twin door

  1. G

    Show us your twin slider kitchen

    Am waiting for my evo units to come and decided I would like a splashback... Only problem is I have twin slider and evo have said their surround isn't suitable. Has anybody got a splashback for twin slider? I've looked at vanshades as their spashback is twin slider suitable. I don't get how...
  2. G

    For Sale Motexian Bulkhead - twin slider

    Just taken this out the van. Spot on condition, no marking. Twin slider version. ZGB 5GA 017 232 with carpet/textile & window fits behind the second-row seat for a twin sliding door Kombi. £250 ONO
  3. Matthew Rowden

    Kombi Curtains

    Hi, After some help please. I have a twin sliding door factory kombi that I want to fit curtains to. Looking at the kits on line I am a little confused on how I fit the top curtain rail as the window frame is in the way. I won’t be able to get a drill or screw driver in there. Would I need to...
  4. I

    Sold Motexion bulkhead £150

    Hi taken out my T6 kombi (lwb twinslider). It was drilled into the plywood lining so has some fixing holes. Ut otherwise seems good condition. £150 ono. Collect irvine.
  5. T

    Twin sliding doors cost

    Hi I'm looking at buying a new t6.1. Obliviously due to current restrictions it's not so easy to wonder around showrooms looking at them. Would like to pin down what I want though. It's got to be t32 LWB 150hp kombi. Hoping for highline. Does anybody know the extra cost to have twin sliding...
  6. Murdoch

    Bulkhead for twin door kombi

    Occasionally I use my kombi for longer distance travel and i find it noisy. Would a bulkhead improve matters and are they easy to fit / remove? thanks
  7. monkey66

    twin slider advice

    Hi everyone! We are total newbies, to the Forum but also to T6's (although if feels like going back to my roots - we had a T2 camper growing up, and my very first motor was a (devastatingly rusty red/white) 1972 T2). We are looking for a T6 to convert, and really like the notion of twin sliding...
  8. G

    Found 180/204 Highline Kombi

    Hi, Having had to sell my previous van in April i am now starting the hunt for another.... Looking for an early T6 180/204 Highline - ideally LWB and DSG with twin sliders. Tailgate ideally. Would consider a SWB though. Would consider a LWB 5.1 Sportline panel van - i have access to some rear...
  9. smoz

    Kitchen in twin slider

    Hi, I'm installing an EVO Design kitchen in my RHD LWB twin slider, on the driver's side and I'm after some advice. Firstly, after a trial fit, the rubber bump stop on the sliding door hits the back corner of the kitchen just as it opens/closes. I don't really want to take a chunk out of the...
  10. W

    Side thermal blinds for sliding doors

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can point me in the direction of a producer for outer thermal blinds for my transporters twin sliding doors. I have the excellent 'Exploria' thermal blinds for the windscreen and two front windows, but have failed to identify a similar product for my sliding doors. Any...
  11. J

    Sliding Doors On Both Sides

    Hi everyone.... Just sounding out you wise folks: is there any disadvantage of having sliding doors on both sides? For me, it just seems like advantages but keen to hear others thoughts..... Thanks
  12. Farnorthsurfer

    Good Ideas For Using The Twin Sliding Doors

    Anyone converted their twin sliding doors van to make good use of the second sliding door? I will be converting my LWB Kombi with twin sliders and am hoping that I may be able to still use both doors if I use SWB furniture or do something like the Hembil Drift from CMC. HemBil Drift | Concept...
  13. F

    T6 Specific Twin Sliding Door Thermo Mats-where?

    Hi, looking for recommendations for a full set of window thermal mats that properly fit a SWB T6 with twin sliding doors. A friend bought a set listed as t5/t6 and there are gaps, especially on the front screen. Thanks.
  14. Fidget

    Finally Took Some Pics Of Mine.

  15. Eyres'ee

    Celtic Motorhomes

    I cannot say enough good things about Celtic Motorhomes in South Wales. Ed and his team converted my Kombi into a fantastic looking motohome. The workmanship is excellent along with the attention to detail. Ed was always happy to take a call or respond to an email and nothing was too much...
  16. Murdoch

    Rear Mat For Twin Door Kombi

    I wasn’t sure where to post this question and looking on line hasn’t found me any suggestions ... I have a T6 Kombi, twin door with 2 + 1 rear seats . Most of the time I keep the twin seat in my garage and use the space for work it ... I’m looking for a single mat that would allow me to cover...
  17. K

    Shuttle Conversion to a Camper

    Hi, just looking for any advice regarding converting a T6 shuttle to a camper. Does the rear heater/air con unit and roof lighting cause an issue if removed to fit pop top etc. Anyone?
  18. superchargedpolo

    Wanted Lwb Rubber Floor. Twin Slider

    As detailed. I am looking for a genuine VW rubber floor for a LWB van. Twin slider would be a bonus. Cut out for mom I seats are okay too. I’ll pay between £100-£150 depending on condition and sliding door locations. Thanks Craig
  19. John66809

    Twin Slider Bulkhead

    As the title really. Looking for a Bulkhead to sit behind the rear seats of our Twin Slider Kombi. Anyone got a used one for sale before I bite the bullet and order a new one?
  20. Captain Backfire

    Finally getting a Kombi after a lifetime of admiring...

    Hey All, After selling my 1966 Karmann Ghia which I lovingly restored and converted from LHD to RHD I have decided to put that money towards the next vehicle I have always wanted to own... I have spec'd my van and placed my order. Should arrive Feb/Mar 18. Don't think I missed anything off the...