1. Johnod17

    For Sale Vango Kela 11. £250

    Up for sale is my vango kela drive away awning ,only used 4 times great condition.
  2. Ayjay

    Sold Vango Airbeam Sun Canopy - £110 Collected.

    This is the 1st generation Vango Airbeam Sun Canopy (bought new in 2019) which comes with a 3M kador strip, the pump, pegs and storage bag. At the time, Vango only made the one version and didn’t differentiate between SWB and LWB which means that on my SWB T6 fitted with a Reimo Multi Rail, the...
  3. Mannix10

    Sold Vango Cove 2 Air Low Drive Away Awning

    Hi, I’m selling my Vango Cove 2 Low Drive Away Air Awning I brought this last year for use on my SWB T6. I know longer have use for it as I’m having a fixed roller awning fitted. The awning has only been used once but unfortunately some rain water was retained when packed away leaving brown...
  4. Loz

    For Sale as new Vango Sonoma II 400 - 2019 for Caravan £300

    Selling on behalf of our cousin. This has only been unpacked once and never actually used. Cost New £800 will take £400 £300 buyer collects (Cheltenham). The Sonoma features our Sentinel Pro fabric providing superior strength and comfort, whilst our pre-angled SuperBeams™ allow for great...
  5. RyanGerry

    Sold Vango AirWay Galli 2 Low

    No longer needed due to caravan purchase Vango Air Away Galli 2 Low with a few extras x 2 inner bedroom tents Skyliner Footprint ground sheet Vango Insulated Carpet Pump and pegs £500 Located Tidworth SP9
  6. Bargy62

    Awning Breathable Ground Sheet

    Hi all As the title says I've got the vango palm drive-away now comes with no groundsheet just put a tarp down but a site we fancy for a trip next year insists breathable groundsheet so any input welcome good or bad Thanks
  7. Gavinsky23

    Found Vango sky canopy

    Hi Looking to get a Vango sky canopy - 2.5m for a SWB van. Ideally the newer version that allows the sides to be added. Anyone got one they aren’t using before I order a new one?
  8. H

    Vango Kela V Standard (as opposed to Low) awning

    I thought I'd picked up a deal on a Kela V awning, which is now on its way to me. Bit late in the day, I've realised that 'Standard' refers to the height, and 'Low' is probably the usual height for a T6. The standard is recommended from 205cm. Would anyone know whether it's going to be worth...
  9. V

    For Sale Newburg 260 Tall Drive Away Awning

    For SALE. Outwell Newburg 260 Tall Attachment height 240-270cm BRAND NEW With Outwell manufacturers warranty. £375 FREE UK DELIVERY
  10. L

    Wanted Vango Bedroom pods (BR001) for Galli 3? x2 ideally

    I've managed to purchase a Vango Galli 3, but will need the bedroom pods for the kids. Does anyone have a couple (or even one) they don't need anymore?
  11. V

    Sold Vango Kilda Low Driveaway Awning

    For sale a Vango Kilda Low driveaway awning. Salesman sample with no signs of any use - usually used in manufacturer photoshoot or as display at trade shows. Free UK Delivery £370
  12. V

    Sold Vango Noosa Low Driveaway Awning

    For sale a Vango Noosa Low driveaway awning. Unused salesman sample - usually used as display in trade shows or manufacturer photoshoots. No signs of any use - essentially brand new. £299 Free UK delivery
  13. V

    Sold Vango Siesta Low Air Awning

    For sale Vango Siesta Low Air Awning. Salesman sample with a couple of small signs of use - marks on the flysheet (pictured below) Other than that its in fine working condition with pump included. £220 free UK delivery
  14. V

    Sold Vango Galli III Compact Low + Carpet for sale

    Hi, Just arrived in stock is a Galli 3 compact low + carpet - salesman sample, no signs of outdoor use. Usually put up once for trade shows etc. Awning comes with pegs, pump, straps, mallet and carpet. £599 with free UK delivery
  15. V

    For Sale (eBay) Discount Vango Awnings

    Hello! We are My Tent or Yours based in Liverpool and this is our first post on the forum! We work with Vango reselling their sample stock awnings and have a variety of models and sizes in stock at the minute. Most of the items have been used in photo shoots so have only been put up once and...
  16. S

    Vango Drive Away Kit what size

    I had a look on here but could not find the answer sorry if it’s here. We are just purchasing our first camper and will get it in a couple of weeks, so getting all the stuff we need. We have a T6 SWB which has a reimo rail fitted. We have bought a vango Cruz II low version. Now I need a Vango...
  17. R

    Sold Vango galli 2 low drive away awning

    Vango Galli 2 Awning (low), Complete with Pump, Carpet, skyliner Very good condition as barely used. I brought this so my partner and daughter could come away camping but we have since separated so it is now no longer needed. collection from shrewsbury or craven arms whichever is easiest. £550
  18. Billybz

    Wanted Vango Galli

    Hi I am after buying a vango galli awning for my vw camper van do people still have them for sale if so how much please Cherrs John
  19. Blitz

    Vango's Shangri-La 10 Double Sleeping Mat

    Hi I'm sure some folks at the last meet where talking about these, specifically the Gin ladies. Are they the Dogs dangles? Or the usual hype? Not cheap for a Yorkshire man to stomach so all opinions welcome before I consider putting it on my bucket list. (Hopefully doing a two week Euro trip...
  20. Katoof

    Does anyone have a vango hexaway awning with the extra canopy?

    We bought a Vango Hexaway that we used to the first time a few weeks ago- we love the space and door options to the awning but the one thing I missed is having a porch area. We did look at the canopy but it looks quite big. Has anyone got this set up and if so how do you find it ?