voice enhancement

  1. F

    Factory microphone- always on ?

    Hi all, I found out the factory microphone in the head liner above the driver is always on not just when I am using BT calls or press the command button on the steering wheel. Can someone else try tapping the mic and see if it's also always on? Engine running or on ACC of course!
  2. Ashypants

    Digital Voice Enhancement

    DVE from front to back is great - however - has anyone managed to rig anything up to get from back to front? Kids can hear us in the caravelle - but we struggle to hear them when they respond :).
  3. G

    Ice - Speaker Vibration

    I have a VW Caravelle - T6 2018 model. I am experiencing wind like noise/vibration through the speakers in the middle of the vehicle, on both sides. This is not always evident but is much worse when stationary with a vehicle door or windows open. Any ideas or cures?