1. V

    Brand New 2023 Vango Inflatable Driveaway VW Sport Awning Packages Including Carpet and Footprint - Best UK Prices

    Hi Just a quick post regarding New Stock we have due in Feb, these are the 3 Vango Sport Awning specifically designed for Transporters, these are priced as packages and include the carpet and footprint, these prices are being offered exclusively to forum members and stock is limited so please...
  2. C

    For Sale Newly new awning for sale - Vango Magra Air

    Vango Magra Air (Moroccan Blue) with accessories Purchased in summer 2021. Used on two weekend trips. Only selling following the sale of our van. Comes complete with the following accessories which were purchased separately: Kampa Twin Drive Away Awning Kit (Kampa Twin Drive Away Awning Kit...
  3. Paddy00000

    For Sale Vango Galli Compact for sale £450

    Hi folks, I've sold the van so time to get rid of all the extras. I have a Vango Galli Compact Low for sale. It's been used once. Comes with carpet, footprint and pump. Excellent, near new condition. I'm saying collection only from Burbage (LE10) as these tend to be quite bulky. Any...
  4. A Bridge Too Far

    For Sale Vango Kela V Awning, with carpet, clip in bedroom, Skyliner, Dometic Drive away kit 6/8mm.

    Looking for £380 / £400. This has only been used about 5 times and is in great condition. Has all the bells and whistles except the footprint (we use a plastic builder tarp cut to size). Always stored dry and out of the van. In use in Norfolk last winter. Stock photo of bedroom. Another...
  5. RDT

    Sold Vango Tailgate AirHub Low Drive Away Awning £350.00

    Vango Tailgate Airhub Low Drive Away Awning. £350.00 Fantastic piece of kit, used twice - changing van/set up - only reason for sale. Full details and spec of awning available here. Photo of it below on my van, and also some website pics.
  6. J

    Wanted Vango Cove II Air Low Awning or Similar

    Hi, I'm after an awning for my transporter. Needs a inner bedroom or the option to add one Cheers
  7. H

    Vango Tailgate ground sheet - how to?

    I've got a Vango Tailgate Airhub and can't for the life of me figure out how the ground sheet attaches to the main awning. It's probably not an unusual system but I'm not very up with this stuff. Seems like the awning has flaps that form a skirt that tucks under the groundsheet, presumably to...
  8. Eli

    Found Vango Hexaway

    Having just sold the awning room for the wind out awning I am now looking for a Vango Hexaway
  9. V

    Sold Vango Tailgate AirHub Low Drive-Away Awning and more

    Hi all, I have this brand new Vango Airbeam Tailgate Awning unused other than inflating in my garden once to understand how it works. I had planned for this to be used with my slidepod that I've recently just sold to a forum member due to cancelling my van factory order because of further...
  10. M

    Sold Vango Cove II Air Low Drive Away awning + extras

    Hi all We're selling our Vango Cove II Air Low Drive Away awning, additional groundsheet protector & ground breaker peg set too. Vango Cove II AIR Low Drive-Away Awning Vango Noosa/Cove/Galli Awning Footprint Vango Rock Pegs Used a few times last summer and looking at going back to some...
  11. Dazwoods

    For Sale Vango Magra Air

    Vango Magra Air Awning Used about 8 times now and has been fantastic. Now we are doing longer trips we have opted for something bigger. All original accessories included Vango pump etc. Additional extras included: Footprint groundsheets, Skyliner sun canopy and insulated carpet only used twice...
  12. Trouts

    Sold Vango Drive away awning kit

    seems age is catching up with me! purchased this by mistake (had forgotten i'd bought it!) so now up for sale :rolleyes: never been used (as i didn't know i had it!) never been opened (see previous) £20 plus postage *am travelling south in the next couple of weeks though if anyone wants to...
  13. T6traveller

    Vango Galli 3 - Water pooling on tunnel

    Evening all, as you would have gathered, we have a Vango Galli 3 awning. Every time it rains, water pools either end of the tunnel. I've spoken to the company we bought it off and they are in turn speaking to Vango. Having searched the Internet, it seems this is a common issue. I was wondering...
  14. Johnod17

    Sold Vango Kela 11. £250

    Up for sale is my vango kela drive away awning ,only used 4 times great condition.
  15. K

    Sold Vango Airbeam KELA II Standard drive away awning

    Used awning that came with the van when I purchased it. Good condition, only damage is a small rip (see pictures). Comes with pump, hammer and pegs. Collection free Delivery paid by purchaser. Looking for £250
  16. AndyNichs

    Vango AirBeam Zephyr Pump to SUP Adapter?

    Hi, has anyone managed to find an adapter that I can use to pump up my SUP using the Vango AirBeam pump? All the adapter I seem to buy of Amazon don't fit! I'm guessing Vango have their own connection system which makes it differcult to connect a standard fitting? It's really annoying! Thanks
  17. cgw

    Sold Vango Kela V Low Airbeam Drive Away Awning

    For Sale - Vango Kela V Low Airbeam Drive Away Awning, including Carpet & groundsheet £595 Only been used 4 times, so is in immaculate condition. Comes with Vango CP102 carpet ant Vango GP005 groundsheet, air pump, pegs and mallet & all bags. Perfect for a VW T5/T6 or a similar size van. Cost...
  18. Ayjay

    Sold Vango Airbeam Sun Canopy - £110 Collected.

    This is the 1st generation Vango Airbeam Sun Canopy (bought new in 2019) which comes with a 3M kador strip, the pump, pegs and storage bag. At the time, Vango only made the one version and didn’t differentiate between SWB and LWB which means that on my SWB T6 fitted with a Reimo Multi Rail, the...
  19. Mannix10

    Sold Vango Cove 2 Air Low Drive Away Awning

    Hi, I’m selling my Vango Cove 2 Low Drive Away Air Awning I brought this last year for use on my SWB T6. I know longer have use for it as I’m having a fixed roller awning fitted. The awning has only been used once but unfortunately some rain water was retained when packed away leaving brown...
  20. Loz

    Sold as new Vango Sonoma II 400 - 2019 for Caravan £300

    Selling on behalf of our cousin. This has only been unpacked once and never actually used. Cost New £800 will take £400 £300 buyer collects (Cheltenham). The Sonoma features our Sentinel Pro fabric providing superior strength and comfort, whilst our pre-angled SuperBeams™ allow for great...