1. M

    Adblue in Turkey and Georgia?

    Hello, Has anyone experience of buying Adblue in Turkey or Georgia (next to Turkey)? Thank you.
  2. JohnC

    Merhabalar from Turkey

    Cheers to all Transporters... it`a way of life
  3. U

    Battery Question?

    I would like to install the second battery for the t6 2016 box car. (2016 t6 euro 5 engine 140 ps) My vehicle does not have a start stop feature. is my charging alternator normal or smart? 2. Can I connect the battery directly in parallel? (this is the first scenario) my second question is...
  4. D

    Travel To Croatia

    we are in southern Germany at the moment and fancy finding a campsite in Croatia for a week by the sea. We don’t want to go too far south as we will need to go home and can’t really seem to find anything that ticks our boxes on the internet. We want somewhere with a few bars and restaurants...