1. Dilbert

    Sold AS NEW Vango Kela III LOW Airbeam AirAway Drive Away Awning

    We purchased this Vango Kela III LOW Airbeam Drive Away Awning new for use on our T6 but never used it! It got put up once on our lawn on a dry day just to see how it all worked and it was then packed back up. It has since been stored safe and dry in our house so it is as new. Also included are...
  2. CamperBadger

    For Sale Vango Airbeam driveaway awning. £400

    Vango Airbeam driveaway awning. Designed for T6. On eBay for £400 ONO.
  3. Funkhaus

    For Sale Vango Airbeam Windbreak 5-panel (reduced)

    Hi I have a 5-panel Vango Airbeam Windbreak looking for some new adventures. It’s surprisingly easy and quick to set up/take down, are absolutely rock solid and offer a fantastic amount of privacy and protection. We’ve drastically streamlined what we take away with us, so it’s only been used...
  4. T6ChrisO

    Sold Vango Air Modular Windbreak

    Never actually used on a site, just tested in my garden so as new condition. Very easy to set up and pack away. Comes with the 3 panels and also a brand new Vango pump (these aren’t included when you buy the windbreak online) Ideally collection only from Stalybridge, Manchester. May consider...
  5. Lloydy

    Sold Vango Agora air-awning. £415

    Selling our vango agora awning complete with footprint groundsheet and carpet. It is used but in very good condition, I've got it advertised a few places for £450, willing to drop a bit for a fellow forum member, I will be attending busfest and in club camping so could bring along this weekend...
  6. chappers0987

    Wanted outwell jonesville 440sa, vango galli 3 or similar

    Hi, Maybe a long shot but I’m interested in buying either of the above drive away awnings or something of similar size if anyone has one for sale. Ideally with bedroom pods, ground sheet etc Thanks Alex
  7. Dellmassive

    Sold Vango Rhone Air TC - drive away awning bundle

    Vango Rhone Air TC - drive away awning bundle .. 1x Vango Rhone AirAway drive away awning ( TC / Pollycotton ) 2019 model 1x footprint 1x fitted carpet, 2x inner 2 berth bedrooms, 2x skyshades 1x pegs and guy lines kit 1x manual pump .. £600 - collection from Brentwood or delivery to...
  8. Neils3hg

    Sold Vango Tolga VW air Awning Brand New unopened £350

    Brand New Vango VW Tolga Air awning Unfortunately the van is for sale and we never got to use it. Collection only Poynton (South Manchester) £350
  9. I

    Sold Vango Cove II Air Driveway Awning + Accessories

    Hi all. For sale is our Vango Cove II Air Driveway Awning along with its various accessories. We bought this in the summer of 2022 from Attwoolls. It has been used only twice when we took the van to France for summer holiday in August 2022 and again this month. We are just back from the most...
  10. tommy_t6.1

    Sold Vango Comfort 10 self inflating mattress

    Vango comfort 10 double inflating mattress for sale. Only used for one camping trip (4 nights) and haven't used it since. New they are £130, selling for £60 collected from Manchester.
  11. cgtmiles

    Sold Vango Rhone drive away awning bundle

    I am selling my vango Rhone air as now the kids are older we don’t need the extra space. It includes the footprint, carpet, 2x inner 2 berth tents and sky shade things for the roof. The Rhone is a polycotton material air awning with large (but not too large) interior space. The quality is far...
  12. Deaky

    Air Awning: Don't get caught out like I did

    Had my Vango Kela airbeam awning a few years, no issues. However this weekend one of the valves has failed around the seam with the innertube and the awning collapsed. Not a massive issue as nobody was sleeping in it. I've never thought to carry a spare but for the sake of £40 it's worth it.
  13. Weird Iron

    Sold Vango Kela IV low - hardly used - collection in Brighton

    I have a inflatable driveway awning for sale as I am investing in a wind out one and need the space in the back of the van. It has all the bits plus a magnetic awning rail to attach to the van and a skyliner to help with condensation. It hasn't been used much so is in pretty good condition...
  14. marsie

    Sold Vango altona low air awning new unused

    For Sale Brand new, still in packaging. Vango altona air low drive away awning Bought at Christmas but never used cost almost £500 Sold van so no longer needed £400 ono
  15. racT6bus

    Awning coming off awning rail!

    On my third awning now, after the first one was too big, the second was mis-sold (it was missing a door!) and finally landed on the Vango Cove 2 Air Low. The Cove is great, but when staying in the Gower last week it was extremely windy and the awning kept coming off the awning rail (using the...
  16. bardellowski

    Sold Brand new - Vango Cove II AIR LOW Drive-Away Awning

    We bought this awning in April 2022 from Funky Leisure for our month-long trip around Scotland in May. In our over-excitement as new van owners we bought a more compact shelter as well and decided to take that with us instead, as the longest we were staying in any one place was three nights. We...
  17. A

    Sold VANGO Cairns Low Campervan Awning

    Used once everything in excellent condition £200
  18. P

    Sold Vango Airbeam Galli 3 Low Drive Away Awning

    Vango Galli 3 Airbeam Awning - £500 Been used twice then covid hit and the kids grew up and are not coming wanting to come away with us anymore so we downsized to a Vango Cove 2 which is perfect for just me and the missus. It is a stunning piece of kit and in great condition. It comes with a...
  19. C

    For Sale Newly new awning for sale - Vango Magra Air

    Vango Magra Air (Moroccan Blue) with accessories Purchased in summer 2021. Used on two weekend trips. Only selling following the sale of our van. Comes complete with the following accessories which were purchased separately: Kampa Twin Drive Away Awning Kit (Kampa Twin Drive Away Awning Kit...
  20. Paddy00000

    For Sale Vango Galli Compact for sale £450

    Hi folks, I've sold the van so time to get rid of all the extras. I have a Vango Galli Compact Low for sale. It's been used once. Comes with carpet, footprint and pump. Excellent, near new condition. I'm saying collection only from Burbage (LE10) as these tend to be quite bulky. Any...