1. 22jeffers

    Head Unit Issues after battery disconnected

    Help please!! Disconnected my battery today to do some maintenance. Reconnected it and now the head unit is doing weird stuff. When I turn it on I get a message saying “The Optical Parking System (OPS) is not available. (Ok)”. The reversing beep still sounds but the picture of the van on the...
  2. X

    Music Fades In And Out

    Hi I have a 68plate Caravelle with the Discover Media satellite navigation system. When I play music from an SD card, from the phone storage or from the internet via the phone it fades in and out. I don't get any fade when listening to the radio whether voice or music. Can anyone advise if...
  3. Jey

    Change (add) Micro-steps For Radio's Volume

    Hi! Is it possible to add micro-steps for the volume's button? For me the difference between 2 steps is "too big". Either too low or too high, when I'm speaking with my customers in the car. I would like to have more accurate choice. I hope it's possible, but I don't where and hat to look...
  4. A

    Navigation Announcements

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and was wondering if there is a way to either wire in a separate navigation announcement speaker or control the volume to driver door speaker only, just so my fellow passengers don't have to hear when I've missed the turning! I've played around with volume and fader...

    WTF is 'Speed dep volume' ??

    Anyone know what it is, and what should I have it set at?:whistle: