1. andy greenwood

    Whirring Noise From The Turbo

    As of yesterday there is a strange whirring noise from the turbo, it does this when stationery and also when driving. I'm fairly sure it did not sound like this until yesterday. Also when stationery I have noticed the engine will only rev up to 2,500 rpm, unfortunately I can't remember if it...
  2. Surfer

    Glow Plug Replacement On My T6

    I'm really sorry if there is a "howto" PDF somewhere but my searches aren't throwing it up. I am a VIP member and cant seem to find any information in there either. Is there such a document/Guide?? I have a flashing glow plug light and the readout from a friends (non VW specialist) computer...
  3. P

    13 Faults Found

    I have Shuttle SE LWB EU6 150 PS 2.0 TDI BMT 6sp Manual and it’s only 3 years old . Week ago warning lights comes on and I called AA found Total 13 Fault after Diagnostic. I really don’t know what should I do because warranty has been expired.
  4. D

    20,000 Mile Turbo Blew Up

    hi i have had a 2016 trnasporter from new , 2 weeks ago the turbo blew up , oil went through the exhaust , vw have fitted new turbo under warranty , i'm due to collect tomorrow but am concerned that it has damaged the engine , vw have been really good and say they have driven it 150 miles and...
  5. D

    Tube Pipe Just Blew Off ?,

    Hi just towed for the first time with my kombi, 1 mile from campsite a loud pop and huge loss of power . When i crawled to the campsite I popped the bonnet and it's the huge rubber pipe at the top came off. I guess it's the turbo pipe , sounds like a hot rod . Anyone else had this? Is it...
  6. bmw222000

    T6 Turbo

    I've been having a bit of a argument with a lad from work regarding my t6 turbo! Mines faulty and it's getting replaced now he seems to think a t5 turbo will be exactly the same as mine and there only £300 to buy brand new I've told him the t5 came in a 1.9 and 2.5 from what I understand so how...
  7. F

    Turbo Cooling

    Hi all, Wondering how the turbos are cooled on the 204 engine, engine oil or engine coolant? Is there a pump timer to cool the turbos after driving? My audi would have a coolant pump that ran for about 5 mins after shutdown to cool the turbos. Thanks in advance
  8. thevoyager

    T30 (new Shape 2013) Turbo Issue...?

    Just bought a T30 2013, (NEW SHAPE), was hoping people in this T6 forum could advise as it's similar van etc. I bought it for £6900, 170k, 1 previous owner (leasing company), body is tidy and everything seemed fine. 3rd day driving it, not an issue at all, pulling well, was just driving on...
  9. Jonny

    Loud “wehrrrr”

    So today I’ve been pulling some heavy loads and while I’ve been slowly manoeuvring the trailer in either 1st or reverse gear, I’m hearing what sounds like a loud turbo “wehrr” When I turn the engine off it really makes a noise like I’ve got a turbo the size of a bucket. Do I have a pipe leak...