team ravenna blue

  1. Wolfster

    Any Ravenna Blue Startlines on here?

    Pricing up a Startline with tailgate to turn into a camper and we can’t agree on colour. I like the pure grey, but the Wife prefers blue as its brighter. Seen loads of pure grey startlines but none in blue. Does anyone have any pics of a Ravenna Blue startline? Cheers
  2. 5

    Team Ravenna Blue

    Busy day yesterday! Collected the T6.1 from Milton Keynes and straight to Custom Vanz for some tweaking before the wife sees it! ... only thing I failed on was the front splitter which they had run out of ☹ .. got one coming next week..
  3. 20170203_151903


  4. WillF

    What Blue Is This?

    There are 2 T5’s local to me with this colour and it’s awesome - can anyone help with the VW name?