1. B

    Oil on pipe from intercooler to turbo

    T6 2016 180 bi turbo I have a lot of oil around the hose connection from what i think is the intercooler to the turbo. Anyone else had this or know what the problem is? Thanks for the help.
  2. H

    air intake turbo pipe T6 cfca motor

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good after market air intake turbo pipe for T6 CFCA motor please. Thank you.
  3. P

    For Sale T5.1/T6 Engine / Turbo / Rack / Cluster

    T6 cluster 2017 7e0920s in gwo 150 T5.1 cluster 2014 highline gwo with immo chip 200 T6 electric rack ( will add part number 150 ) one rack end missing 2.0 t6 cxb full engine for breaking as started loseing water on a drive 2.0 t6 asorted turbos/ heads/ injectors. Just ask Pickup or post...
  4. Westy78

    For Sale Used Bi-Turbo - spares/repairs

    I have the bi turbo, exhaust manifold and associated parts taken off my 2017 T6 @ circa 50,000miles. 03N145704 Biturbo and exhaust manifold. Large turbo ok. Small turbo shaft snapped. Spares or repairs. Open to offers. Collection Bicester M40 J9-10.
  5. dubkhalifa

    Boost Pressure Diagnosis

    Hi all, Recently had some trouble with my van. EML started flashing and it seemed as though power was restricted. Turned off and started up again, all fine for 30 seconds and then same again. Had it diagnosed and this is the fault description: 'DPF clamp and gasket (the one to the turbo) is...
  6. RK04DUB

    Blown Turbo Hose…

    Evening all. The bus has been sat for about a week, rolled back and fourth a few times to access the garage, but not used. Tonight I took her out for a drive to fill her up ready for a long drive and as I went from 1st - 2 nd, it sounded to back fire and I lost any real power. She’d drive, but...
  7. Ashok2429

    2018 204ps Turbo gone @96K -To be expected, early or just unlucky?

    Hi all, So on the way down to Cornwall last week, got as far as Exeter, van went in limp home mode with an all mighty screech coming from under the bonnet. Managed to get her off quickly at the next service station and rang the RAC. This isn't thread about how poor they were (they left the Mrs...
  8. piper1

    Advice needed please

    Hi, I hope some can help me identify a problem with my van that occurred yesterday. We set off for a 4-day break yesterday with the caravan in Wales and whilst traveling along the A55 and we had to make an emergency stop, the van appeared to lose power whilst going uphill at the same time...
  9. S

    Sportsline Turbo problem

    Hi Everyone, I have a problem with my Sports line T6 on a 68 plate. While travelling on the motorway the van went into limp mode (40-50mph) once I got home and restarted it wouldn’t go any faster That walking pace. I took it to a garage I normally use, they told me it was the Dpf filter and...
  10. Adst6bus

    Turbo upgrade/replacement

    Evening all, I was down @BognorMotors yesterday having my revo stage 1 and tvs map done and the engineer advised me that my turbo was bit on the noisy side and could possibly be on its way out. I have a 2016 t6 2.0 150ps! My question is are there any upgraded turbos I could be looking for or...
  11. J

    No communication, boost pressure warning

    Hi all, First post, sorry to start with a disaster. And sorry in advance if I get terminology wrong - not mechanically competent at all. Love my SWB Caravelle 2L DSG. 2016 reg, had some minor issues with DPF needing regen and a replacement EGR before. But nothing as big as now - might not be a...
  12. JFWerkstatt

    150PS - weird boost loss issues

    Evening, Had an intermittent fault in my euro 6 150 for a couple of months but, yesterday was really bad. The van seems to lose boost in hot weather whilst under load going up any incline. It also sometimes hesitates whilst pulling away as if there’s a split second there’s no boost then it picks...
  13. C

    Smoking T5 - black and white!

    Hi I have issue with a friends van t5 hoping someone can help. He was driving down the road van started smoking(black). EmL came on and limp mode for short distance then died. Garage recovered it and diagnosed Dpf. New one fitted but would not start. I have now been given the task to figure...
  14. Tourershine

    Tale of woe

    A couple of people asked recently why I seemed to have gone quiet lately. Well, I haven't actually gone quiet, I've just had a catalogue of issues with my T6 recently, which sadly still aren't quite resolved. This all started with a cracked exhaust manifold, which we removed and went to order...
  15. G

    Turbo difference 150PS/204PS.

    Hi all just wandering I have a T6 shuttle 2016 150bhp can I put a 204 bhp turbo straight on thanks
  16. C

    Power issue, 205bhp bi turbo

    Right guys, badly stuck, mechanics head is boggled. Van had recently got a head gasket replacement, and reconditioned injectors, bad diesel i think.. but now, van went great for few days after work, then apparently lost all power, black smoke, hasnt went right since. Hes checked turbo, egr, all...
  17. ginkster

    New Buyer Advice - Turbo Noise 150psi

    Hello All I’m new to the forum as looking to buy a T6. This looks to be an awesome place for info and advice. I’m new to the T6 and have only driven one and am really keen on it. However, the turbo seemed pretty noisy with a noticeable whoosh under load - is this normal? Is there anything...
  18. Foofighter25

    Should you hear the turbo?

    Hi all I have just bought my first T6 after owning a T4 1.9td for 12 years. What a different beast the T6 is! Im very happy with it, but having never owned or driven one before and forgive me if this a stupid question......... are you meant to hear the turbo when driving? The revs get to...
  19. N

    Noise when changing gears

    Hello, My transporter t6 5spd manual 84kw makes this weird gurgling noise when changing gears. It has new dualmass flywheel and clutch fitted at vw dealer. Its coming under my feet and i can hear it in cabin. What could it be? Youtube link Up
  20. J

    Hybrid 204ps anyone ??

    Hi all So my small turbo has given up and snapped the shaft on my t6 204 sportline So question is do I hybrid them? Tdi turbos have said they can do them and will send a courier tomorrow Good for 300bhp I believe Anyone done this? Also does anyone know the maximum flow rate = bhp the...