was it you?

  1. T

    Anyone here own YB60 EJE

    As per title really. Does any member own it now?
  2. Rich

    SPOTTED - 'Was it you?' thread

    Apologies if this has already been started elsewhere, but a quick search didn't turn up any results, and also feel free to delete if no-body wants it, but it occurred to me as I rode my push-bike up Cragg vale yesterday evening and saw a very nice black Kombi with 20" black alloys, that we don't...
  3. DaveyB


    Spent the day cleaning my son's room, plaster boarding the ensuite, building studwork around a steel support column in the kitchen. So nope it wasn't me - would have waved back if it was though. Ahh that said you did say White; mine is minging brown with the odd spec of white peeking through.