one but I’m hoping that’s different as...
  2. S

    It's Raining! What's The Wading Depth A Standard T6?

    Quite a bit of rain in West Yorkshire today, and I nearly came a cropper in a very big "puddle". Fortunately I knew the road, and the camber meant it was deeper on one side and not the other, but it got me thinking what's the safe wading depth of a standard T6? I know the key is the position of...
  3. Dicko24

    Surfers / Watersports Enthusiasts - How Do You Store Equipment In The Rear?!

    Looking for examples of how people are storing boards and equipment in the rear, and still having space for other items. I have a Kombi for reference. Seen on another thread some people using these: Kombi Beds for Camper Vans But at £900, I'd rather make my own. Any pictures or ideas most...