vehicle battery

  1. S

    Battery drain issue

    I seem to have a battery drain on my 2016 T6 150 highline as it struggles or fails to start after about 6-7 of not being used. Firstly I believed it to be the battery, so had a brand new AGM battery installed and coded to the van but again after 6-7 days I’m getting the same issue. It appears to...
  2. AussieMick

    Vehicle Battery replacement - coding

    I have a 2016 T6 with a euro 5 caac engine, I've had the van for just over 5 years and have started to think the original starter battery may be nearing its reliable life. Does anyone know if a replacement battery of the same type and size (cca) etc need coding on my era of van. My concern is...
  3. J

    California aux battery problems - Low and not charging

    Good day, My main car battery recently died so I ended up re-charging the battery with another boosting battery and cable. I was able to re-start the car, but since then the auxiliary battery constantly indicates low battery and no lights, nor fridge, nor electric roof top works. Even the...
  4. Pidsley

    T6.1 Starter battery 50% limit?

    Hi, I've heard that once your starter battery runs flat, the van maintains an error code that only allows the van to recharge the battery to 50% capacity? An only clearing the error code will allow it to charge to full capacity again? Is this correct, as my garage are saying they don't know...
  5. S

    [Resolved] Carista: Battery registration option not showing 2017

    Hi all, I need to swap my battery and register it. I have carista pro subscription so should work, but it doesn't come up in the service drop down menu which is where it should be. When I interrogate the vehicle supported tab, my t6 says battery registration is supported, I have emailed...
  6. C

    Starter battery issue

    Had my T6 for a week, setup as a camper with leisure battery and Orion dc dc 12/12 18 unit. I’m having a problem with the starter battery discharging and not having enough voltage to start the van. Had AA out tonight to get it going. Been doing a bit of reading and I’m not sure the Orion is...
  7. Saffa365

    Water pump supply from main battery

    Hi Guys I’m planning on running a separate supply from my battery to run a Shurflo pump 4.5amps . Realistically the pump won’t operate for longer than a minute between outings ( only used to wash salt water off after a surf ) Will this be to much drain on the main battery ? Don’t really want...
  8. Marcinkus

    Cali Ocean - smoke from battery

    Hello everyone, I'm recently a happy owner of California ocean of 2017, I have a problem when I turn on the engine with the cali parked downhill upside down, esc and smoke from the hood in the battery part....... Not so what to think Thank you all
  9. L

    Do I need to disconnect the vehicle battery in my 2018 VW T6, which has stop/start, before I use a battery charger?

    I have a Vitron 12/30 Blue Smart Charger, that is due to go into the van when the leisure electrics are done. For now, I want to charge up the vehicle battery. I have just read the VW Manual, which makes no reference to using a battery charger but gives the impression that to jump-start the van...
  10. Samro

    Voltage falls about a volt on unlock

    I have been using my van as a mobile lounge for the last 3 weeks due it being more comfortable to sit on a car seat than any other chair in my house! I've not been driving the vehicle and so the starter battery hadn't received any juice over the last couple of weeks or so. The voltage fell...
  11. osman

    Starter battery dead

    I hooked up to 240 to give my leisure battery a well needed boost . Made sure it finished (eg settled down at 14v and after a few hours disconnected . Another couple of hours later I went to start the van and the starter motor was dead . Called the AA and they confirmed it was not taking a...
  12. LimaHotel

    Starter battery and split charge

    My friend has a 2016 T6 from a conversion company. It has a 80ah AGM starter battery and the converter installed a ‘smart battery isolator’ split charge instead of a b2b charger. The alternator was replaced a couple of months ago. The van has been throwing up a stop start error for a while and...
  13. Lux

    Diagram or photos of under bonnet battery covering installation

    Hi all, I had my van re mapped before moving interstate and they forgot the battery holder. I now have all the parts to put back together however I'm not 100% how they all go. If anyone has a diagram or photos with their battery removed would really help! 2017 transporter t6 4motion
  14. R

    Water in engine bay/under battery

    Hey guys, Hope you’re all well. Just wondering if anyone can ease my mind and confirm if this is an unavoidable problem. Noticed a small leak in the passenger footwell of my 2017 T6 transporter (second image). Pulled the glove box off and found no real damp spots. Pulled the scuttle panel off...
  15. M

    New Battery - what Ah & spec?

    So I reckon I need a new starter battery. Anyone clocked any good deals? It’s a T6 150 DSG Bluemotion with stop/start. Thanks in advance
  16. M

    MY2017 Vehicle battery flat after a few weeks

    As others have noted, these modern vehicles don't like not getting used! And the battery manages to discharge over a few weeks. Well, ours was utterly discharged having not been used for 3 weeks, and is now showing low voltage after only standing a week, and this after being charged and then a...
  17. M

    Battery Reccomendations/Spec

    Hi, I have a 2017 T6 SWB T32, 204BHP engine but notice the battery is struggling in the cold weather so pretty sure its on its way out. Can anyone give me the spec or reccomendations of battery make model for deccent ones. Cheers
  18. M

    Electrical Dilemma

    Had electrical issues on and off since buying my converted T6 MY 2017. Thought I had a parasitic drain as starter battery power draining over a couple of days of use Had an auto electrician come out - no parasitic drain, starter battery ok (new 4 months ago) alternator charging ok. It’s been...
  19. S

    No power after potentially flat battery

    Hi all, We have a 2018 T6 startline, converted to a camper. On Tuesday, 22nd, my partner drove it to pick up a turkey and returned no issues, she said it started fine and nothing seemed off. Yesterday, 26th, we went to use it to take the dog for a walk and it was completely dead. The key...
  20. veearrsix

    school boy error

    So I am swapping out the stock headunit on my t5.1 for a sony aftermarket one. I have mocked up the loom but needed a switched live (as many t5 owners will already know). I considering running a wire down to the fuse box, but decided to have a look behind the headlight switch. I found someone...